Enough and to Spare

“For the earth is full, and there is enough and to spare; yea, I prepared all things…” (D&C 104:17)

The following message was submitted to me from Diana Lynne Johnson after I issued my “call for stories” on the Rare Faith and Tender Mercies themes:

Leslie, I met you at a Bear Lake Divine Eating Retreat in May of 2016. You spoke, sharing some of your stories and principles. I was very inspired, bought one of your CDs, and have since read all your books, as well as forwarding them to my children.

Since that time, amazing miracles have increased in my life, amidst some heart wrenching challenges (my husband’s massive stroke 2 days before Christmas 2016, as well as a relapse caused by medical negligence, which nearly took my husband’s life in Feb, 2017)! Rather than suing the hospital, I felt impressed to share my faith-promoting story of miracles, forgiveness and love…

My husband is no longer able to work, yet miracles have sustained us financially. I have not been able to return to teaching, since I am his 24/7 caretaker; yet there is always “enough and to spare”! And the increase of FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY growing within us and those around us, is very inspiring… 

Many times, I’ve grown very discouraged in writing and publishing my books… Each time I pray, “Father, if you still want me to share these stories, please return my motivation.” At least 3 times, He has answered my prayers with a boost of inspiration and renewed enthusiasm. … I began by reading all of your books, Leslie.

…Thank you, Leslie for your inspiring works and “Call for Stories.” …Your work has inspired me again to press forward!

(Check out the book she completed later that year here.)

What about you?

So, maybe you’re not a millionaire. Maybe you haven’t yet realized that big vision for your life. Maybe your relationships aren’t what you want them to be. Maybe you’re still waiting for that breakthrough that never seems to come. Maybe you struggle with your health, or maybe you’re caring for someone else who is. But even so…

Have you seen God’s hand in your life, sustaining you from day to day?

I want to hear about it. Submit your stories here!

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