Eat the Food Your Body Really Loves

By Christy Lee

Don’t sacrifice what you want most for what you want right now

A few years ago I was speaking to a group of teenagers on being in the driver’s seat of their health.  I wanted them to think about the programs that they are running in their subconscious minds about certain kinds of food.  I took a large party sized bag of Doritos and I opened the corner just a little to let the air out.  Then I took a rubber mallet and smashed the chips into powder.  There were audible sounds of shock and some kids looked like they might cry.  Then I took a bag of Hostess powdered doughnuts and did the same thing.  This made the crowd even angrier.  They clearly had some deep rooted thoughts that these foods were really important, and I had just senselessly  ruined these very valuable foods.  I heard someone say from the back, “I would still eat those!”

Some of us grew up  hearing, “Don’t be sad, have a cookie!” , “Let’s celebrate and go out for ice cream!”:   and on and on… These thoughts repeated over and over start to form programs in our subconscious mind.

Have you ever watched a baby’s face when they get their first taste of ice cream or chocolate?  They have been eating nothing but rice cereal and strained veggies .  All of these release a normal amount of Dopamine into their brain,  but then all of a sudden they taste concentrated refined sugar and they get a HUGE Dopamine surge to their brain.  It sends a message of “WOW, that must be really important.”  Their eyes get big and they instantly think they want to eat this amazing new food often and in large amounts!

The more sugar we eat throughout our lives, the more it takes for us to feel that Dopamine rush.  Our brain doesn’t know how to process it and so it down regulates  and we need  to eat more and more to try to feel that Dopamine rush.  

We might think that are bodies are craving these sugary and salty snacks.  Ice cream and soda may have been have been your escape when you are sad, angry, lonely, or overwhelmed.  They definitely were for me for lots of years. Is it really the ice cream or the Dopamine hit that makes us think we feel better for a minute ? It’s actually about 4 seconds and then we numb out and keep eating it, just because it’s in front of us. It doesn’t take away the negative emotion that we are trying to avoid by eating it. A lot of the time it makes us feel worse, because we add guilt and a stomach ache to how we were already feeling.

In order to get rid of these old programs and replace them with ones that serve you better, it is so important to set some measurable goals and write them down.  

Then you are going to have to make room for them in your life.  Right now you might be really comfortable with Reeses Peanut Butter cups, milkshakes, and french fries, or whatever your favorite foods are.

I recommend keeping a food log of everything that you eat for the first 3 weeks.  Your brain will have drama about this and not want to be tied down to it, but remember it is an important part of the research that you are doing to find the foods that you truly love.  I challenge  you to not only write down what you ate but also write down how it made you feel.  

Doing this will soon help you to discover which foods you REALLY LOVE and which foods you have just been mindlessly consuming, because you are running a program that says they are important.

When we do this we are working with the Universal Law of the Vacuum to help us reach our goals with our health.  “Nature abhors a vacuum. Make room for the thing you desire by letting go of that which you do not appreciate or use.  Give it away with a charitable heart, and let the Universe (God) compensate you.” (Mindset Mastery, Trevon and Leslie Householder, p. 11)

God also wants us to take care of our bodies that He has given us, and He will help us to do this.  Ask Him which things need to be eliminated first from your life to make room for the health you desire.  You do not have to eliminate everything at once.  

You will learn which foods make your body feel good, and you will have an increased desire for those foods.  They will taste better to you, and your body will thank you with energy and good health.


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