Are We There Yet?

By Monica Zollinger

Many times, I have been in the car driving with my family to go visit relatives or different places. Half way through the trip, I hear, “Are we there yet?” Then we get into a discussion about how wonderful it would be to be able to teleport and be there instantly. However, we have never been able to do that. Depending on where we are going determines how long it will take us to get there.

When we think about this example and other examples like having a baby or planting a garden, we realize that there is a process for these things to happen. We must have an idea or desire, plant the seed, nourish the seed, and wait for that seed to produce the desired results, knowing that it will. The process for each of these ideas takes a certain amount of time. But for some reason, we don’t think this way. We want everything NOW. We don’t want to drive all the hours on the right roads to get to our destination. We want to just be there instantly.

The law of gender or gestation can be stated as follows… “Every seed of thought has a gestation or incubation period. This seed of thought will move into form or physical results when the time is right.”

This law is really connected with the laws of thought. When we think of an idea of what we desire, we must know that it will happen, and it will happen at the right time.

When setting goals, the same rules apply. It is a process. Write the goal. Feel the emotion. Take action. Continue feeling and taking action steps until the desired results are manifest. It will happen at the right time.

Let’s take planting tomatoes as an example. After planting tomato seeds, if you don’t bother to water the soil or keep the weeds out, following the process of nurturing and cultivating the seeds, then what happens? You guessed it – the plant dies.

People will do this with their goals all the time. Maybe we have an idea or goal in mind and so we start. We write down our goal and stick it on the wall or bathroom mirror. We get really excited about this goal and believe it can happen. But then what happens? The goal isn’t nourished and given energy and attention. We don’t visualize and affirm this goal. We don’t take daily action towards this goal and then the goal dies.

We must realize that whether we are planting seeds, having a baby, or driving to a specific destination, it will take time. Enjoy the process or journey. Even if you run out of gas, or take a detour, or stop more times than you planned for potty breaks, don’t get discouraged and stop driving. Just know that you will get there. When our kids ask “are we there yet” our response has become “in about an hour.” It may be an hour or 10 hours, but we don’t usually turn around and come home until after we’ve made it to our destination.


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