Using Rare Faith for a Cause

I’d like to introduce you to June Jones:

June is a Mindset Mastery Honors graduate who uses Rare Faith to make this world a better place:

In Phase 1 of the Mindset Mastery program, our students set an inconsequential goal to build muscle memory around faith, belief, and witnessing the effects of intention. June is a go-getter. Instead of setting just one inconsequential goal, she set three. What surprised her is that they showed up in a different order than she set them. Here is her story of how things happened:

Mid-Course experiment

I chose three things because I really wanted to make sure I am getting it.

The first item was to find my missing Hidden Treasures book because I feel it will help me with Phase 2 [of the Mindset Mastery program]. The second item was to find my missing book [The Science of Getting Rich] by Wallace Wattles.

The third item was a missing necklace that I was concerned was left behind in some boxes when we moved a few months ago.

I quickly thought about all three items and then really focused on the first one. I thought that I would find item one and then visualize then next and so on. Literally, the minute after I got up from visualizing finding item one, there was my Wallace Wattles book just sitting there on the floor by my bed. My thought was, “ok this is fun.” Then within a minute of picking up the book I remembered a small box I had put under the bench at the foot of my bed and I looked in the box and there was my necklace. Some back info on this item – I may have had some anger over the boxes getting left when we moved and just the day before I chose to release the anger. Within 15 minutes I had item 1 and 2.

As for my first item, it did not show up the first day or the second day. This morning I decided it was ok that I didn’t have it and I would go ahead and post my results. I got caught up and had to print something for my kids and realized there was no paper. I went to the garage to look for paper and opened a box, and TA-DA there is my Hidden Treasures book.

The moment I decided that it was ok that I didn’t get all three items, I could feel myself relax. I felt that it was that release that allowed it to be found.

Her letting go and relaxing was key to accomplishing her goals. It is a very important element of Rare Faith, to visualize what you want, and to completely let go of how it is going to show up. That is the Rare Faith part of the equation. She did not worry that she was visualizing wrong, or not trying hard enough. She visualized and then trusted it would show up. When things started showing up out of order and the timing was not what she expected, she didn’t worry. She stayed calm and watched what happened.

Well done, June!

Shortly after, her sense of humor came out. She sent me this personal message:

I just wanted to let you know that I took the module 13 quiz 37 times. I almost emailed you asking if there was a problem with the quiz. I just new I was right, so clearly I wasn’t. After I got it right, it made sense to me. It was just one question that threw me off over and over and over again. I almost chose my phase 2 goal to create a Mindset Mastery support group for those who are losing their mind on quiz 13. 😂

I guess I get the award for “Most determined to be right.” 😃 – June

We’ve all been there, June. We’ve all been there. 🙂

In Phase 2, students set goals that have more significance. Here’s what June was inspired to do:

[My goal] was to create feminine kits for girls and find a local charity that would be interested in working with me. I was able to find a local charity that provides duffle bags for kids in foster care and they were excited to work with me and thought the kits were a great idea.

One of the skills that is taught in the Mindset Mastery program is the skill of using inductive reasoning. Or in other words, thinking truth in spite of appearances. This is an important skill to have when all of the data input appears as evidence that you will not accomplish what you set out to do. When we look too closely at this data, we can experience the terror barrier and abandon our visions. June hit a terror barrier when the data said that she was running out of time to meet her commitment.

She had this to say about the experience:

I had a goal set to deliver these kits to the charity by March 6 but come March 3 I didn’t have anything to give. I had to dig deep and pray and let myself be okay if I didn’t have them to give on the 6th. I really had to rely on the gestation process and just know that it would work out; and it did.

This goal taught me to be patient. It was 3 days from the day that I had committed to give them the kits and we still did not have the supplies to do it. I started to panic and thought that I should just buy the supplies but felt that was not the best way to go about it. I prayed and felt I needed to just let go and be at peace and remember the law of gestation. I let it go and …I was given the supplies we needed! Best of all, I was still able to donate them on the day we had committed.

My big take away was God is good! He took me farther than I thought I could go and really made up the rest. Next step is to find other charities I can work with locally and keep helping out.

When asked about what she would tell others who are facing fears she had this to say:

First, I would encourage them to answer any fears they have so that they are ok with the outcome no matter how it turns out. Second, I would encourage them to act on whatever they felt inspired to do.

This advice is so understated, but true and powerful. I have found that when I take a look at what I am afraid of and give that fear an answer, it loses power over me and my ability to move forward with faith. If you are facing a fear on uncertainty right now, I encourage you to experiment in the way June suggested. It may be just the thing you need to get you unstuck and back on the path of realizing the thing in life you’re hoping for.

As I stated before, June is a real go-getter. Students are only asked to set one goal in the Phase 2 section of the course. Once again, June set more than one. I loved hearing how sparks of inspiration flowed and how courageously she did unfamiliar things to get it done. Here is what she set out to do in her own words:

My goal was to write a program for helping women build self-confidence. This one stretched me because I didn’t feel like I was the right person to do this because it was something that I had struggled since I was 11 years old. But I felt inspired, so I did it anyway regardless of my constant nausea. This one required a lot of prayer and getting in tune to put together. I could tell when I was on the right frequency because I just knew what to write and what the steps were.

I did have to remind myself several times to do the what if’s and just answer the questions to get it out of the way so my brain could calm down. The program is written and now my daughter is going through it for me to help me work out the kinks. The next step is to get some beta testers to try it out.

When we let an idea ignite our genius and then settle into the flow of inspiration, great things can happen through us. Congratulations June, on finding lost items, facing terror barriers, and following your spark ideas! You are an Honors Mindset Mastery Graduate, and your Rare Faith is already a tremendous blessing to this world.

What’s YOUR story going to be? I want to see YOU graduate, too!

In the Mindset Mastery program, students are instructed on the laws and principles that activate unseen help. That unseen help orchestrates resources, connections, and/or impressions that nudge the students toward all they need to realize their goal. In Phase one, they practice what they’ve learned on an inconsequential goal – something NOT connected to anything they’re intensely concerned about. This helps them experience success without undue stress, to build the mental muscle memory they need to apply what they learn, and to succeed with a goal of greater significance in phase-two. Once they have experienced this pattern for themselves, students can apply the principles again and again for achieving any life goal they desire.

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