Donuts, Cakes, and Cookies

By Heather Backman

The Law of Relativity states that, “nothing we experience is fundamentally good or bad.” Experience is neutral. It is us who places the meaning onto any given experience. We often place a positive or negative meaning based on our perceptions and past experiences. 

When I first learned this concept, it changed my entire outlook on life. I realized that much of what I was experiencing in a negative light, was only negative because I chose to place that meaning onto it. And because I didn’t bother to gather any further knowledge or evidence about the situation, I chose to remain believing that my experiences were negative and there was no changing that. 

Now when I have experiences, and they start to feel like they are headed into a negative light, I often choose to stop! Look at the situation, and decide if I would like to feel a different way about what I am experiencing. By doing that, my energy and demeanor changes and I become more relaxed and able to handle whatever comes. 

I remember back to a time when I was 50lbs overweight and my health started to tank. I remember going to the doctor and her telling me what was happening and that I had developed an autoimmune condition. She ordered some medication for me and when I picked up those orange bottles with the white lids, I just sat on my bed feeling so down and feeling so upset that I had allowed my life to get to this point. I also realized in that moment that I could choose to see this another way. I could choose to see this as my life saver – as the very thing that would help me achieve my health goals of being fit and healthy. Because up to that point, I had no reason, in my mind, to change the way I was eating! I loved consuming sugary, fatty, and high carb foods. Up to that point, there had been no reason for me to stop. Being overweight wasn’t enough for me to give up my donuts, cookies, cakes, ice cream, pastas, and breads. 

So instead of laying victim to an autoimmune condition, staying overweight, and risking my health getting worse, I chose to see this experience as an opportunity! I chose to change my lifestyle. I chose to completely change my eating habits. I chose to go Gluten Free, Dairy free, and sugar free. I knew those were my vices, and this time I wasn’t going to let it beat me! I chose to see this experience as a blessing and the perfect medicine for me to become who it is I hope to become. After many months of changing my diet, taking supplements for my health, and being more active, I was able to lose 30lbs and put my autoimmune condition into remission!! That was so exciting! My choice to see this experience a different way literally saved my life. Still to this day I don’t eat Gluten, Dairy, and Sugar! 


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