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All this or something better

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Meet Tamara Shimmin, Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate and certified Rare Faith Facilitator. Tamara is kind, compassionate, and lives the Rare Faith principles in a quiet, humble way. As you get to know her, you won’t be able to miss the gentle, powerful, and positive influence she has on her students. I’m excited for the gifts she brings to our team.

As with all graduates, I had some questions for her… Read more here…

Rare Faith Conference & CRUISE on sale thru 3/30!

Oct 6-12, 2024 to the Western Caribbean

On sale thru March 30!
Pay plans available:

UPDATED event Details HERE

Featured Guest Presenter:

Come enjoy award-winning author and presenter Dr. Dennis R. Deaton, (and popular BYU Education Week speaker) who helps audiences understand the mind games we’re up against in the battle for our soul. Discover how faith is a state of mind, how to develop it more effectively, and how to exercise agency to experience more of the life changes you desire. Even if you’ve been programmed with negative thoughts in the past, Dennis will show you how to reverse the effects so you can ultimately win the war.


Your Next Decision-Inspired – Podcast

In this audio, I explain:

  • How to make sure your next decision is inspired
  • How to be a busy parent AND entrepreneur, serving only “one Master”

It’s a cheer session for anyone who could use a pick-me-up. Listen now


“Oh my goodness ~ I cannot express strongly enough my gratitude for being able to take this course. I love the wisdom and insight brought not only from our instructor … but the others in our group. Such a bond was created learning from and sharing our thoughts and experiences with others. These principles are true and will continue to guide my life. Anyone who takes this course and applies what they learn will be forever blessed.” Julie Brown

“I was in need of a new look on life. I felt stuck … All of the goals I had set were complete and I didn’t know where to go. This Guided Mindset Mastery class was so helpful to get my mind thinking again about possibilities. I have had so many miracles happen while taking this course, that have opened my mind to great possibilities. This course has helped all my relationships but more importantly my relationship with my Heavenly Father.” Wendy

Has this work helped YOU? Click here to tell me about it




Independent study – start any time and go at your own pace!

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