Anxiety became excitement

Let me tell you about Lucas Hartman Davis.

It’s been awesome having Lucas join us for Genius Bootcamp and the Guided Mindset Mastery course. His wife Twylla-Dawn had completed both courses previously, so now that they’ve both been through them, they get to really dig in and work together on shared goals using the principles that can take their family where they want to go.

I’m thrilled to be introducing Lucas to you now as a Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate!

How it all started – in his words:

On the recommendation of my wife, I started reading The Jackrabbit Factor and Portal to Genius a couple of years ago, and I thought the ideas and ways of changing how I think would be good. They were and are a key part of a change already seen in our family. Then I read and pondered Hidden Treasures. Finally, I enrolled and enjoyed the past 14 weeks of taking the Guided Mindset Mastery program.

We are counseled to “fear not” and with studying and practicing the Laws of Thought, I am truly seeing what the Lord has wanted me to become, and I feel I am now ready to work with Him to become my best self. What Leslie and Trevan have brought to us all through compiling their experiences and changes is pivotal to changing our world in to a place of thinking and positivity. I would encourage anyone to read all three books, and enroll in Mindset Mastery. It has been worth the time and effort, and meeting all of our wonderful new friends.

Pic: Lucas and Twylla-Dawn from their early years

As he applied for graduation from the Mindset Mastery program, I had a few questions:

Q. Did you face a Terror Barrier during the course?

Yes, the Terror or Excitement Barrier was in play. I set a goal to start doing audiobooks for a new client regarding my Voice Acting Business, yet because of COVID-19, my demos were delayed until nearly the end of June. I was concerned because my business needs the demos of the different styles to convey my abilities. Repeated emails brought no answers and I was increasingly unsure of how I would move forward.

Then I experienced the two-part thought: I would have my demos when I needed them and not a moment sooner, and that the demos were not crucial to the plan for my family at this time. I spent the better part of this course concerned about a skill the Lord wanted me to learn–just not use at the moment. …I relaxed and stopped emailing my training company and let it be, and then this allowed me to focus more on Mindset Mastery and just seeing the end result.

Q. How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances in assignment/lesson 18?

With the little or simpler things, I would say it is easy–yet each of us face each experience differently. What is simple for me, is difficult for others. And I know there are some who have simple things which are mind-bending for me, though I know I will develop and gain deeper understanding and increasing control of my focus and thoughts.

Q. If you had difficulty with anxiety or other troubling emotions, how did you deal with them?

I used to have difficulty with anxiety. Then, starting a couple of years ago, my anxiety seemed to stop after we knew we were moving, and our life was going to be changing from the routine of the first sixteen years of our family’s history.

…in March of 2019, I received a 6% raise at my former employer during the middle of the busy season (which is unheard of!) and it didn’t even matter to me. I was grateful and gracious to my Heavenly Father for that tender mercy, yet in my heart I knew there were only a few more months left working with that company. I knew with confidence the Lord was, and remains, in charge. I knew our house was going to sell. We then knew we were moving out of state from everything with which we were familiar.

In other words…

Anxiety became excitement.

Now I have an Excitement Barrier, and as much as I get excited about peanut butter cups (a rare treat)–I get far more excited for seeing what is next in the growing experiences the Lord has in store for us, and what we can conceive and visualize with create with Him.

Q. What was your Phase 1 Inconsequential Goal?

Twylla and I picked up playing Scrabble nearly each day to spend fun time together while we improve our brain functions. In the rules and explanation of the game there is an indication that a player who can score between 300 and 400 points is doing well. So after scoring around 200 for about a month, I set the goal (as it coincided with the writing and setting of an Inconsequential Goal) of scoring over 300. About seven days later I reported in the Facebook Group:

Inconsequential Test #5 results are in…I have been playing Scrabble most of my life and never scored a 300+–until today!

Twylla-Dawn and I played earlier and I reached 300, only to lose a few points on the loss of points for remaining tiles penalty. Then while waiting for space to start dinner, we played again and I finished with a final score of 315!

…it was amazing! We were playing the game and I wasn’t even thinking about 300+ when I realized how high my score was going, how the letters were just right, and multiplier squares were aligned. Then I remembered my goal, and the excitement rushed through me. It was a wonderful experience for which I gave many thanks to God for giving me a taste of what creating ideas into reality in a short amount of time is like.

Q. What was your goal or intention for the Phase 2 experiment?

The impending emergency custody hearing for our oldest son, regarding his daughter is a crucial part of their and our lives. More than anything… I felt an urgent need to accomplish the task of finding the text message screenshots we had saved knowing this hearing would happen. For the better part of two years we had collected evidence for this court proceeding we just knew would happen, and for nearly the past year we had continued to collect new information while cataloging everything.

[However], after the move to our current residence, the data vanished. …Things would have appeared to many that our son’s situation was close to hopeless. Not so.

…After reviewing what I submitted and going back and forth in the revision process, I felt the need to set my Rare Faith on this matter, given its time sensitive nature. I did set a completion date of the sixth of August 2020 (our son’s 22nd birthday), and yet we could not find the information both my wife and I were searching for.

It all came together, [but] not in the way we expected. The messages essential to the Emergency Custody Case …were found … and submitted to our son’s lawyer on Thursday the 27th. Though this date was exactly three weeks after the date I wrote on my Goal Statement, I know the Lord did not bless us until the exact moment we needed it. The baby was not ready…so to speak.

I give thanks to Heavenly Father and His supreme and perfect understanding of how and when to test, stretch and bless His children. I am thankful for all He did for my family in this matter, and know our family was not blessed until after the trial of our Rare Faith.

All we needed was faith, a special kind of faith. I needed to understand the principles and when the time was right…all things worked out exactly how they should. …We are so grateful to God for opening our ears to hear His direction and our eyes that we could see what was best for the court amongst the thousands of details we could have submitted. Looking back, He truly guided our efforts to the [best possible result] He had already set in motion.

Congratulations, Lucas! Keep up the great work!!


More about Lucas:

Lucas runs a business called “Disembodied Voices by Lucas Davis”. In his words:

“I am a Voice Actor. Not because I have a face for radio, rather I have a voice for speaking. Let me do the talking for your book, training video, commercial, video game, or animation.” Learn more here:

Lucas loves adventure, and we’re so glad he joined us on the Rare Faith Program Assisting Team: a group of enthusiasts who support Rare Faith facilitators as they deliver Mindset Mastery and Genius Bootcamp classes to our community.


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