Creating Your Own Story

By Monica Zollinger

There is a story inside each of us. We are all unique and no story is exactly the same. We are creating our story right now.

Whatever circumstances we are in, we created. Our parents, our siblings, our spouse, our children, tv, media, church, friends—all these people and things may be a part of our story. Perhaps they even contributed to it. But it is still OUR story. We are the ones creating it. I am the master storyteller of my life. I am pure potential energy. I am a divine spirit being. My body is a host, a tool that I can use.

I am creating my story a piece at a time as I live in each moment. I can choose the characters, the plot, the setting. I create everything that I need in order to feel alive and moving in the direction I want to go.

The Law of Vibration defines that everything is energy and that energy is always moving in and out of form.

Our thoughts create the forms and circumstances that we want in our life—or storybook. The Law of Attraction is closely related to the Law of Vibration. Vibration is the AWARENESS of feeling. Having an awareness of what we feel, we can then control our thoughts, which affect our emotions, which affect what we are attracting into our lives. When we want positive things in our lives, we need to create the feelings of love, gratitude, and peace which resonate on a higher vibration. When we feel anger, fear, and confusion, we are operating on a lower vibration.

When we understand who we truly are and the potential we have through our thoughts and vibrations to attract whatever we want in our lives, our story has endless possibilities.

I have always used confusion and the “I don’t know” excuse in my life. While my life is not bad, it has been on a lower frequency than what I would like. I’ve always thought that I needed to be living with a God-given purpose in order to be truly happy. But I could never find my true purpose. As my awareness increases, I believe I can create my purpose and find joy in every moment.

I was talking with Leslie Householder about writing a book when she asked me, “If you were to share your message, what would it be?” I started to respond with my normal “I don’t know” but instead took a deep breath, felt her higher level of vibration jumpstart my vibration and replied, “Believe in Yourself.”

That feeling “sparked” something in me and I knew that my vibration moved to a higher level that day. I had a moment of clarity and it felt good. I felt gratitude for her compassion and giving. I believed in myself. I believed that I had a message of love that I could share with others.

Tuning in to our thoughts and becoming aware of our feelings can help us change our thoughts and vibrations so that we can attract whatever we desire. We can write whatever we want into our story.

Focusing our energy and aligning it with the universe, allows the universe to give us what we want. When we FEEL as though we’ve already received that which we desire, we can be grateful and allow it to manifest itself in our life.

We are the masters of our destiny. We are the authors of our own story. As we find joy in each moment of our lives, our story is being written, one piece at a time.


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