Fall Forward to Prosperity

Dream ideas are so fragile. They are quiet, powerful packages containing unlimited opportunity.

A single opportunity, the smallest thought…

The decision you make about what to do with the thought, can take you closer to your goal or leave you drifting from it.

The idea pops into your head and can change your life, or it can be discarded, or rejected in a fraction of a second.

Each moment you exist is a moment of choice.

The next time an idea pops into your head, care for it like a newborn.

Protect it. Nourish it.

Don’t reject it just because it doesn’t become an adult in a day.

Enjoy the dream of what it could become.

Honor it.

An idea is God’s way of bringing you solutions to your problems. At times they seem absurd, but they wouldn’t be there if they weren’t possible (and likely intended) for YOU.

Don’t worry so much about making mistakes that you remain paralyzed.

When making a decision, do as I learned from Paul Martinelli:

Ask if it is in line with your purpose, and ask if it will get you closer to your goal.

If the answer is yes to both, then go for it.

Don’t be afraid of falling, because everyone will fall sometimes.

The question is, are you falling forward or backward?

Fall forward, and keep on keeping on.

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Leslie Householder

Leslie Householder is the award-winning, international best selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor, Portal to Genius, and Hidden Treasures: Heaven's Astonishing Help With Your Money Matters. Since 2002, she has helped people all over the world discover and apply the Rare Kind of Faith that causes things to happen for powerful life changes. Through story and shifts of perspective, Leslie aims to help her readers crush every challenge, achieve every goal, and vanquish every monster under their beds. Above all, Leslie is a dedicated wife and mother of seven children.
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2 thoughts on “Fall Forward to Prosperity

  1. I love this idea of falling forward. One of my favorite movies, Meet the Robinson’s gets this idea (as well as a few other great truths) across so well in an inspiring way the whole family can relate to.

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