The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back

By Jennifer De Azevedo 

In the fall of 2016 I experienced a horrible heartbreak that I did not see coming. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. This marked 10 years of unhappiness and internal struggle for me. I vowed to create a massive change in the way I think. I started by learning to meditate. After letting my mind wander unchecked for 10 years, meditation proved difficult, but I kept at it. Progress was slowly made, but after a few months I became quite good at quieting my mind.

Then I made a goal to get a job making 6 figures that would allow me to work from home. In September 2017, out of the blue, a friend approached me about heading up a non-profit he was starting. He offered a 6-figure income and working from home. I leapt at this new opportunity and left my “steady job” thinking this was the opportunity I’d created.

It was exciting, and fun, and a dream come true, and it lasted for 7 months. By March of 2017 I was unemployed. I wasn’t too scared as jobs had always fallen in my lap, but I didn’t want just a job anymore. I wanted the goal I had set to work from home and thrive. 

I had continued meditating and studying various teachers of universal laws but seemed to be getting nowhere. Opportunities that seemed perfect came and went. I was starting to feel defeated and decided I had to settle for that “just a job” scenario, but even that wasn’t working out. I had a lot of free time to think and read and ponder. In all my studying I learned about a universal law I was unfamiliar with. The law of polarity states, “In every adversity is the seed of equal or greater benefit.”

This was new information I desperately needed. I realized how I thought and reacted to a setback would determine what came next. It helped me maintain hope that, what looked like a failure was really setting me up for something better. It’s tricky to quell your fears during disaster, but I eventually got good at it. Whenever something happened that seemed difficult, I’d think, “I know there is something good that will come from this…in every adversity is the seed of equal or greater benefit.”

The answer to my job search came in the form of an opportunity that would take some time to accomplish, but as I’ve applied the Law of Polarity, opportunities to create income keep popping up, giving me time to accomplish my work from home goal. You may not always be able to see things unfolding, but continue to trust that they are and they will.


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