Know When Success is on its Way With the Law of Rhythm

By Cameran Hadlock

I want to talk about a remarkable law of the Universe called the Law of Rhythm. This law was first introduced to me by Leslie Householder, author of the bestselling book “The Jack Rabbit Factor.” She described it as, life’s movements are cyclical; our lives will have ups and they will have downs…

With the knowledge of this wonderful Law of Rhythm you can know and expect that when things are bad, they must get better. When you are in need of some hope that things will not always be as they currently are, this law will help you to being to expect that your situation must change.

Now you may be thinking, “If there are ups and downs, then my good times will eventually turn to bad times.” I understand what you’re saying, but it does not have to be that way. The Law of Rhythm shows us that there must be change, but it doesn’t mean that it has to be “bad” change.

Think of the ocean tide. The tide goes up and down, up and down. That rhythm is very relaxing for many who enjoy the ocean. Think of a roller coaster; the ups and downs there are very exciting and invigorating for those who ride it. Also, think of a baby being rocked in a baby swing; the rocking motion of the swing is so comforting to the baby that it calms her down and helps her drift off to pleasant sleep.

As was said, the rhythm in the Law of Rhythm does not have to include the “bad” times. What it can be is good times becoming better times! Think about this one for awhile!

The lower points on the rhythm could be the good times and the high points could be the better ones. Perhaps the good times were once the better times, but over time you became used to it so much you decided that it was time to move forward again. You chose to go to a higher point on the rhythm. As you move up the rhythm, the past times are still good, but they become lower than the current good times and become better than the rest.

Let me help explain this with an experience from my own life.

When I started dating my future wife, then engaged and then married to her, it was one long wonderful, exciting ride on the rhythm of life. After a few years of terrific marriage, both my wife and I were still happy, but we felt something was missing. We realized that we had settled into our wonderful life together and over the years had reached a plateau. This plateau was an unpleasant feeling, because it felt like we were on the down side of the rhythm. Nothing had changed to make things “bad,” but we knew that we wanted to leave the plateau behind.

We made changes to choose to ride the tide to a higher level. We chose to take more time to have fun together, laugher more often, and talk with each other more intimately then we were currently doing. By taking this action we chose to use the Law of Rhythm and ride the rhythm of our marriage to a “better” level.

Today, we still use the Law of Rhythm to enhance our time together. The law is always there, we just have to be aware of how to use it.

Now that you know the law, apply it by writing down three experiences that you have gone through or are going through and incorporate the Law of Rhythm into your perception of them. Commit to making changes in your life. Do it now!


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Cameran Hadlock

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