Jackrabbit Whisperer

What is a Jackrabbit Whisperer?

Kirk Duncan

On October 9, 2010, Kirk Duncan was named the first “Jackrabbit Whisperer” in history.  We created the title several years ago, and he was the first to completely qualify.

Congratulations, Kirk!

We can’t stop talking about you!  I am thrilled to introduce my readers to you and what you do.

At the time of receiving his award (something he did not expect), he was given a blue velvet case and silver box with inscription, and a brand-new 2011 silver coin with a jackrabbit image and the words “Year of the Rabbit” inscribed at the bottom.

What is this all about?

Learn more about Kirk and the different Mentor distinctions at the ThoughtsAlive Mentor Directory.  But here is a general overview:

Honorary Mentors have programs and services that come highly recommended because the founders of Thoughts Alive have personally benefited from what they do.  These individuals have demonstrated that they ascribe to the principles contained in The Jackrabbit Factor.

Official ThoughtsAlive Mentors have Graduated with Honors from the Family Time & Money Freedom Course and have gone through Mentor Training by our company to help you achieve your goals with the principles we teach and their own unique approach.

Jackrabbit Whisperer – the highest of all honors within the Thoughts Alive community, reserved for individuals of exemplary reputation for striving for excellence in personal, business and family life. Jackrabbit Whisperers are not necessarily perfect, but they have a track record of solving significant problems in the pursuit of “rabbits”, and are down-to-earth & personable no matter how successful they become. Their strong leadership is a natural byproduct of the selfless service they render to people at every level. While this distinction may be deserved by many, these are individuals with whom we have been permitted to develop a close and personal relationship, such that we can confidently and personally attest to their worthiness of this title.

Click here to learn more about becoming a Certified Mentor

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