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Kickoff is Wednesday March 1st at 8:30 am PT.

A recording will be provided if you can’t join us live. If the signup link is still active, you’re not too late!


A message from Director Christy Lee:

If you’re like me, your life has been forever changed in so many amazing ways since you first had someone invite you to read The Jackrabbit Factor. From there you might have learned about Portal to Genius and Hidden Treasures and read them more than once.

For me, I knew after reading these books that they were just the beginning. I discovered Guided Mindset Mastery, Genius Boot Camp, and even Achieving the Impossible!! I was telling everyone about how the things that I was learning were helping me overcome doubts and fears that I had been hanging onto for years!

I also learned how to start dreaming again and believing that joy and abundance were not only possible, but are readily available to me with my finances, my relationships and my health. I just needed to start moving forward to receive them!!

When I first heard of The Rare Faith Sales School I had no idea that I would end up making GREAT money by just sharing MY story about how much these courses have transformed my life!

I actually thought that the reason why I was drawn to the school was so that I could learn something that would help me not hate sales so much. I had never considered myself a sales person, and I really didn’t want to be that person that nobody wanted to be around because they were always trying to sell you something.

The email that I saw said that this school was not only for people who wanted to sell for Rare Faith but for ANYONE who wanted to learn more about sales. I had a weight loss coaching business at the time that I was trying to grow. I loved my clients, I loved coaching, but I was really not comfortable asking people for money or even deciding how much to charge.

I didn’t know how important it was to allow my clients to invest in themselves and sacrifice in order to create value in what they were learning. I decided to sign up and see what the Sales School was all about, and I will forever be grateful that I did!!

I now get to meet people from all over the world and share what I have learned about Rare Faith! It doesn’t feel like sales to me!I I love it so much!!

Do you have a business that you would like to grow and are finding that you could use a little bit of help with the marketing part?

Or do you have 15-20 hours per week that you could use to reach out to others to talk about Rare Faith and get paid a very generous 20% commission for signing people up for a course that you know will change their life?

We are wanting to grow our Team Of Program Specialists (TOPS). So… we are excited for another opportunity to hold a Rare Faith Sales School!

There is not a certain number of people that we are looking for. Anyone who meets all of the requirements in the school, is motivated, growth minded, client centered, and is aligned with the vision of the Rare Faith company, will be considered for a position. You go through the training, learn some awesome skills, and if you perform well, you will be considered for an official spot on our team.

The Sales School is for anyone who wants to learn how to sell the Rare Faith way, and not just for people wanting to join our team.

We will begin class on Wednesday March 1st at 8:30am PT / 9:30am MT / 10:30am CT / 11:30am ET and will meet each Wednesday through May 31st for 90 minutes.

This 100-day sales training will provide you with tools that can help you be a light to others who are searching for solutions and direction in their lives. It is also an opportunity to stretch and up level your OWN mindset to a place of abundance and receiving.

Even if you have no prior sales experience, let us show you how to earn money being authentic instead of “salesy.”

We will be learning about:

  • Sales scripts (why and how to use them effectively)
  • Free lead magnets
  • Paid lead magnets
  • One to One reach outs
  • One to many reach outs
  • Organic marketing
  • How to use Rare Faith to get clear about what you want so that you can easily create it.
  • Why it’s not about WHAT you are selling, it’s about what you THINK about what you are selling
  • And sooooo much more!!!

Learn how to Fall in Love with selling!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Click here to get 3+ months of sales training for only $97!


Christy Lee TOPS Director


I second all that! 😉 We look forward to hearing from you!


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