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Meet Tamara Shimmin, Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate and certified Rare Faith Facilitator. Tamara is kind and compassionate, and lives the Rare Faith principles in a quiet, humble way. As you get to know her, you won’t be able to miss noticing the gentle, powerful influence she has on her students. I’m excited for the gifts she brings to our team. As with all graduates, I had some questions for Tamara:

As with all graduates, I had some questions for Tamara:

Q. What was your experience with the Phase 1 experiment? (The “inconsequential goal”)

My goal was to sing my favorite hymn at church. I have no control or input on what songs are sung. There are 341 songs in the hymnal, and we had not sung it ever in the 6 months I had been in [that congregation], so it wasn’t likely to be sung that day. When I arrived at church, I checked the song list with anticipation. My song was not listed.

I thought, “I guess I have more to learn.” So I left my seat and went to talk to some friends, since I was early. When I returned to my seat, I glanced at the song list, and there was my song!!! They hadn’t updated the song list when I first arrived. I was overjoyed to reach my goal AND to be able to sing my favorite hymn.

Notice how Tamara anticipated realizing her inconsequential goal, but when it appeared that it wasn’t going to happen, she chose to consider that she may have more to learn, instead of feeling angry or discouraged that she hadn’t been successful. This is an excellent example of “keep calm and watch what happens.” And look what happened! As she remained calm and chatted with her friends, the song list was updated and her goal was completed. Way to go, Tamara!

In the last few years, we’ve started encouraging our Mindset Mastery students more to set several inconsequential goals during Phase 1, so that it’s easier to be less “attached” to whether any particular one of them happens. It’s important to be intent without too much attachment – there’s a happy middle ground that we must find in order to be successful with the process.

Tamara reported:

I have been setting inconsequential goals and reaching them fairly quickly, usually within a few hours through lessons 1-11, with the exception of one that I was trying to “make” happen. That doesn’t work at all. Lol!!

Then I hit lesson 12 and it took an entire week. It seems like I froze because all of a sudden it was important. I was told that I could use one of the other goals I reached, but I really wanted to understand what was really going on. I had to relax and let go to finally be able to reach my goal.

My goal was to receive a phone call from an old friend that I hadn’t talked to in a long time. It didn’t matter who it was, but I wanted it to be an actual phone call, since it seems occasional texting and FB are the norm for keeping in touch these days. I closed my eyes and felt gratified for being able to talk to my friend and catch up after all this time.

To my surprise, it was one of my cousins that called me. I hadn’t talked to her in about 4 years. She even lives fairly close to me since I moved in August. It was fabulous to catch up with her. I was so excited to reach my goal that I did forget to ask her what prompted her call me. I will remember to ask her next time we talk.

After experiencing success with Phase 1 of the experiment, Mindset Mastery students move into Phase 2, where they apply what they’ve learned to something more difficult, meaningful, or important. So I asked Tamara about her experience in Phase 2:

Q. What was your bite-sized Phase 2 “difficult, meaningful, or important” goal?

“I am so excited that I finished Block 2 of Evolve (a painting course), and I sold my first painting. I am so grateful that my art is appreciated and love that it will bring joy to others for a lifetime. I am so happy when I am painting. I get paid to play!”

Q. What happened?

“This or something better!”

I had finished my GMM (Guided Mindset Mastery) class 6 months previously with the inconsequential goal to “finish the second block of my art class and sell my first painting” left unrealized. So, about a month ago, I decided to change my goal to “finding my favorite lost pallet knife.” I had searched for a replacement online without success. I kept expecting the knife to show up.

Eventually, I had the thought to ask the art school if I could buy a pallet knife from them. They sent me a link for the knife they recommended, but it was not the same. So, I asked again. I was told they don’t sell them, but to talk to another person. I kept getting passed around until I finally got a “yes.” I was able to purchase 4 pallet knives for a very low price!!

But I was still feeling “disappointed” that I hadn’t realized my original goal. Then during MMS (Miracles Made Simple), Tracy Rollins made a comment about “making miracles happen.” I asked if I actually did reach my goal and got a resounding, “YES!” from everyone.

Later that day, I asked my GMM instructor, Bethany Harger, about graduation. She asked how it went with selling my painting, so I had to explain that I had changed my goal. She said she had seen my Rabbit painting on Facebook and had wanted to buy it, but thought it wasn’t available when I reported to the class that I had completed my goal.

So right then she made me an offer, I accepted, and my original inconsequential goal was finally achieved.

Yesterday, I was telling my husband’s cousin about reaching both goals. In the process I showed her some of my paintings and she asked to buy my cat painting:

If I had just sold one of my paintings when I originally wanted to, maybe that’s all that would have happened. But because of the delay, I ended up achieving so much more. The Law of Gestation was in play. We have to make the most of those delays, and when we do, we truly can receive “Something better!”

“All this or something better”, indeed.

Let’s recap.

When six months had passed without achieving her Phase 2 goal, Tamara set a new one. No big deal! This isn’t a “failure”, but intentional movement forward. What Tamara did not know at the time was that the rabbit painting she created would hold special meaning to her facilitator, as it would be almost identical to the wedding cake topper she had picked out for her wedding:

For her facilitator, Bethany, the painting served as a poignant ‘God wink,’ affirming her own journey in finding her life partner using the same principles she was teaching Tamara in their Guided Mindset Mastery class. It felt like a confirmation that she herself had truly and successfully attained yet another ‘rabbit’.

The more we practice the principles, the more we can experience success with them in all areas of life. The experiment truly is repeatable for every next-level goal you may have.

(To fully understand the ‘rabbit’ metaphor, read The Jackrabbit Factor FREE.)

When all was said and done, Tamara had completed multiple Phase 2 goals in just a couple of days, and her facilitator gained a beautiful painting to remind her of her wedding day. God really does love a “photo finish”, or in this case, a painted one.

Q. What was your experience facing a fear from assignment/lesson 18? How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances?

Tamara responded:

As I faced my fears, it was a little challenging not to get emotional. They are the same fears that have come up year after year, as we yo-yo between debt-ridden and debt-free.

Facing recurring fears is not a small feat, and one that deserves to be applauded. Your perseverance and unwillingness to give up really paid off. Way to go!

Q. Did you experience a Terror Barrier Breakthrough during the course?

I am still debating with myself whether what I experienced was a terror barrier. I did not pass the test if I did. I think that is probably why I am still debating. I don’t want to admit that I couldn’t break through it, and my mind was stretched.

The Terror Barrier experience is different for everyone. I have had students tell me they always feel like they’re going to throw up, while others describe it as excitement, similar to how a child feels before going to Disneyland. Anytime someone intentionally sets a goal and accomplishes something that is outside their comfort zone–they have broken through a Terror Barrier.

Great job, Tamara, and congratulations for all you accomplished!

Q. What would you tell someone who is facing their fear right now?

Remember that it is just a psychological experience and success is just on the other side. DON’T QUIT!

Tamara, you truly are an example of choosing not to quit, and we are so excited to watch your success continue to unfold as you also move on to facilitate Rare Faith classes yourself.


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  1. I just love how the goal of selling the painting was not just achieved for her, but was a beautiful “Godwink” for Bethany – the best goals bless more than just ourselves!

  2. Awesome! I set a few inconsequential goals that I still did not reach and I am feeling so discouraged. So articles like these remind me to keep thinking right.

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