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If you’ve ever wanted to go independent with the thing you love to do, there’s hope. Here’s an email I received from someone who didn’t know how it would be possible for her, but eventually found her way:

I want to tell you the difference your workshop, and The Jackrabbit Factor, made… In 2012 I attended the Parenting Conference held in Utah. You were doing a workshop on “Stress Free Parenting” and it changed my life!

…At the time I was working for DCFS [Department of Child and Family Services] and had a good income and steady job, as did my husband. However, after attending your workshop I thought, “Why am I still at DCFS? This isn’t where I wanted to go career wise!”

So I accepted a job offer to work for a woman in private practice (I’m a mental health therapist). Even though it was HARD to work for her (her style and my style don’t go well together) I was determined to accomplish my goal of becoming a play therapist through the hours I was able to get there.

I got pregnant and decided to have the goal accomplished by the time my baby came into the world. I accomplished this goal and now have my own private practice – I’m where I wanted to be.

If it weren’t for your workshop, and the Jackrabbit Factor, I would probably be at DCFS still (don’t get me wrong I LOVED my job but it wasn’t what I wanted overall). I needed the push!

I recommend the book to almost ALL of my clients… Thank you a million times over!

Laura da Silva, CMHC, RPT-S

I think it’s great to know there’s another therapist out there now who understands the principles in The Jackrabbit Factor, who has used them successfully first-hand, and who can attest to their effectiveness in helping others achieve their goals.

If you want to figure out how to go from where you are to where you want to be, click here now to read The Jackrabbit Factor – it’s FREE!

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