“Tout En Bon Huere”

By Mark Andrew Beach

I first heard about the Law of Gender/Gestation from John Cannary and he taught us that, “there is a season to sew and there is a season to reap, but we never do both in the same season.” I suppose most farmers could teach us that lesson. Do we see farmers in their fields checking their crops over and over to see if the seed they just planted is ready to harvest its fruit? That would be silly; the farmer knows exactly when it is time to harvest.

The Law of Gender also states that in all of creation there is male and female in every kind. In nature, to perpetuate life, there must be someone to plant the seed, and another to grow and nourish the seed, and perhaps in some cases yet another to harvest the seed.

So for an idea-seed to be created and then manifest in the physical world, there must be an idea planter and an idea grower and ultimately an idea harvester. In the case of reaching my own goals and dreams I often find that I may end up wearing all three hats. Furthermore, this law teaches me to learn patience. How many times have I set something on the stove to come to a boil, only to return several times over and over to check it, only to find that it is not ready yet?

I remember eagerly anticipating my first-born child. I would tease her by talking to her through the “wall” of her mother’s tummy. “Aren’t you ready yet?” I would tease. “I can’t wait for you to come out and play” I would coax. In spite of all my teasing and coaxing, my baby girl was born at just the right time after just the right amount of gestation. This is a tradition that I began with my oldest child and continued all the way to my youngest, and they all participated in this “conspiracy” by waiting to arrive in about 40 weeks.

I have come to understand that the same law applies to my desired outcomes for success, whatever they may be. My old teacher and investment banking coach is always telling to be “peaceful”, be “patient”, to step back and allow things to unfold in their appointed time. He sometimes tells me this directly, other times he tells me to “let the pilot fly the plane”. Either way, he is reminding me to allow things to happen and not try to force things to happen.

This is a hard lesson for me. I pray to God that he will grant me patience and by God, I want it now! I think of my Beach family crest. At the bottom of the crest is our family motto, “Tout en bon huere.” This French motto is translated as “All in good time.” Do you suppose He is trying to teach me something about this law?

On the other hand this Law of Gestation is a real blessing in disguise. Our thoughts are powerful. As soon as we think a thought, especially an idea we think we want, the Laws of Perpetual Transmutation and Attraction quickly move into action to manifest the idea in its physical form. But what if my idea is a silly and absurd idea, or worse a negative idea? My mother is always telling me, “Be careful what you pray for…” Implying that perhaps some of my genius ideas may not be so…genius. Well, if there was no Law of Gestation, perhaps all my ideas, good, bad, or silly would manifest themselves immediately, and that could end up making me and a lot of other people very uncomfortable…after all, don’t think of blue elephants running eastbound down your street.


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