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Christine Jones had an experience that shows how the money you need really can come from just about anywhere. There are unexpected and hidden resources all around us that we can’t see, which we can scarcely imagine. As you continue to move forward in faith, hope, and charity, you open yourself up to new possibilities. Where there is faith and fearless generosity, God can continue to perform miracles among his children.

Here is Christine’s story in her own words:

I would like to share our recent Tender Mercy from the Lord and the Law of Cause and Effect. My husband has been a driving instructor for over 23 years. Through the years, when he has seen that someone was in need of driving instruction, but did not have the means to pay for it, he would give a discount or even do it for free. He has never regretted doing this and doesn’t bring attention to it. Just his quiet way of serving.

Recently his younger sister told him about her neighbor who was in great need of instruction to be able to drive for his family. He had little money for training. My husband’s sister, who is usually quiet and not one to say “thank you”… totally took us by tearful surprise when she baked some cookies, and at the bottom …there was an envelope with $600 cash. We thought it was a thank you for helping her neighbor, but her message instead read “thank you for the clothes”.

We discovered she was referring to money their father had taken out of my husband’s navy salary 55 years ago, when he had sent it home to his parents for safe keeping until he got out of the service. The money was all gone when he came home from the navy, and he had no money to start his life. He was not aware at the time that it was being taken. Though disappointed, he did not make a fuss. He figured his family must have needed it, and it had gone into past memory. She told us in her message that some of that money was used to buy her clothes that she very much needed all those years ago.

She has never forgotten, and we will never forget the much-needed Tender Mercy that came back to us at the right time in the bag with the cookies. Like Leslie says, you never know from where the good will return. Thank you Leslie for teaching these truths that are changing our lives! 

And it’s not just about blindly expecting money to appear whenever you need it. You must expect good things to happen while abiding the laws that govern prosperity. Do you know the laws? It’s not about what you must do as much as it is understanding the WHY behind what you must do. You have an important and active part to play in the process of receiving what you need. Learn what your part is, so you can finally resign as Manager of the Universe and let God do his part, too.

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  1. Sylvia johnson

    This was very touching. We never know how we will be blessed for the good we do in this life.

  2. Valerie

    Great story and reminder. ❤️

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