The Longer the Impact, the Greater the Gift

Here’s some food for thought – it’s my Christmas message to you:

Expensive gifts usually have short impact value.

This is the time of year when we reflect on the things that have had the most significant impact in our lives.

For example, we celebrate Thanksgiving to commemorate the Pilgrim’s first successful harvest in the New World, even though only 1/2 of the Mayflower’s original passengers and crew lived to enjoy it.

It had a long-lasting impact because it signified their survival – they had risked everything to enjoy the gift of freedom and the hope of prosperity, and eventually the effects of their success would be experienced over nearly 400 years by more than a billion others in the future.

It reminds us to turn our hearts in thanks to God for all that we have, even when things are rough. Here in America, we think about our Founding Fathers with reverence and gratitude, for nourishing and bringing to fruition the seeds of freedom that were planted with that first crop of the Pilgrim’s corn.

Christmas also celebrates freedom.

Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ, whose mission satisfied the eternal demands of justice, so that all people could become free from the heavy burdens that always accompany sin. There is no greater gift, because its impact is eternal… and a gift just can’t get any longer-lasting than that.

So as you look ahead and think about what gifts you will give your loved ones this season, think about the kinds of gifts that will have the longest impact.

The longer the impact, the better the gift.

What kinds of gifts can have long-lasting impact?

It might be finally having that healing conversation that’s long overdue. It might be seeking the help you need to give up an addiction that has brought pain and suffering to your family. It might be giving support to a loved one’s dream in a more meaningful way than you’ve given in the past.

But whatever it is, remember that the things that cost the most often have the shortest impact value. You can save a lot of money this year by thinking of “Impact Longevity”.

And if you want to help someone you love have a new dose of hope, joy, or peace of mind, then consider sharing the Rare Faith principles you’ve been learning here. Show them how they can find hope, joy, and peace of mind for the rest of their life, no matter what challenges may come.

If you do, the impact of your gift could save a marriage, restore someone’s faith in God, or strengthen a family, and the impact could literally be felt for generations and beyond.

Merry Christmas, from my family to yours.

(Picture taken sometime around 2014…. updated shot hopefully coming soon.)

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  1. Bob

    What a beautiful message! Many thanks. (did you know my Grandad Maxwell’s middle name was Lester….)

  2. cb

    Beautifully written, succinctly said, and always done with a pure heart. Those who have learned what a pure heart is even in a mortal condition, know simply that it means no desire to sin – no intent to hurt. Your obvious talent to do that while being so authentic and honest is one of the points of light talked of and a light on a hill that is expressed from the teachings of Christ. What you write is always uplifting and encouraging. Thanks.

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