Made And Lost Eight Million

By Mark Andrew Beach

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation is most succinctly stated as follows: Everything is continuously flowing into and out of its physical form or physical manifestation. It teaches us that we must also be idea growers, idea nurturers and ultimately idea implementers, or as James in the bible says “…be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” (James 1:22-23). In other words, for the idea to flow or manifest into physical existence we must ultimately be action takers, or we are just kidding ourselves in the end.

Here’s how I personally learned this lesson:

In the beginning, I made a goal to manifest eight million dollars. I gave myself five years to reach the goal because I wanted to make sure I could actually do it. At that time, I did not understand the laws very well, except that to obtain something as significant as eight million dollars, I needed to write my goal down on a piece of paper and read it over and over again.

I followed the steps outlined by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich.” I wrote down a specific, measurable goal. I set a specific date when the goal would be reached. I even wrote down what I would do to make my goal a reality. I did not really believe I could reach my goal at the time I made it, but then that is not a requirement. Bob Procter taught me that if I take a piece of paper and write a lie on it, that if I read it over and over, then it will not be long before I start to believe it. So trusting the process, I set everything up exactly as I was supposed to.

What I know now, but did not know then was the fact that the instant I wrote my goal down and read it for the first time, I literally manifested my goal in spirit; in the ether, as quantum physicists now understand. In other words, my goal began instantly moving into form and more so, moving into physical form.

I remember reading my goal morning and night for a few weeks, but life has its twists and turns and it was not long before I stopped reading my goal everyday and eventually forgot about my goal altogether.

Time flew by, five years in fact, and my goal of obtaining eight million dollars was long forgotten. However, it was exactly five years later and I found myself flying home from Boston. In my briefcase, held securely in my arms were historic savings bonds that were worth a lot of money. I had been sent by a client with a large check to a dealer in New Hampshire to purchase these bonds as collector’s items.

From the dealer in New Hampshire, I went to Boston to have a bonded and licensed, expert historic document specialist do two things. First, he authenticated the 20 savings bond certificates I purchased to make sure they were genuine and not forgeries. I watched him go through a long list of tests, including chemically testing them to make sure the paper and ink were even real. My excitement mounted as he signed certification forms that testified that indeed the certificates I held were the genuine articles. Second, he actuarially appraised and calculated what the bonds were worth in his expert opinion. These two things were required to insure and store the savings bonds in a bonded warehouse, as well as negotiate a fair market value for each of them in the event my client intended to monetize them in any way.

Now, I was sitting on a plane with these bonds clutched tightly in my hands. I could hardly wait to deliver them to my client; I was that excited. The bonds were authentic and worth in excess of two million dollars each. But the irony of that moment, which at the time, was completely lost on me, was that my client had awarded me as my “commission” for doing this job, four of the bonds, I now held in my hands. Do the math, four bonds times two million dollars each, equaled eight million dollars. The law of perpetual transmutation had delivered on time the precise amount I had requested.

But my story does not end there.

When I arrived back home, I delivered all the bonds, including mine to my client for safekeeping. I trusted my client, the same way he trusted me, and besides, I was going to save a lot of money keeping my bonds in the same warehouse account he was using to store and protect his bonds. What I did not learn, until too late, was that he delayed getting the bonds safely protected in the bonded warehouse and instead had them stored in his office. A few weeks later, he became embroiled in a legal battle and the bonds were seized as a part his legal matters. My bonds were entangled in the case and eventually forfeited, in spite of my best efforts to get them back. So within a matter of weeks, my eight million dollars were gone. Poof!

The law of perpetual transmutation physically manifested my goal. Notwithstanding my setting the goal in motion, I failed in two aspects of this law. 1) I was not specific enough as to what form my eight million dollars would take. I could have said cash, check, savings bonds, or shipping containers. Since I was silent on the matter, the Universe decided for me. Go figure. 2) I was not consistent in reading and implementing my goal. So in addition to manifesting itself in an arbitrary and random way, it began moving out of form spiritually as soon as I neglected reading my goal statement every day. That way, even though the money was made manifest, it also disappeared almost as fast.


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