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I’ve often said that ideas and goals are like seeds, which will grow if they are planted and nourished properly in our minds with hope, expectation and optimism. And that the accomplishment of our goals can be predictable, because if we do our part, the process is a tested and proved science.

But sometimes we wonder if that is actually the case.

Is it really scientific?

If you’ve been trying to apply the Rare Faith principles for a long time and are wondering why things aren’t working out like you think they should, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at how much the process really IS like the natural scientific process of growing seeds.

Just because the process doesn’t appear to be working the way you think it should be, it doesn’t mean it isn’t working.

We can understand this a little better if we take a closer look at what it’s like to successfully plant a regular vegetable seed in nature. The following comes from Rebecca, who recently attended Genius Bootcamp. Rebecca and her husband are pictured in their garden above.

She wrote:

Good Morning Leslie,

I wanted to tell you of the experience I had with my garden this year and seeds. I think it has Application to life and laws.

I started planing seeds in my greenhouse back in March of this year. It took me about 2 weeks to get the greenhouse ready to plant. New compost was added. Then I planted my seeds. (The seeds were about 5 years old. I waited about 2 weeks and very little came up, and the top of the soil was hard. I found out I had put too much compost on. Nothing was growing.)

I took half the soil out and added more dirt. Replanted. In about two weeks I started to have about 1/4 of the seeds come up. It was so interesting, normally when I plant, the same seeds come up about the same time, but this was different. I had one or two plants come up, and then a few more would come up. Some of the same seeds came up 4 weeks later than the others.

Then I had other seeds that took 6 weeks before they even broke the ground. Funny part was I started getting plants growing in the wrong places. The first seeds I planted started coming up among the second seeds I planted. I thought I had bad seed, but because they were old they must have needed more time to soften, so they could grow. Now I have squash growing that I do not know what kind they are, because I planted a variety. I also had some seeds that never came up at all.

Here are a few other things about seeds that came to my mind:

1. You can feed seeds too much and they will not grow.
2. Even the germination of seeds can change with the age of seed and soil conditions.
3. Sometimes things get messed up and you may not know what is growing, but they are all blessings from God.
4. Some seeds will still grow, even if the seed is disturbed and up rooted after it is planted.
5. If seeds get too old they may not grow at all.
6. We can still have an abundance of a harvest, even if all the seeds we plant do not grow.
7. This process is not always predictable, even in germinating a garden.

Thanks for all you do,


Thank you so much for sharing, Rebecca!

So as you can see, just because the process is natural and “predictable”, we don’t always have a full grasp on all the variables affecting the timing of the outcome. All we can do is what is within our control, and trust. And in the case of dream or goal seeds, your job is to:

  1. Plant your goal/dream seeds by seeing the end that you intend on the screen of your mind. Do it, even if you think it won’t make a difference.
  2. Allow yourself to feel the joy of its anticipated realization. Imagine it until you feel something.
  3. Act on the thoughts and ideas that come to mind. Move your feet! And,
  4. Refuse to fear or worry about failure. Just keep pressing forward with expectation, and let go of your grip on it HAVING to happen by a certain time.
  5. When you fail, count it a blessing. Choose to believe that the outcome will be better for the wait. Express gratitude, and try again.

The whole idea is to trust that God wants to bless you abundantly, but for Him to do so requires your faith. We must do our part to ensure that we are not the limiting factor in how abundantly He can bless us, as we strive to maintain gratitude in all things, even when disappointments arise.

If you make this mindset your practice, your life will, in due time, reap an abundant harvest.

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