Are You “Lucky”?

A Message from Ann Ferguson:

Would you say you are lucky? 

Or are you frustrated because the laws don’t work for you? I get it. I have been frustrated myself.

One day I told myself: I want to find a four leaf clover. I had never found one. And it’s was not for lack of trying.  When I was a kid, would sit for hours combing through clovers.

I gave up….thinking maybe they didn’t even really exist. (Notice the thought here)

Years later, as an adult, I saw my first real one, and then another and another. But I wasn’t the one finding them. My daughter has a gift! She will say she wants a to find one and 5 minutes later she has one in her hands. She was the lucky one. Not me. Sound familiar? (notice the unbelief in my heart)

One morning I decided with determination that if she could do it, I could too. I was going to find one for myself. I went to the internet and found pictures of them. I stared at them for about 5 mins. Then, I shut my eyes and saw them in my mind. I said to myself. “I’m going to find a four leaf clover,” (notice the thought) and walked out my door.

I walked to the first patch of clovers I could see. Nothing…So, I went to the next. I was determined. When I forgot what they looked like, (they have a very distinct white line running through them) I shut my eyes and envisioned them.

It’s like when Richard finally saw the outline of the rabbit. In my mind I saw the picture of the clover on the computer screen and then it morphed in a clover in my hand. The rabbit was becoming defined. Then something power-filled happened and it was the missing piece. In my heart I could feel the excitement I would feel when I spotted it.

I wasn’t TRYING to feel excited. It was like I was watching a movie. You know how the music builds and gets you feeling something as your watching a scene. That’s what it was like. I saw the clover and literally felt excitement. That’s when the magic happened.

In third patch, I finally found one….and then another and another. The excitement I was already feeling turned to wonder and amazement. I found nine, four leaf clovers that day! I was lucky!

I took this picture (above) to prove it.

Leslie has an acronym that explains what had happened.


I had unknowingly tapped into something very real. It was the heart piece. If you are really trying to get this mindset stuff to work but nothing is happening for you, I know what to do!!! And I can teach you in the Igniting Your Belief 12 – week program.

I have a class starting soon and there are a few slots left. If you are ready to make this mindset stuff a way of life, you need to ignite the heart into feeling what it will feel like when you have the rabbit in your hands.

Let’s get your luck turned in the right direction!

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