Making Positive Changes that Stick

By Cameran Hadlock

There is an incredible and important law of nature called the Law of Vibration. This is a law that you absolutely must learn and use if you want to make difficult but positive changes that stick. It says that everything has a vibration and you attract those things that are on the same vibrational level as you are.

All things come to us or are repelled by us according to our vibration. You can’t change the vibration of the things you want, but you can change your own vibration to attract those things into your life. When you change your vibration to match that of the object you desire, not only are you moving towards the object, but the object is likewise moving towards you. This is phenomenal stuff because it means that you only have to do about fifty percent of what’s needed to bring that desire into your life!

What is it you are seeking? Are you looking for a lost set of car keys that you know is around here but you just can’t seem to find it. Align your vibration with finding those keys and you will probably find those keys in a place you have already looked. The reason you couldn’t find them was because you were out of vibration with them and were actually rebelling them from you. Wow, amazing stuff, isn’t it!

So the key to all this is to adjust your vibration to be in harmony or alignment with what you want. You can do that in three step process. First, change your thoughts; second, change your emotions; third, take action.

First change your thoughts. Your thoughts are the ultimate cause of your vibration; by changing your thoughts in a correct manner, you will change your emotions. Your emotions are very powerful and are the direct source of your vibration; your emotions will either attract or repel your desire. Once your thoughts have changed so that you are producing the right emotions you will be led to take action. Take action by “moving your feet;” do something and you will find that it will lead you to obtain your desire.

I show you how this works with an experience from my own life.

Growing up I had no idea about the Law of Vibration, how it worked, or that I was unknowingly using it to shape my life. During my teens I was very shy and had a hard time talking with people and being myself. As a result, I did not make many friends and it was hard to keep them. I have to admit, what fun is someone that almost never talks. This continued all the way through my high school years and graduation.

As I entered college, I again unknowingly used the Law of Vibration, but this time for the better. I decided that I would change my thoughts and feelings about talking to others and how I thought they felt about me. As I changed my thoughts, my emotions changed as well, and this led me to do things that brought me a great amount of friends. It had worked, my vibration changed and my results changed!

Similar to the example of the missing car keys, the solution and object of my desire was always right in front of me, but I couldn’t see it until I changed my vibration.

Now it’s your turn to adjust your vibration and reap the benefits in the form of better results in your life. Follow the instructions in this article and take the steps necessary to live the life you want. Commit to change. Do it now!


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Cameran Hadlock

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