#2: How to RECEIVE

A few years ago I had a troubling experience with one of my readers. It was unbelievable – as you’ll soon find out. Through this experience, I learned a powerful lesson about “how to receive”.

Let’s talk about the piece that sometimes gets overlooked: your ability to receive what you’re asking for.

It takes a certain amount of faith to ‘receive’, and I’ll show you why.

The podcast above is an excerpt from my Mindset Mastery Program.

Listen to the podcast first ^^. When you’re done, I have the sample lesson in PDF format for you, as a thank you for all of the tremendous love and support I’ve felt from my readers since 2002. However, a few readers have been unable to “receive” this gift, because there is an “obstacle” that must first be “overcome.”

(Read through the reader’s comments section below to see what I mean.)

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Welcome to the Rare Faith Podcast where the solution to every problem is only an idea away, and where the same activity with just a little more awareness always yields better results. Award-winning best-selling author, Leslie Householder, brings some of her best information to this inspiring series of life-changing episodes that you won’t want to miss! Show notes for this episode can be found at ararekindoffaith.com


I’d like to share with you part of a lesson from my Transformational Mindset Mastery Program. The segment that I’m going to share with you begins in the middle of the lesson so brace yourself; we’re just going to jump right in.

Here’s another one of those Felicity tantrums I used to have. I guess deep down I thought that if I was victim enough someone would rescue me, but what I was doing all those years was looking outside of myself for the solution. The solution was inside of me all along but I didn’t know it, or at the very least, I didn’t know how to access it. There is a good woman who came to my website quite a few years ago. She wrote me long, descriptive emails composing volumes on how desperate and hopeless she felt, and because I wanted her to feel the same kind of relief I had found, I offered to send her a downloadable copy of the Jackrabbit Factor at no charge. Because of her story, I knew it would help her.

This was long before we had created a way for the document to be downloaded at no charge to the general public. She graciously accepted, so I located the file and sent the email.

A few weeks later she wrote me again, expounding volumes on how horrible things have been since she wrote and asking, pleading for advice. I asked her if she’d read the book and she said she’d been too depressed to read it but, would I please give her advice on what she should do? I advised her to read the book, but if I could have effectively summed the message of the book up I would have just said, “believe, dream, create”, but in her condition it would have been of no use. She needed to experience the entire process. She said she would.

Months later she contacted me again at the end of her rope, and desperate for advice. “Did you read the book?”

“I lost it. Will you please send it again? I’m really ready for a change in my life. I want to read the book.”
I sent it to her again and then she replied that it wouldn’t open. She was using web TV and couldn’t view PDF documents.

I did some research and directed her to a resource and explained how to enable her system to read PDF documents. It required a hard drive, which she didn’t have so I sent it to her in regular Word format. That didn’t work for her either, so I copied and pasted the entire document right into the email itself.

Each time she thanked me graciously and promised she’d read it but when she wrote again begging me for advice just a few weeks later, admitting that she’d been too depressed to read the book, I simply had to say, “Do not contact me again until you have read the book”. For her own benefit and my own self-preservation, I had to do it even though I felt sad to be so blunt.

A year went by. Finally she wrote again, “Dear Leslie, I don’t know if you remember me. I have written to you about the hardships of my life and my depression and anxiety. You out of the goodness of your heart sent me the Jackrabbit Factor to read because I am on disability and don’t have the money. I’m hoping you can send it again. I’ve looked and looked for it and apparently, it got deleted because of some complications with my computer. Please can you be so kind to send it again because I need to read it so much? Please get back to me. With much gratitude, Penny” (name has been changed).

I responded, “If I recall, you were unable to read a PDF document on your web TV. Am I right? It seems like my last question to you was asking if your web TV had a hard drive and PDF reader. Are you able to read PDF documents now?”

She replied, “I think so. Someone sent me an article in PDF format and I could read it. I would appreciate it if you could try to send it so I can see if it can get through. Thanks a lot for remembering. In appreciation, Penny.”

On the same day I sent her the PDF document I didn’t hear from her for eight more months until this arrived; “I hope you’ll remember me. I had a very bad setback. I am financially and emotionally in trouble. I am back on my computer again after months of not being able to. I was wondering if you can send me the Jackrabbit factor again? I promise this will be the last time I ask. I really want to read it because something is very wrong that I keep falling over and over in my life. Now I am at a standstill and wiped out by my problems. How do you change your life? I don’t know. I try to think positive but it doesn’t work. Please I hope you remember me. Can I really change this life of mine from being depressed, having no money, no love, no job no friends? I am at the bottom and want to go up. Sincerely, Penny.”

Curbing my natural reaction to throw up my hands and hoping to avoid the PDF problem again, I went ahead and sent it as a Word document. “It’s attached in a Word document. Hope it helps. Leslie.”

Two days later she wrote, “Dear Leslie, I don’t know if you remember me. My name is Penny. You have sent me for free your manuscript of the Jackrabbit Factor. I never got a chance to read it. My life fell apart even more. I couldn’t get on the web to read my emails and I am in the dumps and can’t get out. Every morning I wake up depressed feeling this is not the life I wanted. I’m 51 years old, have never been married, don’t have children, and this brings me down. I always wanted to be married and have children. I feel like my life is over and this is all I get. I’m on disability and have no clothes, can barely eat at times. I never thought at this age this is where I would be. I’m lonely, depressed, and in a pattern of negativity that I can’t get out of. Negative people come into my life and drag me down. I have a dream to be a writer and have so many ideas but I’m weighed down by my terrible past and the depressing present that I’m living. Please help. I feel like my life is over. Can you please send me the manuscript again? I will definitely read it. I don’t see any changes in my life. What is wrong? Why do bad things keep happening and why is it I am living in poverty? Thank you, Penny.”

On that same day I replied and copied the entire text of the book directly into the email body.

Two days later I received this message, “Hi again, I sent an email to you Leslie and you never answered. Please when you get the chance, would you kindly answer? I so would appreciate it! I hope you can help me. I really do! Sincerely, Penny”

Maybe you’re wondering why I put up with this for so long. Partly because a piece of me still remembered how it felt to feel like her, and caring, I truly wanted to help. “Penny, I have now replied three times. I am sorry if you are not receiving my messages. Let me know if you get this one. This is my last attempt. Leslie”

Two days later, “Dear Leslie, I will try again to send you this email. I have sent you an email and you never answered. Please can you answer me when you get the chance? I was asking for your help and hope you will be able to do this. I don’t know how to get from my troubled life to a better life and it terrifies me. Life is going so fast and I don’t want to be in the same place next year. Oh God, there has to be a way. Sincerely, Penny”

Oh, I have no address, no phone number, no other way to contact her except to reply to her emails and when they do not reach her there is nothing more I can do except pray for her. I hadn’t heard from her for so long that for her to show up again out of the blue, while I was in the middle of creating this course, I had to stop and wonder why. Is there a lesson for me in this? There is wisdom to be gained in every experience and nothing happens by accident, so what positive could be derived from the seemingly impossible negative experience?

While I’d prefer that she be the one to gain the lesson, I had to look inward and ask myself what lesson was in the experience for me? What was God trying to teach me through it all?

You see, what she learns from our interaction is not within my control. All I could do is wonder what positive lesson I could personally derive from my interaction with her. Now, I realize there is a shallow lesson to be learned and that is this; I can’t spend my time trying to save everyone from his or her problems. Another lesson that sits on the surface of this experience is that a person has to want it bad enough before they will do what it takes to change. She was asking a question, in both cases making a request, but ending them with a period. It is almost as though she didn’t expect a response. Her plea was not direct but rhetorical.

But then I discovered a deeper, more meaningful lesson after our last run of disconnected correspondence. Penny is reaching out for help. She is asking for it. She’s persistent. I believe I have a few answers that could help her. I’m willing to help. I care about her and want her to feel some new hope and a sense of relief. So what’s missing?

The element that is missing is her ability to receive.

No matter how much I want to help her, whether or not she receives is up to her and only her. Knowing that I have responded in the past, she contacted me with hope and expectation that I would respond again. That is a critical mindset for success. However, when the help didn’t show up like expected, instead of looking inward to find other ways to receive what she sought, she automatically assumed I was ignoring her, and that once again in her mind, nobody cares.

Believing that nobody cares, she eventually stopped trying. Instead of doing more of the same, more emails with the same request over and over, and expecting different results, she might have tried a different approach.

If she could have continued to hope for a response and expect it to come and believe that I want to respond her next email might have looked something like this: “Dear Leslie, you’ve been very generous and patient with me in the past. I believe you want to help me but for some reason I haven’t heard from you. Is everything okay? If you are having trouble reaching me perhaps you could try my phone number or mailing address. I’ll include it here, or even better yet, I will not trouble you again until I obtain a copy of the book from the library and read it cover-to-cover.”

See that? The solution to every problem is only an idea away but when we are thinking only about appearances, our mind shuts down to the very ideas that have the power to liberate us.

I can’t judge Penny too harshly anyway because I remember going through a similar experience waiting for permission from a well-known poet to use her writings in one of my publications. I contacted her multiple times hoping for an answer which never came. Finally, I sent another request only to receive her response. It looked something like this: “Leslie, I don’t know why you aren’t receiving my responses, but yes, you may have permission to use my writing in your publication. I have responded three times now. I hope you get this because this is my last attempt.”

Sound familiar? I was surprised to find out that the problem was not with her. The problem was with me. I was not receiving the messages she attempted to deliver.

Both of these experiences caused me to reflect on the way I approach God with my requests. Sometimes I hope for the requested blessing and sometimes I even expect it, but my grandest requests have only been granted after I believed in my heart that God genuinely wanted to help.

When I pictured him delighting in my progress and feeling joy sending me the blessings I sought, it helped me more naturally do the things I needed to do to receive the very things I asked for, the things he wanted me to receive all along.

If it didn’t arrive as expected, I didn’t take it to mean that he didn’t want it for me. I took it as a hint that I may need to do something more, something perhaps a little different. I can look back and recognize now that there have been times when I have begged for help, asking for it the same way over and over again without doing my part to make it possible for me to receive.

Believe that God wants your family to thrive. He wants you to be able to provide abundantly for your children or whoever depends on you for support. If that’s what he wants, maybe he’s already trying to send it to you but you haven’t done your part to receive. That’s like praying for rain without bothering to till the soil and plant the seed. All the rain the world won’t help a crop that hasn’t been sown.

When you expect success and it doesn’t come, instead of automatically saying “I guess it wasn’t meant to be,” open your mind to the inspiration that will lead you toward your next step in the process. Be patient or even perhaps to consider an alternative idea that God knows will bring you even greater joy than you can imagine. The answers to your dilemmas are inside of you.

Even when I coach people, I am NOT there to provide answers. I am there to draw the answers out of the client. I ask questions back to challenge his or her thinking and allow the client to come to his or her own conclusions. I am NOT a paid consultant, an expert who has all the answers. I am a coach, someone who helps her clients to find their own answers.

Can you see why that’s important? Remember what happened to the guy who jumped and barked thinking it would produce a rabbit? You’ve got to get used to the idea of following your own gut feelings, and remember, gut feelings show up almost imperceptibly causing you to move toward your goal, sometimes unconsciously, after you’ve established a clear, firm, committed intention to accomplish something very specific.

To have that kind of commitment literally opens the channels for inspiration and divine guidance whether or not you realize you’re being guided. Even this course [Mindset Mastery] is not meant to be an encyclopedia of answers to every question. It isn’t organized like a reference book. It’s a tool to get you thinking. The progressive flow of ideas it leads you through, is intended to help you open, or strengthen the channels of communication between you and your very own personal inner source for answers. Call it intuition, inspiration, the inner voice, a gut feeling, whatever best fits your point of reference. There is a wealth of information here, but context, timing, and application of ideas will be unique to each reader.

Hi, this is Leslie Householder again. Thank you for taking the time to listen to this excerpt from the Mindset Mastery Program. At the conclusion of the entire lesson Mindset Mastery Program participants are asked to go to their workbook to complete the next assignment, an experiential designed to help them internalize the ideas and see real results. Remember, just like with Penny, all of the hoping, wishing, praying, visualizing, affirming, and asking for better conditions, will do nothing but leave you frustrated unless you do your part to receive.

I look forward to helping you figure this out and helping you discover and find the courage given the excitement to do it. There are so many more rewards waiting for you than you have the capacity to accept, so let’s remove those blocks that keep you from becoming your best self and accomplishing all you want to achieve. Begin your journey now by visiting prosperthefamily.com. I look forward to working with you!


This concludes today’s episode of the Rare Faith Podcast. You’ve been listening to Leslie Householder, author of The Jackrabbit Factor, Portal to Genius, Hidden Treasures, Heavens Astonishing Help With Your Money Matters. All three books can be downloaded free at ararekindoffaith.com. So tell your friends and join Leslie again next time as she goes even deeper into the principles that will help you change your life.

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  1. Craig E Lewis

    Thank you Leslie, I have been working on my receiving for some time and I still find myself after the fact having missed seeing and receiving opportunities. That is just the few I have noticed.

  2. Jenne

    Thank you, Leslie, for the free lesson! I have been nosing back into my JRF stuff again after several years during which time I KNOW my thinking and functioning — and the thinking and functioning of others I have shared JRF with — have been positively shaped by your teachings. (I first learned about you and the JRF from a set of TJEd Forum audio downloads I purchased in 2010.) Very much appreciate the expansive gift you offer the world!

  3. Leanna Christensen

    Leslie Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I love all that you have taught me!! I have all your downloads and read the jackrabbit factor a couple of times. I am currently enjoying your Ecourse files. Thank you so much for all you do.

    PS is there a way I could pay for your premium mindset mastery special in 4 installments?

    1. Hi Leanna, I’m sorry we don’t have a 4-pay plan available at this time, but I will send out a notification in my newsletter if that changes. Thank you for your interest!

  4. Michelle Taylor

    Thank you Leslie for this audio and for all that you have written. 17 years of seeing my world in such a negative way has truly affected me as a person. I never was a really negative person growing up, and I had the kind of faith that you talk about. When I married my husband, we lived with his family, who were cynical and only saw “reality”. One day his dad told me that I lived in a queendom and the world doesn’t work the way I saw it. So, I started seeing the world through “reality” and it was dark and scary. So, over the years this became my new view. It feels so good to see, but to see with understanding the faith that I once had and how to make it work for me. I am excited to share this with others and help change lives!

    1. Amanda

      Thank you for sharing this and your books. I have all the free downloads, I also have purchased hard copies of your books and love to reread and mark them. What you teach and so clear and concise and the missing link in my personal development journey. Your company is so pleasurable to work with as well.

  5. Rosa Long

    I have a couple of friends that struggle with depression. I have tried and tried to help by giving them counsel in various ways but they don’t receive it and if they do, they are not willing to take action on it. I think they are so comfortable in their situation that are not ready to make the change and therefore, not able to receive the information I give them. It gives me the feeling of helplessness but I realize that I cannot change them. It is their decision/choice.

  6. Jonna States

    Thank you for your insight, Leslie. Feeling worthy to receive has been a roadblock for me all my life. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to change that.

  7. Alan Shield

    Sometimes we just need reminding. Thank you so much

  8. Lindsay

    Thank you Leslie for the audio and the PDF. I am so grateful for you and the light and knowledge you have brought into my life.

  9. Jerusha Smith

    I think the greatest thing about this podcast for me was the message that even though we give up on ourselves, God never gives up on us. You did all you could for Penny, she just had to receive, but even when she didn’t, you didn’t quit on her . . . although, she clearly had to do her part at one point because you could do no more. What a perfect example. It makes me think of all of the impatience we show others or situations, and how much patience would change the scenario for the better, one way or another. Penny clearly kept reaching out, but sometimes, like her, I have found my fists clenched in pain and frustration and I cannot receive. I love that you did not judge her–she had clearly already done that to herself, as do we all at times, don’t we?

  10. Donna

    Thank you. With gratitude forever for the changes I am seeing in my life.

  11. Jamee

    I’m chuckling. Very ironic and thought provoking.

  12. Jamee

    Thank you for the gift. I haven’t checked my email yet, so this is a thank you in advance. Merry Christmas! Jamee

  13. mabatho Kekana

    Thank you for the gift in advance. It sounds exciting. I know I sometimes feel guilty to receive but knowing the principal of receiving, i overide the guilt feeling. I don’t know if that is right. I’m hoping if I do it repeatedly the guilt will eventually go.

  14. Mary

    Dear Leslie,
    Thank you for this eye opening PDF. Within the first few minutes of reading it I realized that it was another blessing sent to me from my dear God!! Actually he has been doing that a lot lately!! The “nobody cares about me” part was the one I’m talking about!! The lessons you got out of the experience with the lady you are talking about, totally priceless not only for you but also for us who read the story!! I have a friend who sounds almost like her, full of negativity who blocks herself so much that she cannot let my advice reach her!! To tell you the truth, if she wasn’t my friend I would have quit on her long time ago. But I guess each and everyone of us comes to this life with an agenda!! We can try to help but cannot interfere with the others as long as they don’t want to be helped. But I did also my part with her, I’ve emailed her e-books, audios and even meditations to help her understand how this LOA works but I guess she’s not interested!! Exactly just like the lady of your story, she’s complaining each and every time I talk with her about how sick she is and how her life is so terrible!! Unbelievable!! Anyway, I am now in period of change in my life, I am about to start a new chapter in my life and I am so excited!! God is giving me his unconditional love support and care and I can feel it and see it in every way each and every day!! I am so grateful and thankful to him for that, I thank him all the time!! And I thank you for sending me this PDF which as I said is an eye opening one in so many ways!! Now I am looking forward to watch this new video you sent me! Ian pretty sure is going to be as good as the PDF!! I’ll let you know what I think of it off course. Bye for now, greetings, Mary .

  15. Marie

    Goods to you

  16. miso

    Thak You very much.

  17. Geneva Gallander

    I truly enjoyed reading the information given here. It does appear that one of Life’s greatest obstacles, IS learning how to be willing to receive answers, to be willing to look within at our own thought processes and learn how it is that as individuals we are the one who is not open and receptive to God’s Infinite Wealth and Abundance. The one thing that I might add, is that it is not anyone’s fault for not having this Knowledge – because from birth we have been programmed to believe this way. The Key comes when we are ready and willing to accept the Idea that it is always God’s Divine Will , Plan and Purpose for Everyone to Be Joyfully Happy and Fulfilled.
    Thank You for your time and effort in helping others to Be Open to Receive.

  18. lesa hammond

    Thank you so much for your gift to help me recieve. This is such a blessing, I send to you pure source love and light! Thank you so very much for your kindness. Lesa Hammond

  19. Rachael Allred

    Thank you for allowing me to listen to your positive words. I have realized that I am more powerful than I ever imagined. I have always believed that my Heavenly Father is all-knowing, loving, and has provided me with many blessings, but I have realized that I have possibly not allowed Him to bless me as much as He is willing. Thanks!!

  20. Tamara

    Dear Leslie,
    I received your free gift and it was an quite an eye opener! I have been studying energy healing for many years now and it became very obvious early in your narrative that Pennys negative energy and beliefs about her life literally prevented her from “receiving” the message that would create change. Literally. She mentioned many times that she “never got the email”. As I read the comments below there were many that were quite similar. Several people mentioned that passwords did not work, or they never got the email. They have similar issues going on that Penny did. The energy they are radiating about their lives, whether conscious or unconscious is literally blocking enlightenment and change from coming to them. It is evident in every case that these individuals want change, but that is not enough.
    A few years ago God showed me the reason most people are unable to receive. It is found in a scripture. He says “Ye endeavored to receive the blessing which was offered unto you; but behold, verily I say unto you there were fears in your hearts, and verily this is the reason that ye did not receive”. D&C 67:3
    The “fears” (and beliefs) he is talking about are things like “I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, Good things never happen to me, Life is hard, Life is a struggle, I’ll never have enough, Things will never change, Money is the root of all evil, (and infinite variations of these beliefs). My particular variation of the “money is the root of all evil” belief consisted of being afraid that if I had money I would become prideful and that would distance me from God. I didn’t want that to happen, so that hidden fear kept me very poor for the longest time. I had many other fears in addition to that one, but like you said, the answer to my struggles was inside of me. I had to ferret out those beliefs and fears, which were very subconscious, and as I did so things began to change dramatically for me. The same experience awaits anyone who will take the time and effort to look inward for the answers. pay attention to the “feelings” they experience about money and lack of success. These “feelings” (and it is most likely a fear of some kind or another) will lead you to the blocks that are stopping your success. God said it in scripture, and I add my witness to it, that “fears in your hearts” (the subconscious mind) is the reason most people are unable to receive what they want. Money or otherwise.

  21. Tommy

    I have always been independent doing things for myself. I was always reluctant to accept any act of charity or free gift. I now know that when we pray for something GOD will bring it about and we must be ready and be prepared to accept it from what ever source it comes. We learn that if we ask GOD He will provide. The Bible says: Ask and he will receive, Seek and he will find, Knock and it will be open unto you.
    As you say, we MUST look inside of ourselves to accept graciously for what we receive. I must just have more Faith that the universe will provide my needs. As we read, Whatsoever you ask for in my namy, believing you will receive it, it will be granted unto you.
    Thank you Leslie, I find your writings very beneficial for me and spiritually uplifting. May GOD Bless you and may you continue to reach out to the people who seek your counsel and advice.
    Yours sincerely,

  22. Misty McNeeley

    Patience and understanding is something you defiantly posses! It does make sense, your endurance to help her; you’re a caregiver, naturally. Some people do that through physically helping the elderly or mentally challenged, but you do it through helping people’s emotions and thought life. You encourage the natural power we all encompass. Thank you for that! Learning to be open to seeing the gift or the steps to take to see the gift is defiantly a challenge…though every person that “found” you and your work was open to receiving (at least at this stage). Excellent words of guidance to keep us open to the answer.

  23. Lorna Kay

    Thank you for this audio and the time that it took to prepare it. I appreciate the lesson of receiving that was explained this unit. I know that there are many places in my life that I could be more aware in what I am choosing to not receive. I can only imagine how much the Lord has attempted to give me, but I have been deep in my trench of life and did not look up to see the gift. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  24. Michael

    First I wonder if I possess the patience you had with this woman so I would have learned the lesson. If we look for the people we need daily, they will present themselves. This morning another discovery was a blog of all the excuses we give ourselves which are BS. Thanks so much for your view which simplifies what so many seem to like to complicate.

  25. Sarah Contreras

    I’ve read through most of your amazing gift, I’m so grateful for your willingness to share! I found it interesting how it took work to finally be able to read it, I’m looking forward to accepting gifts more openly. My husband and I are trying so hard to change our course in life and you have given us so much assistance in your wise words. I’m looking forward to signing up for your 12 week program and eventually getting me and my husband to a three day workshop! Thanks for the peace you’ve introduced in my heart and life!


  26. Sarah Contreras

    I really want to download the article you have given for free but can’t get my password to work! Thanks for your help!

    1. Leslie

      Hi Sarah,

      Try counting the number of characters in your password before hitting “submit”. Sometimes an extra space is added to the end, which shows up like a dot, which you’ll want to delete before proceeding. There should only be 8 characters in your password.

  27. Leslie

    Someone just emailed me with their response to this, and gave me permission to copy it here. He said:

    I appreciate your perspective. Thanks for the free audio of how to receive. I have made the best positive change in my life when I applied the advice as I would give to my best friend. I have coached people like you presented who really didn’t want to be helped. It has to come from within themselves to really want to change and overcome their inner fears to see that life can be better. The old saying goes “you cannot push a rope” Sometimes you can inspire them to pull the rope. But you cannot push them to change.

    Thanks again.
    Mr. Kit Koker

  28. Denise Rolland

    Thank you Leslie for your inspiring insight! I’m so looking forward to joining the monthly club.
    I devoured the Jack Rabbit Factor, it was such an awesome book!
    Thank you,
    Denise :p

  29. Jan

    Just listened to the audio. (anxious to read the pdf. I giggled when I learned that the lady had WebTV. boy do I understand what problems she had. because when I was living in Bountiful, that is the system our family had. The tv is the screen, with a keyboard and a tiny little box that sits on top of the tv. It was frustrating because it was limited in many things that we could do with it. It is very liberating now that my new husband has introduced me to the world of “real” computers, to the point where, I have actually taught him a thing or two on how to navigate and find things. Thank You so much for all you do, it is gratefully appreciated.

  30. patti

    Hi Leslie
    Thank you for your free gift. I’ve read the Jack Rabbit and I’ve a had a couple of small successes, my biggest problem with it is myself I put off till tomorrow what I should do today. I signed up for the Jack Rabbit ecourse on May 24th but have only gone over the first 3 lessons. Time for me to step up and do today what I should have done yesterday.
    Thank you

  31. Brenda addison

    It wouldn’t let me in to listen to the audio. Didn’t recognise my email and passwors

    1. Leslie

      Thanks for letting me know, Brenda – I just checked your username and password and it worked for me – this usually means that when the password was copy/pasted into the password field, the system mysteriously added an extra space at the end, which immediately appears to be a dot like the rest of the characters in the password, so it’s not obvious that it was added. Try deleting the last dot before submitting it. There should only be 8 characters in the password, not 9. Let me know if you need further assistance. Thanks! Leslie

  32. anuradha

    Dear Leslie,
    I don’t seem to be able to access the resource on” How to receive” because the page does not accept any more orders.
    Perhaps your stock is exhausted? I live in India where its night and I’m asleep when America is awake and so perhaps that’s how I have missed the offer. Can you please help?

  33. Phil

    Thank you, Leslie, for the audio. It’s much appreciated. There’s a bit of “Penny” in each of us. Your teaching helps to recognize it. It’s difficult to help anyone who doesn’t want to help themself. That can be extremely frustrating. Your audio helps to recognize when it’s time to move on and receive more of what is there for me. Again, Thanks!

  34. Pip

    1rst i want to say thank you very much for all you do. I found the recording very interesting and thought provoking. I know I am working on the Law of Allowing/Receiving and it is challenging. I feel I can use this example to assist me in my own life. Again thank you.

  35. Debbie Jewett

    Thankyou for sharing. I am learning self confident behaviors to achieve my dreams.

  36. Ruth

    Thank you for your lovely gift. Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas. Love and blessings, Ruth

  37. Khali

    What a great story! I remember reading it, previously…about 4 years’ ago, and I thought, then, that it had sunk in, but evidently not! I can SO relate to it…and it has prompted me to take action, this morning, on something that was staring me in the face to do and I had been procrastinating on it. It hadn’t registered with me that it had shown up in answer to my repeated request (prayer?) because it didn’t look the way I expected it to look. I have known for many years that I have a problem with receiving and I am still struggling with it. Many thanks indeed for your kind and generous free download. It’s been very helpful and I am hoping that, this time, I don’t ever forget it! Bless you! Much love and a big hug, Khali

  38. Lisa Howe

    Leslie, I am sending you this message from my heart because words are not enough. I hope you have a quick second to feel how I feel about you sharing life lessons that will bring us closer to our Father in Heaven while making our life on earth more heavenly. Lisa

  39. Alphonse Tirkey

    I look for life-enriching readings. I find them in your communcaions. I do not go for purchases as I do not hold any personal account. I am very grateful to your free gift.

  40. Nancy

    Thank you! Looking forward to reading (and listening)!

  41. andrea snyder

    Thank you Leslie! I always enjoy reading and/or listening to your ideas.

  42. Dian Barnhart

    Very in-sight-ful. Thank you!

  43. Rachel

    Initially, ran into obstacles but was able to download, and I was really impacted by the whole experience, thanks for sharing, the lesson in patience, perspective, and action, was totally impact-ful and much needed and appreciated much Mahalo!

  44. Vicki

    Thank you for the gift. It will help me in what I am asking for now. What you said and the ironic replies remind me to always look for different ways in getting what I need.

  45. Ayleen

    I entered my information on your shopping cart page yesterday, but still have not received an email with a link for the download.

    1. Ayleen

      Sorry, I just found it in my junk mail.
      Thank you for your gift,

      1. Leslie

        Hi Ayleen,

        Thanks for letting me know. I’ve checked the system and it says it was sent to you about 2 hours after you requested it. Maybe it’s in your junk mail? Look for this subject line:
        “Your Gift – The Complimentary FTMF Lesson”. I’ll also try sending your login info directly to your email. Let me know if you continue to have trouble.

        Thanks! Leslie

  46. Anne

    Thank you so much Leslie. I have heard this before but had forgotten. It was exactly what I needed at this time. I thought that I understood it when I heard it the first time but it has greater meaning for me today. I intend to use it immediately. Thank you again.

  47. sheryl hansen

    Thanks for the gift. It came just when I needed it most.

  48. Ron

    Dear Leslie,

    Thank you for the email re: The IRONY. I had read those comments after listening to the mp3 recording. It brings to mind the old saying; you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. You provided the water and even the means on how to get the water at no cost yet still they wouldn’t drink.

    A similar situation happened with me and my students at a college I used to teach at in China. I placed a 100 RMB note ($12.00) in my hand, held it out and told the students that it was free. Several times over the course of 10 minutes I repeated that it was free. Sadly no one came to take the note.

    Not one of them was open to receiving that which was freely given. Now you have Lee, it was free but wouldn’t place the order. George was looking for details on something that was freely given. It could be that he never learned the phrase; never look a gift horse in the mouth. Finally Lou simply failed to read the instructions, gave up and let opportunity pass by. Just like my students, all they had to do is simply step up and receive that which was freely given. A simple lesson for us all.

    Have a wonderful and blessed day.

    Best regards,

    Pstr Ron Dotson
    A.F.H. Kidz Home

  49. Karma

    I am not able to access the recording even though I logged in using the password I have been given! I have tried several times and it doesnt work 🙁 Thank You!

    1. Leslie

      Hi Karma,

      I just tried your username and password and it seemed to work okay…

      I’ve noticed that sometimes when I copy the password, sometimes it adds an extra space at the end which turns into a dot like the rest of the password after you paste it into the password field. If you are unable to log in, try deleting the last dot before submitting. Or count the number of dots first and make sure there are 8 characters.

      Let me know if you continue to have trouble.



  50. Paul

    Thank You, Leslie.
    I was checking my junk mail constantly and never saw anything from you. I appreciate you going out of your way to help. I truly believe that our teachers show up when we need them and you’ve proved me right.

    Years ago I was successfully practicing the principles you taught in The Jackrabbit Factor. Then, somehow, I drifted off course and it’s been tough getting back (although I’m had some minor successes).

    Each time I read something along this line, each time I get to talk to someone of like mind, my resolve to get back to where I once was grows stronger.

    Thank You. May the Source be with you

  51. Paul

    It’s not working. I put in my address and phone number (why??), got a new page that said to check my email. It’s been several hours and….nothing.
    I guess I wasn’t meant to have this audio clip.

    1. Leslie

      Hi Paul, my system said it sent it to you at 2:00 pm – not sure if that’s Eastern time or your local time. The subject line says, “Your Gift – The Complimentary FTMF Lesson”. Check your junk mail just in case…

  52. Debbie

    This is me. I have been blocking my own success and happiness. Thank you!

  53. Paula

    H Leslie,

    I enjoyed the audio very much and I get what you are saying about the irony, as I have read the comments. Funny. Anyway, I have also read the Jack Rabbit and I have to say it is one of the most eye opening reads. You are a very special person and I thank you for all the things you have sent me, and I enjoy your work.
    Love, Light and Gratitude

  54. Leslie

    Just wanted to thank LL for her suggestion that I REVERSE the order of these posts to show to the most recent ones first.

    So if you’re looking for the IRONIC posts mentioned in your email, just SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM.

  55. mary

    Looking foward to the lesson of receiving.

  56. LL

    Hi Leslie,
    I filled out the shopping cart information yesterday and I did it again today (twice) and still haven’t received the link to the audio. I even checked my spam filter. I can see that others have “received”, but I guess I still have a “block” somewhere :). Let me know if there is something else I need to do. Perhaps it’s because I’m already an FTMF Program member? Thanks!

    1. Leslie

      Hi LL,
      I just checked my system and it says it sent you the email on 9/2 at 6:14 pm, and that you opened it on 9/3 at 1:20 pm (I believe those are eastern time stamps). The email subject line said this: “Your Gift – The Complimentary FTMF Lesson”. Are you saying that the link inside the email didn’t work for you? If you need further assistance, reply to any of the emails you received from me and let me know. I’m happy to help you figure this out… 🙂

      1. LL

        Thank you Leslie!
        I really appreciate how quickly you responded! I found the email and received the lesson. I’m so grateful you reminded me of this lesson. I am a member of the FTMF and I remember listening to this audio a while back. I remember thinking “I get it” the first time I listened, but this 2nd time around was so much more profound. For anyone considering Leslie’s home study courses, I highly, highly recommend them. I especially encourage the on going monthly programs because it keeps you connected and accountable. These are life changing messages and I’m living proof that we should always be reminding ourselves of these great lessons. It’s not just a one time audio, workbook assignment, webinar, etc…, these messages should be a part of our ongoing lifestyle. We all need an accountability coach to continue reminding us of all the wonderful things life has to offer if we simply believe, are open to receive, and take action. Thanks again Leslie!

  57. Amy

    Hi Leslie I was very inspired and intrigued by your message . I am currently working on a cd on perspective and would love to interview you ! where do i contact you ? Amy Thanks

  58. Tina

    Thank you Leslie. Guess it’s time I re-examined wheteher am always taking the necessary action when required so that I can receive what ought to be mine.

  59. Melodie Tracy

    I have purchased the books, Jack Rabbit Factor, Hidden Treasures, The Family Time & Money Freedom Course in July of 2009 [renamed later to Mindset Mastery] and then this year the Jack Rabbit Factor Portal to Genius. I have read all three books once and the Jack Rabbit Factor at least 3 times. I got started on the Home Course when I first bought it and then my computer crashed so I lost my contact with you until I started receiving the newsletters again. (I was without a computer for a while) I have made several attempts to accomplish this Course with no success. I love the messages you share and I know that what is taught is true. I have received some small accomplishments so I know it works. I wish I knew how to really get into this and finish the course. I know it is my own doing – I guess I am just a slow learner. Thanks for this Gift it really gave me some more insight into the wonderful laws and how they work in our lives. I know one day I will be successful and accomplish this course. I am excited to get started with this again after reading this material. Thanks for all the Love you put into your work. I am grateful for all the teacher that come into my life to teach me a better way. May all that hear you reap the benefits from the gifts you are sharing. Thanks for everything you have given to me. Melodie

  60. Teresa Smithson

    Thanks for the gift – its very enlightening!

  61. Maria

    Thanks for sharing this interesting perspective with me. It’s helpful to consider that my Higher Power may be trying to bless me with what I need, but I’m just not receiving it on my end. I’ve been mulling over this exact issue in my mind lately…I’m glad this bit of guidance flowed into my space and helped me understand how to work with my Higher Power in a more effective, trusting, and faithful way.

  62. Nancy

    Giving and receiving are a cyclical cycle. One cannot simply give without receiving. That stops the flow. As does receiving all the time without giving. We must be generous in giving and equally generous in allowing others to give TO us and being gracious receivers. There needs to be a balance between giving and receiving in our lives. Thank YOU, Leslie, and allowing me to learn to receive. Looking forward to becoming generous in receiving as well as giving.

  63. Ron

    Dear Leslie,

    Thank you for sharing. It’s quite true, we block the answers and help provided by others simply by not expecting to receive it. Hearing the story regarding Penny, it is sad that she was given the answer but never took the time read it and implement it into her life.

    Even though some people do not have the resources to purchase the full Jackrabbit Factor, you provided a version for free. It is still up to the individual to download it, read it and then put into practice. Sadly those that need it the most are those that fail to do exactly that. Penny being a case in point.

    We all have problems and trying times in our lives this is a fact of life. When we have a problem we need to asses it and then plan our course of action. We can either go around it to the right or left. Climb over it or go under it but should all else fail, get out the pick and shovel and dig into it and find the gold mine therein. How many of us have a gold mine staring us in the face if we would but only dig into it? Thanks Leslie for the gold mine you provided.



  64. Rick Voss

    Hi Leslie
    I was very impressed with the teaching that you do and the things you have learned. I was sorrowed to hear of your melt down last year but we always must learn our lessons some how. Keep helping and believing and all will be well. Love Rick

  65. Anna

    Hi Leslie
    Thanks for the audio. Sounds a lot like me – always asking for help but somehow never managing to receive it. People tell me what to do, but it’s just words, I can’t understand them properly. It’s like when you say red, I think I know what you mean, but I’m seeing a whole other colour. This makes me want to try harder to receive (yes, I know that’s missing the point!) I can’t imagine the pain getting any worse so I will actually change, it’s bad enough already, but I know I’ve said that at least 5 times in my life before, and it always has, but I still seem incapable of change – or letting go perhaps. I feel less alone now (tho still frustrated!!)
    I’m a little surprised I got it, this computer can be picky about anything free – maybe because it went through a shopping cart it worked.
    Kind regards

  66. Khali

    Wonderful! This SO hit home. Bless you and thank you!

  67. Amy

    Ok, Leslie, I clicked on the link and filled out the order form. Thank you for the heads-up on how to get the download. I might be the kind of person who would get confused by the shopping cart appearing- if you hadn’t explained how to get the download. The problem was- as I see it- that your readers were expecting to get an immediate download, and probably didn’t read the part about the shopping cart. When they got to the shopping cart, they didn’t see that the download was free. I think this is what you mean about not being in a position to receive. If you are expecting to have trouble with the download, then you may find a way to make that trouble appear!

  68. Sharon

    Thanks so much for writing your inspiring book. It is wonderful to learn things in story form. As for doing all you can and then having faith that things will work out, I couldn’t agree more though I always find it hard to do myself, but there have been many times when I could’nt find a way and “gave it over” and the universe found a way. Thanks for the reminder.

  69. Nuno

    Thanks for the audio its really a life changer.

  70. Suzanne

    Leslie, Thank you for posting this free gift at this precise moment. The timing is interesting for me. I have recently written programmes that I know people will benefit from, yet I have been unsuccessful in their uptake. It would make a remarkable difference to my life if people were to commit. I will now look at how willing I have been to receive this success. Kind Regards. Suzanne

  71. Chris

    Great message, Leslie. I’m pretty sure I’ve played the role of Penny over and over again as I’ve plead for help and deliverance. If I may wax philosophical, sometimes it seems that the Spirit quietly whispers the possibilities of the future to our hearts, and so we pray for them. But then we look at what we just prayed for and think, “There’s NO WAY I’m good enough for that, or that something so wonderful could come to me. I just don’t deserve it yet.” In essence, we believe in what is possible, but not that it truly is possible for us…at least not right now. My failure to resolve this tension by my own actions has led to a month of homelessness for my family, where we have gotten through only on the mercy and charity of family and friends. Thankfully, that month ends next week, and I have a new feeling of gratitude about things I once took for granted.

    As I have thought about my experiences these past few months – having extremely high hopes and then watching as nary a single one came to pass – I have come to at least one important conclusion. Sometimes, just maybe, God shows us what is possible before we are ready for it to become reality, and lets us go for it. So we try to put into practice all the principles that lead to success. But when it doesn’t happen – and when everything seems to go totally wrong – we have a choice as to how we see it. It’s tempting to decide that God isn’t real or that He doesn’t actually love us, and sulk in the corner (or rage in the streets) filled with bitterness. But I think that these “failures” may be nothing more than trial runs, opportunities to learn, grow and be more prepared for what He has in store. At least, I’d like to think that’s true as I sit here at my friend’s dinner table, homeless.

    Thank you again for your message, your books, and all you have shared with us. I hope I am humble enough to truly live what you teach – and to fully accept those whisperings the next time I pray.

  72. Wilma

    Thank you Leslie, I just finished listening to Chap 10 of the FTMF program. Wow! What an eye opener for me. I learned a lesson today, I must open myself up to receive. I will now use the lessons learned to better myself for my family, and to help others along my journey. Thank you very much.

  73. Lila Carol

    “You have more rewards waiting for you than you have the capacity to accept,” Rewards or blessings, this is so true. I am single, on a long-term spiritual path, and immensely appreciate the higher values and thinking you sustain in whatever I have heard from you so far. I am employing an alcoholic and find myself often having an inner argument between directly addressing the topic and just having good wishes and faith for her acceptance to change. It is so good to have the latter approach so clearly confirmed.

  74. Leah

    Thank you for your gracious gift. I realized while reading that I was previously unaware of two things that happened today that were a significant mind shift in my husband and I am grateful that your gift enabled me to see that, and appreciate it. I did not realize previously that I had not been allowing myself to receive. How much bigger my world has suddenly become! Many, many thanks for your thoughtful presentation. Looking forward to participating in FTMF program.


  75. Laura Newman

    Hi Leslie. Thanks for the free gift. The story was fabulous, and I learned lots from it. Learning how to receive is crucial to also learning how to ask. Thanks for all the wonderful material, especially The Jack Rabbit Factor book…..I LOVED IT !

  76. Sabrina

    Saying this audio was eye-opening doesn’t do it justice. I found myself getting a bit irritated listening to the emails from your reader. I couldn’t figure out what in the world was her problem. Now I see that I too have the same issue. Thank you for showing me that I too have an issue of receiving. GOD’s grace is all-sufficient, but I can’t receive it if I can’t receive it! God bless you.
    P.S. Thank you for this gift. May you be blessed abundantly for it.

  77. Kasey

    And just as I posted my comment, I looked across the top of the blog and saw that ‘Jackrabbit’ can be downloaded from there!

    Thanks again.

  78. Kasey

    Hi there.

    I just wanted to say thank you for your gift and that I had no trouble at all receiving it – just followed the instructions! Yes, I got the irony of the first couple of replies you received!

    I downloaded and read Jackrabbit Factor (tell me, is that what we in Britain call a hare?) and may or may not have been able to save it on my laptop – will have to look through my saved downloads to see. However, for me, just the excerpt is reminder enough for me even if I don’t find the complete book!

    Like Richard in the story, I am in a place where I know what I want (to make a comfortable living, to be able to help family/friends, to meet my soul mate, etc.) but I don’t quite know what it is work- or career-wise that I want to do to achieve that part. The soul mate part, well, I’m trusting that he is there waiting! Therefore, I am going to use the same principle for the work part – trust that the right career path is there for me and all I have to do is be open to any opportunities that crop up along the way. Meantime, I’ll carry on with what I’m doing now, which is managing to pay my mortgage and meet other bills that may crop up – and, for the most part, enjoying the journey, even though I haven’t got a clue where it’s taking me!

    Some time ago, I copied, pasted and printed out the below and hope it’s all right (as in, not illegal) for me to represent it here. It is hung on my wardrobe so that I can read it every morning/night/whenever I am in my bedroom:

    “Trust that everything is unfolding the way it is supposed to.
    Don’t resist. Surrender to what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be.
    BE PATIENT. Great things are waiting around the corner.”

    This is what I try to do whenever I start to feel a smidgeon of doubt or frustration. No, I don’t know what career path will lead me to my ultimate goal of making a comfortable living, etc., but it’s out there and I will come across it, either by accident or design! I have to trust that it will be a career that I will enjoy, too!

    Thanks again, Leslie.

  79. Dorothy

    LOL! That one really resonated … I seem to be having the same issue with someone about a course I’d like to attend. And I’m wondering if it’s me that’s not receiving, as I don’t seem to be getting any reply from her. Hmm, I wonder what the lesson is?

  80. Becca

    Thank you for your gift. Ironically this was available to me just when I really needed to hear it. I am working hard to change my thought patterns when an event came before me to block my progress and I am understanding that I am not letting myself believe that God wants me to be happy. I keep asking for the same things over and over and I am not doing my part or believing and digging deep in myself to find other solutions to the problem. Thank you again for your words sent from God to help me continue to move forward.

  81. Martin

    Les, Indeed what a powerful lesson. I cant imagine whether I myself would have been patient like that.
    Otherwise this lesson powerfully showed me how to seek for the good/learning experience in each situation we face.
    Thanks a lot
    Best Regards
    Kampala, Uganda

  82. Liza

    This story really got me thinking about how many times I have recieved an answer from God and wasn’t aware. I have been personally working on receiving better. Just yesterday someone offered to give me a small fancy table easle for a picture I wanted to display. I declined her offer saying I will just go buy one for myself. Then I felt a nudge of awareness that this is a perfect opportunity to practice the law of receiving. I then accepted her gift graciously. I am grateful for this opportunity I was given to practice receiving.
    Thanks, Leslie for your strong voice of truth in the world today!

  83. Esther

    Thank you for your generous gift. You were really very very patient with Penny. What opened my eyes was the idea that the experience had something to teach you as well. The idea that we need to learn to receive is a new idea to me. Your audio lesson was very clear and easy to understand. I have read the Jackrabbit Factor and I love it.

  84. Oliver

    Hey Leslie, the being ready to recieve audio, was really excellent. Thank you so much for sending. The 1st time i heard about you was a couple of weeks ago, when you offered a free video,which too was awaesome…Well most of it was..buttowards end i thought it got a bit “salesey” jargony:-).But overall, i am really impressed and will soon read more of your stuff,get the jack rabbit book etc. You are an awesome communicator by the way. Really good. Oliver

  85. Jana

    It is so true, we so want someone to just tell us what to do to make our lives wonderful (like they have the magic secret!) instead of looking inside for our own truth that is there just for us and our own unique circumstances. We must learn how to fish so we can manage and change as needed throughout our life.

  86. seo

    I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else knows such details about my trouble. You are wonderful! Thanks!

  87. Peter

    Hello Leslie,
    Such ist life and it all boils down to one thing: “You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped”. Sometimes people are so conceeded that they think and act as though everybody else is supid, what they think and how they do it is the only right way in the Universe. In their seldom moments of a clear mind they call upon others to solve their problems, but moments later their accustomed behaviour prevails and no effort can help them. If there were only updates available for those people, much suffering and pain on side those who, in spite of everything, care for those people could be saved. Sometimes people just don’t see and don’t want to see what they are doing wrong, working for the benefit of their own damage.

    For all the others, please continue the wonderful work you are doing!


  88. Jenean

    Thank you for the audio gift. I especially appreciate you ability in looking inward to see what it taught you. I have a goal I have been praying for for 3 years now, and it really made me stop to think that maybe I need to look more closely at how I am asking, what is blocking me from receiving it and if there is something more I need to do in order to receive it.

  89. Misty

    Leslie thank you for this gift. I really and truely appreciate it. I did want to share something with you that I got from reading another book and that you have touched on here, “Now I realize, there is a shallow lesson to be learned, that is this, I can’t spend my time trying to save everyone from his or her problems.”
    I was reading a book where they were talking about the story of the good samaritan. The discussion was if we are to be as the good samaritan, who do we help? After talking about different kinds of people one person says “we are to help everyone”. Now I do not beleive it is for us as individuals to help everyone in this world. But the idea touched on in the book, is that our hearts need to be “willing” to help everyone so that when we are the ones God calls on we will heed the call and respond.
    Now I beleive that this goes further than just this story and in this context. I beleive this applies to everything you are teaching and everything I am currently learning. That our hearts need to be “willing” to receive, to trust, to beleive, to forgive, to heal, to change, to learn, to grow, to serve, to work, to be patient, to be diligent, to take action, etc. so that God can work through us to bring about whatever is needed.
    Another thing the book discussed is that in all that the good samaritan does, he does not stay. He provides the means for the man to receive help and then goes on his way. He does not try to do that which he is not able to do. He only does what he is asked, what is within his abilities at that time and leaves the rest to God.
    Besides, saving everyone is Gods job anyway. We just get to be the witness to His great works or be the hands working.
    God bless you on your journey.

  90. Mindy

    Thank you so much for the free gift!!! It was an amazing story. I am amazed at how Father spoke to me throughout the reading of the story reminding me of these things which He had already tried to teach me many times. I now see these principles with greater clarity and am excited to begin to put them into practice.

  91. John

    Thank you for the gift.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed The Jack Rabbit Factor, The Portal to Genius, Hidden Treasures and the other materials I have received from you. They are what it took to get me to finally realize that The Science of Getting Rich wasn’t a bunch of baloney, but rather a truly inspired book based on God’s eternal principles. That insight is still changing my life.

    Your story of Penny reminds me of a similar needy woman who has been in and out of my life for the past year, or so. She cries aabout her destitution, but refuses to follow any advice or take any action to improve her situation. She seems to revel in her situation in a perverse way. I need to re-examine the situation and look closely to see what God is trying to teach me.

    Thanks again.

  92. Kaylynn

    I was just listening to your excerpt from the lesson on how to receive – so nice to have some of those things downloaded on my phone. Just want to tell you again how much I appreciate you and give gratitude to God for sending me guidance through you. I so love how you compare your experiences in the world to your relationship with God — and I find myself doing the same thing. Below is an email I sent to one of my FFT coaches — I thought you would enjoy it. Nothing you don’t already know, of course (alot of my realizations come from you anyway), but it was a fun thought path for me 🙂

    –A few months ago my boss and I were discussing some frustration we’ve had over the last several months with getting our staff on board with the changes that need to be made at our organization. There are some significant things that have to be accomplished in order for us to be compliant with government regulations in the next few years, and we have a team of people acting as the ‘central design team’ to make sure the right processes are being changed or implemented to ensure our success as an organization. Our biggest frustration, though, is with the continued fighting, stubbornness, and unwillingness to cooperate that we get from key people in the organization — and this infects alot of the rest of the staff, which really hinders our ability to move forward. It seems that no matter how we try to communicate upcoming changes, the requirements we have to fulfill, the education that needs to be provided, everyone has this attitude of ‘well, no one ever told ME that’, and ‘you make decisions and changes without involving anyone else’, or, my favorite ‘what are YOU going to do to make that work for ME?’– the list just keeps going. Basically, unless we have a face-to-face discussion with each individual, their excuse for non-compliance is simply that they were never informed–and the general attitude is ‘if I just resist it or ignore it long enough, eventually it will go away’. Our response to that is getting ever more unsympathetic — we have provided plenty of opportunities for people to become educated, aware, and involved. But as long as they stick to their excuses, they figure they can avoid responsibility. And for many, the fact that they choose not to read their email somehow becomes our problem — in their eyes. So very frustrating.

    As we were talking about this, the thought came to me — I bet God gets frustrated with me for some very similar attitudes sometimes. And I imagine I’m not the only one. I believe every person has everything they need at any given moment to move from where they currently are to a place that is closer to Him — closer to true self, truth in itself, happiness, success and contentment. There is always enough to take the next step in the right direction. And that’s really the only step we need to worry about — just the next one. The problem is that most people choose to play the ‘I didn’t know that’ or ‘everything is out of my control’ or ‘this isn’t what I want to do right now, so I’ll just resist or ignore it until it goes away’, and then we wonder why we are unhappy – and we even sometimes blame God for it all. The attitude from above seems to say to me — you have everything you need right in front of you, and all the ability you need to get going. Choosing to ignore it won’t ignite my sympathy. You don’t need an angel to appear and tell you what you should do — there is more than enough available for you to use, and I didn’t create you to be reliant on being handed everything. It’s all waiting for you — as soon as you are ready to change your attitude and get moving. But I won’t guarantee when your time will be up – so my suggestion for you is to make the shift. Soon. Ignoring responsibility only creates an illusion of safety for you, and it won’t serve you well in the end. Besides, true happiness begins with this shift. And that’s what I want for you, anyway.

  93. Carrie

    Slightly exasperating… but I can kind of see where she is coming from. I myself have a hard time truly feeling and knowing that God wants me to be free of struggle. So many “Righteous” people in scripture or in history that were able to be an instrument for good led hard lives full of struggle and pain. Only recently am I realizing how much of a better instrument I might be if money was no problem. I am able to give more. I am less concerned with my own situation that I am more open to guidance and inspiration to assist and uplift others. I am so grateful that God indeed wants this for me and it is now up to me to open up and accept these blessings. Thank you for sharing and teaching such a valuable lesson!

  94. Susan


    Recently, I began your program and am going slowly. I read the Jackrabbit Factor before beginning the program, then found the 19 rules of prosperity. This excerpt goes along with some insights that I have been finding in my own learning and really helped open my eyes more. For many years, I didn’t believe in anyone or anything that I couldn’t prove myself. I built a shell around myself so that others could not hurt me or reach me. Calling me a cynic would be a good description. I’ve been opening up and reaching out. I still like doing for others rather than letting others do for me or asking for help but I’m learning. I’m seeing the good in life, I opening my heart to God, to myself and to others. I’ve been looking for positive answers and positivity that feels right. what you say feels right, you have been down and wondered why things don’t work. Keep spreading the word. You will find a lot of “Penny”s ready to receive. Thank you.

  95. Mark

    Thank you for the excerpt from your FTMF program. As a pastor I, too, have experienced the same with some who come to me for counseling. And, yes, I’ve also learned similar lessons. Of course, it is our fallen in sin nature that makes us “Works Righteous,” always believing if we do the right work we will receive good rewards. But, salvation is by the grace of God. In fact, everything we have is a gift of God to us. If we do not receive from Him we have nothing, not even the ability to take a breath as well as eternal life in heaven. So, I see coming to faith in the kindness and the grace of God as a journey from the Work Righteousness of the old man to a deep, heart felt, faith in the grace of God in Jesus Christ by the new man. We must learn to receive, but that comes only when we learn that God must give us everything or we perish. Also, per Romans 8, “In all things He works together for the good…” God has a purpose for everything that happens and all the encounters we experience in life. So, the question “What does this mean?” comes into play a lot when things happen similar to your experience with Penny. Sometimes I catch on very soon, but other times it takes me a while.

    A recent note about being positive; I was visiting an individual in the hospital, encouraging him and praying with him and for him. An RN came in who was very negative about things. I asked her not to do that but to encourage her patient that the medication and care he was receiving at the hospital was going to make him well soon as they were all gifts of God. Amazingly she immediately agreed and changed from negative to positive about things. Though she was an uncommon one, I was amazed at how easily and well the Word of God, rightly placed, works in some. What did I learn that day? Well, a lot…”Ask and it shall be given” and much more, I suppose.

    Well, just some thoughts from a pastor. Thanks again for your excerpt. God bless your work.

  96. Marcelo Turiano

    This is some really excellent information. I’m amazed by the quality of your blog

  97. Jen

    Thanks Leslie for the audio link and the Jack Rabbit Factor! It is changing my life and I am starting to teach my children. Really looking forward to reading your other books and recieving the wonderful insights and continue in my path of change! I have experienced an increase of joy and faith and I’m so grateful to my sweet friend who shared the ebook link with me!

    Very Sincerely,

  98. Andrean


    Indeed an very insightful article on giving and receiving and it has brought me to a newer understanding that we dont always say thanks even when we attract what we were thinking – so true that we are what we’re thinking about. Thank you for the gift!!

  99. Shaunna Ballas

    Thank you Leslie! The gift of giving and recieving is an infinite cycle – of which, should we not freely recieve, we in fact break the cycle of giving. To recieve graciously and with gratitude is a gift in itself to the giver. Beautiful, boundless and limitless!

    Love & Light,
    Shaunna B.

  100. Kim

    Thank you so much for your time and insights on things.I loved the little clip on receiving I think that if we are all honest we have all been there on one side or the other.I know that it is easy to give help ,but hard to receive it.Once again Thank you so much for every thing that you do for all of us that are willing to take the time to read your stuff

  101. kresowianka

    Thank you so much Lesley!
    best wish
    Ivona Krupa

  102. Leanne

    God bless ya! Thank you for sharing this — I’m actually going through something similar with an online course I’ve just about given up on because my mail keeps getting dumped into their spam folder and communication with my teachers has been difficult. I feel like everyone’s given up on me and my training. I will certainly try again!
    Leslie, I can’t tell you how important Jackrabbit Factor is to me. With all the information to sort through on the web, it’s overwhelming going through it all. A friend passed this along to me, and what shook me to the core was the title. I had to move this book to the top of the reading list! But, just getting the book was like catching a jackrabbit! JF very literal to me on more than a few levels. When things fall in place like the way they did with this book, I know with certainty that there is empowerment here.
    Thank you again!

  103. Angela

    Leslie, thank you for the insight on receiving. It made me take a closer look at some of the attitudes and thought processes I currently have that may be holding me back.I am glad to have one more key to clearing the negative things in my life. Thank you for your generosity!

  104. Earnestine

    Leslie, I was just astounded by your amazing patience with the woman. I shared the information with my daughter. We do have to be ready to receive. I used to think if it is too good to be true, then it probably isn’t. I paid for that thinking in a very negative way. After following your posts and emails, I believe that anything is possible. I am a teacher, and I have begun my school year with the attitude of gratitude. I have high expectations of myself, my team, and my students. I am Prepared to “receive” only the best this school year has to offer. My philosophy now is “It can only get better.” Thank you for your positive outlook. You have truly changed my life.

  105. Ron Owens

    Thank you for this excerpt. Sometimes it is very frustrating to work with people who seem to be so comfortable in their misery that they deflect efforts to escape. I don’t know how many people, besides you, that Penny was playing this “poor me” role. Often people fear the “cure” more than the misery.

  106. Jocelyne P.

    Dear Leslie: Firstly, I want to thank you for generously sharing so much material to uplift others’ lives. Secondly, I believe the “master” appears when the “student” is ready, whether it be through books, seminars, lectures, or even emails. Clearly, Penny was not ready, neither were George, Lou or Lee.
    Please continue your wonderful work!

  107. LeAnn C

    Leslie: Thank you so much for sharing this excerpt with me. I have felt that frustration in my own life with our children. They want so much to have the good life that their father and I have but they don’t want to put forth the effort and use wisdom in there own lives. As I was listening to this I was amazed at the time and diligence you took with Penny to try to help her. I only hope to be as patient and loving with our own family. Thanks again.

  108. Dan

    Thank you Leslie for the gift of the Jackrabbit Factor, the 19 principles and the audio you gave above. I resonated with both your side and Penny’s. I had a situation in my life about 25 years ago where I was a Penny. Only then it had to do with snail mail and as many times as I had requested a re-issue, I never received it. Even registered mail. I had asked the mail be registered as a suspicion that my mail was being intercepted but was unable to identify who was intercepting. After the third registered mail was intercepted, I went to the police. However, in the mean time, I was blaming the source for not complying with my wishes which turned out to be completely false after the steps I took on the advice of the police. It wasn’t pretty. In Penny’s case, she may well have been a victim in addition to her own contributions which would have made the matter worse. I see the point however, where some people cannot see the forest for the trees and no matter how hard one tries to point the way, until we are ready to see that which we really want to see in life, nothing changes. Irony? for sure!

  109. Bruland

    I think it’s great that there’s a “shopping cart” page directed from the link to the excerpt! Would be easier with a simple download page, but this holds two great Self Development lessons held in your story:
    1: Our possiblities are simply endless, but humans easily see nothing but obstacles. We have all we need to create the best potensial lives we could possibly have. Mindset is key!
    2: None is responsible for your quality of live other than yourself!
    I actually think this story is really motivating, because it shows me how I DON’T want to live my life. It’s frightening, I feel. Thanks for sharing, keep up your great work

  110. Esteban

    Hello Leslie,

    Definitely comments from Lou, George and Lee are 100% ironic.

    But remember as I said before; “The teacher appears only when the student is ready”, by reading the Jackrabbit Factor, both in English and Spanish (that your husband kindly sent me), I remember when Richard is standing at the middle of the way offering rabbits for free, or when he can see the paper bags nobody else see…this happens because we ask for help, but we haven’t yet decided what we want, and if we can’t decide what we exactly want, then; how could we receive the help we have been offered?

    If we don’t stop for a while to read or listen around, or just take the time to look for the proper signals, how could we see the helping hand?

    I just want to thank you and bless you for the help you’ve provided me with the book, the audio and te videos you posted, with this tools you just opened my eyes into something I knew was there but I did not know how to reach it, and believe me, I am now working for my first rabbit.

    Best regards


  111. LoneWolf

    Just a quick note to let you know that I declined checking out your offer as I see no reason for you to get my postal address, etc. for a free download. In fact, you don’t need that for a paid download.

    Unless you need that information to send me something that I’ve requested or bought from you, there is no need to capture it.

    If you want to give something away for free, a shopping cart is the worst way to do it. There are 3 steps instead of 1 and you’re collecting too much information. A simple landing page with an email optin would be much more successful for you.

  112. Esteban

    Hi Leslie,

    After hearing to the how to receive audio, it was quite clear to me that it is really true that “The teacher appear when the student is ready”, there are times when we desperately has for help, but do not listen to those who provide it.

    Great lesson!!

    Best regards and blessings

  113. Lisa Liu

    Hi Leslie,
    Thank you for the valuable free gift. It makes you stop and think what I may have been blocking from happening. I felt a bit reluctant to get taken to the shopping cart but your clarification that it is free and I don’t need to give you my credit card details for access put me at ease. I didn’t realize how easily I let a block stop me. Thanks again,

  114. Deric Glissmeyer

    THANK you Leslie! I’m finishing Jack Rabbit Factor this weekend and LOVE what I’ve been reading! I’m using it to help a friend in the doldrums after his business went under. “Think Positively” has to be our “mantra” 🙂 You have more patience then I would have with the Pennys. I look forward to reading your Portal book next. 🙂

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Deric the Popcorn Guy

  115. Susan Taylor

    Thank you so much for the gift. I have read 2 of your books, attended a home school seminar where you presented and your presentation and writings have assisted us in our climb out of the muck, I am finding that I can see how the last 40 years of my life have created unique talents and abilities in me, I am finding that I am still expecting the answer to come from outside me….like another person would be more qualified to receive that inspiration of how my life mission is to be accomplished. I am finding myself frustrated because I know the answer is available and I am just not tuned in (the radio receiver). I have been journaling for months,regularly study my core book and I receive answers to so many questions on my knees. Still, when I look inward specifically with the purpose of how to implement what I know my mission to be, I feel scattered and confused. I am working on my life vision and I find that I will confidently write down a section only to experience extreme doubt the next time I read it through. Is this just fear or is it a message? I will keep asking on my knees but I’m wondering if you’ve experienced this?

    The spiritual life of my family from the outside looks the same but we have all experienced profound deepening that has brought such joy. Our financial life is turning around, I feel in every cell of my body we are on the edge of an unbelievable change I just feel scattered when I am trying to envision the milestones. I’m not sure if that will make sense to anyone but me.

    Your books have been read by every member of my family that can read and excerpts have been shared with everyone else.

    We have passed our copies around to friends and family and recommended them to dozens of people.

    I am so grateful for your family and the service you render to so many. I’m grateful for your influence on me and my family. 🙂 Susan

  116. Larry

    Ironic, and sad.
    Persistence is still a VIRTUE.
    Lou, George, Lee, be careful what you ask for,the Lord might just hand it to you on a silver platter.
    Go back, try again, this time you just might be successful. If the desired goal is worthy of a first effort, is it not, also, worthy of a second, or third, etc., effort. T. Edison did NOT invent the light bulb on the first shot Failure only exists when we refuse to try again. Unsuccessful efforts only that, nothing more, nothing less, just a learning experience. A mistake is never a loss if one learns from it. As is said, “Keep on truckin’.” Larry

  117. Jerry Lopez

    Thanks for the download! I did find the people you asked about. It is ironic. After reading the Jackrabbit Factor, small blessings I “didn’t” want to pay attention to before are all around me. Thank you for all you do and God bless you and your family.

  118. Tatiana

    Thanks a lot for your gift. Well received!

  119. Dana Cole

    I think you did the right thing sending her the book through the mail. You could have saved alot of your time by doing that in the first place though. I do understand the reasoning behind it too. Everyone makes mistakes, and deserves the benefit of the doubt. She no doubtably is too emensed in her problems at the time to “see the forest for the trees”.Hopefully, she has read the book and gained some enlightment in the process.Thanks, Dana

  120. Suella Hanlon


    I have been exposed to some powerful lessons with my mentor, Alice Hawke. She too has been very patient with me. I’m moving toward a deeper awareness and am grateful she introduced me to you and your generous wisdom/sharing. Practicing patience and forgiveness of myself is another key component for me!

    Grateful for your connection with your own inner wisdom and not being afraid to use God as a source in your presentations/lessons is commendable!

    Simply, thanks,

  121. bracha

    Leslie, All I have to say is wow! you are an angel!! And its beautiful to see your caring. Just to know that there are caring people like you, is a beautiful thing for me.

  122. William

    There are many people like Penny who are too fearful to even reach for the help they have asked for, and they can and will trip themselves up once they muster the courage to reach for that help.
    That is the other side of the coin when it comes to being willing and ready to receive. So, just as she could have taken action to provide you with a postal mail address once she first had trouble with e-mail and/or downloading an e-version of the book, what prevented you from asking her early on: “Penny, where can I just mail you a printed copy of the book that I’ll even sign & personalize for you?”
    That’s the first thing that came to my mind when you were first presented with what you label an “insane” dilemma over & over again when trying to sincerely help this person seeking a rescue.
    Stated differently, you could have saved yourself all of your valuable time and effort on all that WebTV research, on the cut & paste of the e-book into a document attachment e-mail, and everything else done for her over all that time, simply by mailing her the book in an envelope.
    Just as one must be ready and be open to receive and accept a blessing, I think another message for you was “to take measures to reasonably assure what you send out will be received.”
    As for those 2 correspondents who were flummoxed by the checkout cart with a bill for zero dollars, we can see how people can be confused by what they do not expect to see. I think we all were looking for a download link, not an invoice.
    I successfully downloaded the excerpt, but I really did not figure on having to fill in postal mail and telephone information all over again to retrieve an electronic download, either.

    1. Leslie

      Hi William,

      Actually, she emailed me again about three weeks ago (after having disappeared for nearly two years). She said, “I don’t know how you went from broke to fame in such little time. …I have no clue, no ideas, as to how to get out of this poverty filled life. You were lucky you had an idea, I don’t even have any idea how to change this depressing life.”

      Do you see why I included the segment in JF about successful people being “lucky”?

      Anyway, I did just what you think I should have done all along: I asked for her mailing address. I did it as an experiment because I know we would all like to know what might come of it. I asked for her mailing address, and I sent her the book. She expressed heartfelt gratitude once she found out it was on its way. I asked her to let me know when it arrived, but to date I have not seen an email come in from her. Perhaps she’s tried and I’m the one who hasn’t received. She signed for it, so at least I know she got it.

      I can hope for the best, but it’s most likely that the effort she has put forth to obtain it will be commensurate with how much she gets out of it. It would surprise me to find out that she’s read it. A person who receives it as a gift will sometimes glean less from it than the person who chose to sacrifice their grocery money or some other priority to obtain it.

      If you’ve read the Jackrabbit Factor and understood the meaning of the various encounters, then I believe you’d understand exactly why I didn’t send her the book in the first place.

      Warm regards,


  123. Wendy Midgley

    Hi Leslie:
    I read those comments from “Lou”, etc. I am one who did find the $0.00 FREE gift in the Shopping Cart. And I could really relate to your story and the lessons you got out of the whole process yourself.

    HOWEVER, a couple yrs ago I may have been ‘LOU” and not have been “able to find the info.” (I have read Jack Rabbit and the Portal book.)

    It is interesting how we start to see things differently— as we Vow to “BE PATIENT” and to ALLOW ourselves to actually “SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY.”

    Also I am getting more experience on how all websites are set up. It is language and technology unto it’s own. You need to be WILLING to LEARN it.

    A lot of people don’t even know that they are “unwilling” to learn at certain stages. It just seems so overwhelming. (and I was one of them, too.) So I will pray for others— that they OPEN to their next step. And set aside TIME to learn….


  124. oscar

    Hi!! Leslie. It is really awesome. I’ve been enjoying everything you share with us, I’ve improved my life in some areas, since i started reading Tony Robbins books. I’m certain your style is unique and really good. I loved the video about the stickman as well, really good. I’m worried because I live in Bogotá, Colombia and I’d like to share all of this with my family and not all of them speak English. Please try to start in our language, that will help a lot of people here, I’m sure about that. Sincerely, Oscar.

    1. Leslie

      Hi Oscar,

      I have good news for you… some of the information has been translated into Spanish. Not all of it, but at least The Jackrabbit Factor and I believe the tidbits, too. Contact me here for more info.

      All the best,


  125. Martha

    I continue to be in awe of your generosity and of your truly giving nature. I know I would have given up on “Penny” after the second or third go-around — and that does say something about my own lack of persistence. And I don’t suppose this was the central point of the audio. So the4 learnings are indeed multi-dimensional.

    Thank you!

  126. paul from texas

    Howdy Miss Leslie,

    After listening to your “receiving” audio last week I am also amazed at the irony of the comments left by the three folks you mentioned in your email yesterday. I just had to laugh. It has been interesting for me to learn how our brains are programed and how that program effects our reality. Rewiring our neural networks is no small feat but I’m told is doable. Discovering how to do this is my desire and I believe that I have already been led to sources that will help make this possible. Some of these sources appeared after listening to your “receiving” audio. It seems that your message about following our gut feelings and to be open to receiving had an impact that helped me attract and allow. I am very grateful for your free information and appreciate being able to listen to the audios again and again. Please accept my heartfelt thanks. I look forward to becoming more involved in your programs. I can tell you really care about helping folks.


    >Paul< from Texas

  127. Mary Ann

    Dear Leslie,

    I did get the irony of the three comments. I also was a bit taken back when I ended up in the shopping cart but I really wanted the information. So I looked carefully, had a trusting heart and voila! I got the recording. I have listened to it and it is me somewhat. That was a bit disconcerting. I am working on it. I read the Jackrabbit Factor and didn’t get it. Oh the story is clear enough but it didn’t sink into me. So I talked it over with my daughter who has read your book. She said “mom read it again and this time take notes.” So I am doing that. If you have a hard time recieving then you have to keep taking responsibility and work it out. I am doing that and actually it feels good albeit a bit frightening at times. My daughter told me today to embrace what I have with gratitude and stop defending the past. Hmmmm. I do beleive it is all becoming a bit clearer. : )

  128. Pamela

    This was actually difficult to listen to – it harkened back to some “not-quite-clear” experiences in my life when I simply know I was Penny, unable to receive – perhaps in direct proportion to the depth of my need(iness). I ached as I listened, both for you and Penny, and for me. I also chuckled because I currently have the same thing going on with someone who contacts our Spiritual Center where I am a Practitioner (I pray with people). She begs for help and then lashes out vehemently claiming she’s being ignored, but never leaves a phone number or address or anything other than a first name. I’ll do some soul searching for the gift of a lesson for me in this current experience, because I haven’t figured out how to be there for her – yet – and also have only the option of prayer. Thank God that’s enough!
    Thank you for your work, your gifts and your being.
    Blessings, Pamela K., RScP

  129. alejandra

    Good lesson. Being open to receive is just as important as asking, but I tend to forget
    that. I think I am worthy to ask, but when it is time for receiving I have not the same strength, so to speak. I am asking myself now: What am I feeling afraid of that I am not open to receive? Everyone may have his own answers. Thank you, Leslie, very insightful.

  130. Laurie

    It is ironic! It just shows you, People are who they are. You can only help those who want to be helped. Lol… Definately Ironic.

  131. Sherrie

    Awe! I am so proud of you Leslie that you stuck with her. Even if it was a bit frustrating to you. You still gave your best and shared your heart with her. I know what that feels like and I wish I had someone to help me through it. My God was there all along with me and healed and in an instant as I was once aware of what was wrong with me. So many lesson’s in life to learn. But it is always for our benefit no matter how bad it appears.

    God Bless Everyone and always Live in Abundance

  132. Laurie

    Thank You Leslie,
    I know that I am not to ask why..but Thank You.
    I am in a place where I recognize the signs, and the “gut” feelings.
    I am positive, I beleive. I have trouble spearating asking for what I want without thinking of “how” it will come. I know I will get through it. The process of how to do it will come. It’s just the hardest part for me. I am having a hard time beleiving I will have what I want if I cant see the way… I know its not for me to see…I know it will come. I ahve been suprised so many times when the phone has rang with money on the other end, that I never saw coming. I just never saw it beforehand. I am coming along, just slowly I guess.
    THANK YOU AGAIN for being the light at the end of my tunnel.
    God Bless

  133. Daina

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have no idea how much I needed to listen to this audio. I was rereading my thoughtsalive materials for some motivation and uplifting today (I’m going through a not-so-great time right now). I have most of the ebooks except the FTMF course so I reread everything hoping to get some new insight. I was thinking that it would be nice to get the course and some guidance but I can’t afford it. I was hoping for some kind of a trial just to see what’s inside because I really need some tips. I even visit the forum often to see what people are talking about, but I never joined. Anyway, I took a break from reading Jackrabbit and decided to check my email and there’s an email from you offering the trial. I almost couldn’t believe it, but I have manifested before with the LOA. I’m just currently stuck in a cycle and I’m not sure what to do or what’s the next step to take. So, I’ve been searching for answers and then your email comes along. So, I just want to say thank you again because I know this is what I need and I can get my questions answered. Thank you and God bless you and your family!!

  134. Sharath

    Hi Leslie,

    Indeed I found it ironic because it was a Christmas gift and a gift is obviously for free. I know that shopping might have blown them out because it usually connotes money to pay. I was pretty sure that it was free because its a gift. So I guess Lou, Lee and George might have taken it otherwise or may be they overlooked the 0$ print. These are my interpretations..

    Have a lovely Day Ahead


  135. Lara

    PS Mermaid, your “numbness” is a familiar state to me, and a difficult one to overcome. But, it is very important that you do. The state of “numbness” is your body disconnecting from your values. When you disconnect your mind from your body, you will shut down your will to move forward.

    Remember, Leslie indentifies the need to imagine how you will FEEL about having your values. It is not enough to just write down what you want. You must imagine how having the value will make you feel. This excercise will annihilate the wall of numbness that is disconnecting your mind from your body. Emotions are a very important and powerful experience.

    I think of Leslie’s advice kind of like tasting the ingredients and licking a finger full of cake batter BEFORE the cake is in the oven. The little tastes and licks give the cook a bit of an emotional experience as a kind of “thank you” for the effort of baking the cake. If your clearly defined goals are only experienced by you as a sort of recipe on an index card, you may never really get to the baking of the cake. But a little taste of ingredients or lick of batter along the way can act as a catalyst to move forward again towards your goal. The taste makes your realize emotionally how wonderful you will feel when the cake is done baking.

  136. Lara

    Leslie, you make a very good point here about attracting the responses that would allow you to teach yet another valuable lesson! And I have found that teaching what one learns, allows the knowledge to move to the level of WISDOM.

    I need to remember this especially right now in my life as there are people that I was thinking of pushing AWAY from me due to what I supposed could be a toxic (and viral) sort of mindset. Perhaps part of MY lesson is to engage with those people and offer a bit of light. If I can be an example of happiness achieved during a remarkably difficult time, then perhaps those people will gain a bit of confidence and belief that it is possible. Hmmmmm.

  137. Gary


    What a nice gesture on your part. I hope you have a very Happy New Year’s Day with family.



  138. Steve

    Hi Leslie,
    I downloaded the other link and it was the same; I only followed through with what was originally added to the cart so I’m not sure what happened. I’ll send a screen shot(if I can) of what I got to your support contact strictly as a FYI. No big deal either way on my end, obviously, as it was a very nice mini-lesson that was much appreciated!

  139. Steve

    There are two separate links shown after the download checkout, they’re both the same thing, right? Thank you very much, by the way!

    1. Leslie

      Hi Steve,

      I’m not sure why you’re seeing two separate links… If you happened to add it to the cart twice, it might have generated two unique links, but yes, they should give you the same thing. Let me know if I’m wrong…

  140. Mandy Reymer

    I can hardly believe it. I was on your call a few weeks ago and was hoping for an answer to my question. I can feel the resistance to recieving as I am writing this. I gave up after an hour or so feeling that you chose not to answer it. Oh the things I thought and felt. Now just after my previous post I listened to that call. Fast forwarded through it. You answered my question LAST!!! You answered it! I did not receive it. I am feeling so JOYOUS.. I am bubbling with laughter. Did someone say HEALING? How many times have i thought I was not heard or forgotten or some other insane irrational belief. Oh yes it is a new day for me. Thanks again and again and again and again.


  141. Mandy Reymer

    Hi Leslie,

    For the past few weeks a very prominent lesson has been coming through in my life. It is funny that even in writing this I am ashamed or embarrassed to say what I mean. What I mean is that I am learning from a loving god/source on the topic of love and receiving. I did not understand the receiving part until your story. Thank you!! I have been realizing that I needed to feel/focus/notice/help/pay attention to what others needed in my life. A sort of “How can I be of service?” thing. I never saw how wrapped up in myself I was. How I would push the thoughts of what others needed right out of my mind. Over Christmas I was trying to hear and I am amazed at what I am hearing. The lesson on receiving for me is God is listening!! If he is showing me how to be less about me and more about giving to my loved ones and others, how great is his interest and desire for me???? When you learn to love others you see a fraction of the love flowing to us. It’s not only about money but everything. Thank you Leslie for allowing yourself to be an instrument for god to play music through. Beautiful!


  142. Leslie

    I’d like to think so! How wonderful it’s been to have the opportunity to engage in a conversation like this! 🙂

  143. Mermaid

    Then, any clue to why Leslie has attracted all these “ironic” people, four in a row? Law of Attraction?

  144. Lara

    Yes Leslie, truly ironic.

    And Mermaid illustrates how an individual can program his consciousness to expect negative experiences, causing the truly great experiences to be overlooked or ignored due to creeping and toxic cynicism. If one convinces himself that he will be cheated or tricked at the touch of a button (when, in truth, the cheat can only happen if we release certain information to the person committing fraud) then that same individual can easily miss out on some profoundly beneficial and rich experiences.

    Your link never even raised a question in my mind about whether you were trying to cheat me into paying you for a gift that you claimed was free. So, the irony stands. Part of learning to receive involves assuming innocence and benevolence, until one has definite and direct evidence of a fraud or malevolence being committed.

    We must assume innocence. My belief in that principle is held very deeply. And, if Mermaid is correct, and if these individuals suspected that you were being a “cheat”, then they have allowed themselves to be crippled by their own cynical mindset. Who would dare to shoot for a star, if it were written that one must suffer the battering of a billion meteors along the way?


  145. Mermaid

    I understand why “Lee” and “Lou” responded they way they did. I have been through the same experience myself. A few days ago, another website which teaches people how to apply the Law of Atrraction in their daily life sent out an email message telling us to go to that website to download a series of free stuff as a gift for us. I did so and fill in the order form and click “check out”. But then it directed me to another page to pay a membership fee before I could download the stuff for free. A very high charge, too. The membership fee was NEVER mentioned in the email or on the page introducing the free download at all!. My jaw dropped onto the floor when I saw that.

    I believe those two readers were just being careful to avoid being “cheated” or disappointed by tricky websites like the one I subscribed to (sorry, I might have gone too far having used the word “cheated”. Forgive me if I have offended you, Leslie). All they did was to protect themselves from unnecessary loss of money. I can imagine a lot of the people visiting Leslie’s website are those who might be poverty-stricken already and cannot afford to lose more. They might be new to the website and do not know how good and helpful a person Leslie actually is.

    I am learning to use the Law of Atrraction myself, too. I am grateful to the many sources of free-of-charge information available to me so readily on the Net (Leslie, yours is wonderful, too!)

    For me, I DO have clear and defined goals but the past few years of horrible struggle has programmed me to feel “numb” about anything I do. My first task to to ignite the passion to go on again.

  146. Shosh

    Hi Leslie,

    I salute you! Your patience is more than remarkable. If I were in your place I would give up after the 3rd or 4th time. There are some people who are feeling so sorry for themselves and focusing only on how bad they have it, and they just want to share their suffering with the world – not really expecting any help. I really feel for them but until they are willing to receive (an advice, a book, some compassion, whatever), they will not receive anything, no matter how many people are trying to help.

    I really admire you for your positive approach and endless patience. May God bless you and thank you for the audio.

    I wish you a very happy holiday and a wonderful year of 2010.

  147. rev. Rich Angelos

    I love it, how ironic that they are unable to find a way to Receive a free gift on the subject of Receiving!

    If it wasn’t so sad I’d be ROFLMHO

  148. Jan Lambert

    Dear Leslie,

    Many, many thanks for your Christmas gift of the story from Lesson 10 on How To Receive. I, too, was beginning to feel exasperated, truly unsympathetic, with “Penny” after the fifth request and it wasn’t even me she was asking for help! What a lesson! My mind went back to my Jackrabbit Factor, and I’m re-auditing it to see what I failed to internalize the last (fisrt) time I listened to it. I usually have to read a book at least twice when I get it, anyway, but I plowed on, excited by my anticipation of change in my life. So now I’m directed back, for a firmer foundation for my ability to change.

    Thank you.


    Jan 🙂 Lambert

  149. Louis

    Leslie, Yeah, it was ironic! I submitted my order for your generous Chritmas gift and I had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM getting the download and downloading it. Guess those 3 don’t know how to do this kind of stuff!!!



  151. Diane

    Aloha Leslie ~

    What an inspiring download and a wonderful gift. Thank you so very much. I understand the irony of the comments, I also understand the message in your gift.

    If I can be so bold as to share a story . . . while grocery shopping yesterday, I happened upon a woman who was quite loud with every ‘friend’ she met in the store – guess we were all there doing our Christmas dinner shopping! The biggest influence I received from her (and I don’t know her at all) was her negativity and victim status: her goal yesterday must have been to let the world know how burdened she was at having to create this big dinner for her family and, well the whole “whoa is me” scenario.

    15 minutes later I was at the meat display counter at the same time she was. I must say, I have never heard such a barrage of ugliness and verbal abuse aimed at any one person before in my life, at least not in public. When I looked to see to whom she was speaking, I found her husband standing there, not saying a word, just taking it! How hurt and sorry I felt for him! And because I didn’t want to be around such negativity, I turned and went down the closest isle I could, to get away from it.

    But then the thoughts came: what could I have said to her to make her day, what kind of smile would it take to brighten her soul, what could I have said to help her change her perspective? The biggest thing? How blessed she was to have the best Christmas gift in the world – her husband and her family! You see, I lost my husband 6 years ago, and my children are scattered around the country.

    But I didn’t say a word and ran in the opposite direction to get away from the mean words! And I kicked myself all the way home – it was a long 45 mile drive.

    Then I listened to your download and wondered: what valuable lesson could God possibly be giving me in this? Heaven forbid that there could possibly be a lesson for me when this woman was certainly the one who needed the lesson!

    Well there was one for me. Aren’t we told that sometimes the negatives we see in others is a reflection of the negatives in our own selves? Immediately I thought – never in a million years would I ever act like this woman did – to anyone. But I do, I do it to myself all the time, in my internal language! It is a continuous bombardment of negativity throughout the day, everyday! And I wonder why I have no self-confidence, no self-esteem??!! An amazing thing is the discovery of ones faults, but an even more amazing discovery is the awareness of those things and the choice we have to change them.

    I can’t tell you how many times (at least 12 that I am aware of) I have stopped myself and redirected my thoughts since listening to the download yesterday evening and discovering this simple life lesson.

    So to you I am very grateful. For the lesson, for your free gift, for the JackRabbit Factor, which I immediately re-read and for a chance to relate a story of discovery.

    Happy Holidays ~

  152. Emily

    Your free dowload could not have come at a better time. It reminds me of your analogy of a child asking a parent for a sandwich. I realize that this is the answer to my recent prayers. I’ve been continually praying for blessings expecting them to come a certain way. Its time for me to truly open my mind and see what other ways Heavenly Father may be providing. Have a joyous, peaceful Christmas!

  153. Linda

    Thanks, Leslie!

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I listened to your download this morning! I see myself as someone on BOTH sides of your tale. At different times I have been both the Penny and the Leslie – and feeling like beating my head against the wall in both instances! I have a sibling who always seems to have the Midas Touch in reverse gear – he always manages to snatch failure out of the jaws of success. I have the same tendencies, and while I do identify with the Penny in your tale, I find it critical that I remember to look around for what the Lord is trying to get ME to see!

    Yes, the messages from Lee, George, and Lou are very ironic – emphasizing the fact that it’s SO easy to look to someone else to solve our problems for us when the answers are often right before our faces, if we can but open our eyes – and hearts and minds – to see the answer the Lord is so ready, willing, and anxious to give us … just as soon as we are ready to receive and BENEFIT from the information.

    A lesson learned many years ago in a college class helps put it in perspective: The professor asked if there were any of us who did not believe that being the sudden recipient of a ton of gold would be a blessing. After giving us a few moments to ponder the question, we were asked how it would be if we were in a rowboat out in the ocean when we received that ton of gold! We quickly realized that we have to be in the right “place” to receive any blessing, or it could well be a curse!

    So, here’s to you and yours, our wish for a very blessed Christmas! May we be ready to receive the bounteous blessings the Lord is anxious to bestow upon us!

    God bless us, everyone!

  154. lauro

    Yes all three were “ironic”.

    Then you also have the extremes of giving to much and are always being broke. Most of it is done because of a lack of self-esteem and feelings of inferiority. They are always trying to buy friends, which is the other side of the coin. Still the same problem.
    Merry Christmas all.
    My wish is that you all “THRIVE” in the new year.

  155. john davis

    hi leslie,

    how many times do we focus on the bugs on the windscreen instead of our destination causing use to crash and burn

    thxs happy new year

  156. Stan P Cox II

    Aloha Leslie!
    Yeah your experience with ‘Penny’ was unreal! And your lesson was eye-opening! The thing I appreciated most was your admission of GOD, and your vision of Him rejoicing in your asking for right blessings, and His happiness to Give! I love that!
    SPC II

  157. John

    Hi Leslie,
    Thanks for the free download. I listened to it twice yesterday and decided to re-read The JackRabbit Factor today as a Christmas gift to myself. I’m about half way through now and the spiritual aspects of the book and it’s teachings are becoming more apparant this time around.

    Thanks again and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.



  158. Christine

    Hi Leslie,
    I listened to your audio yesterday and it is all I have thought about since. I keep thinking about how God wants something for us/me and I/we keep asking for that thing and expect him to give it to me/us a certain way. BUT he may be giving it to me in a way I don’t expect, or that is a better alternative. How many times do we ask god for something and he is giving us what we need but we don’t recognize it? Just as well he is so powerful because he would probably be driven insane – we could all be Pennys. I am certainly looking at things in a different way, and like Jan I am going back over the book.
    Merry Christmas and thank you for your gift.
    Kind Regards from Christine

  159. Carola

    Leslie, when I first heard your story (I’m doing the FTMF course) I laughed out loud when the tale of woe just carried on & on, snowballing. And yes, I was grinning broadly when I read the responses above. I did check out the link, and the price in the shopping cart is indeed zero.

    But hey, I have often done a similar thing, partly from past frustration at not being able to access things (like teleseminars) from South Africa. I expect to have a problem and – surprise? – problem appears! Or appears to appear.

    Thanks for being a brilliant teacher. A blessed Christmas to you and your family.

  160. James

    When you first mentioned it I remember the story you were talking about. I had no problem downloading the file. I did what you said. It works great.

  161. Hi, Leslie

    I really appreciated this audio–and process–for a few reasons.

    1. Everything I’ve received from you is Valuable Information. I have a free weekly newsletter where I include resources for readers (I’ve included links to your offerings in previous issues). Naturally, I wanted to listen to this one. It’s Christmas Eve. I’ve got many things I “choose” to get done before 5 p.m., when my celebrations kick into gear. I clicked on the link twice then closed it, each time thinking, “I’d rather a simple link.” But, an inner nudge of “I provide items of value and benefit to assist readers” kept nudging. Third time’s a charm. I went through the process and was glad I did. Not only is your link included in my issue that goes live tomorrow (Friday), but I included (again) the link for The Jackrabbit Factor (which I read twice in two days when I downloaded it–and posted it on all of my social sites).

    2. At the start of the audio, you say it’s “brief.” I didn’t time it, but it’s a little “longer” than I expected “brief” to be (and was I glad of it). This caught my attention to the fact I was rushing–rushing myself instead of flowing and enjoying. I’m doing things I love–why would I rush? Thanks for the reminder!

    Thank you for opening your mind and heart as you did years back. Thank you for sharing your light.

  162. Vicky

    Hi Leslie,

    Thank you for the great gift yesterday. I was having a really bad day & it was much needed. After listening to the story that related to me at every turn, I was able to think more clearly and could see some adjustments I need to make.

    Thanks Again, Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    Leslie it really gave me an insight towards receiving and not mere asking all the time without give that space for reception. I will look forward to wait in bliss to receive what I have asked for earnestly in the highest good of all without any violations of the laws. I need to reassess my gratitude statement and read the jackrabbit factor again to delve into the depths of my heart and find out what i really want with a sincere intent. Many Thanks



  164. Jim Brown


    I listened to the MP3 file yesterday, it was eye-opening. Great “stuff” (one of my favorite words). Did not pick up on the “irony” of the three comments referred to in your email if the comments are those listed above on this page. Gymbeaux

  165. Sherrie

    Leslie, Thanks so much for being so willing to share abundantly what you have learned and showing us how to do the same by example.


  166. Bev McCrostie

    Leslie, thank you for the reminder of how prayers are answered and what my role is in the relationship. I hadn’t thought to link life coaching with how God “coaches” me through my life.
    Yikes! I just remembered that I downloaded a copy of the Jack Rabbit Factor and haven’t got around to reading it yet. It’s now top of my reading list for the new year.

  167. Amy

    Leslie – Thank you for your generosity and have a very Merry Christmas!

  168. Lou

    I would love to have read your gift – but all I kept on getting was your shopping cart!! Sadly, I’ve given up. Merry Christmas! Lou.

    1. Leslie

      Hi Lou, after you click on the link, true, you DO end up in a shopping cart. But if you’ll look closely you’ll notice that the cost of the download is FREE, and it never asks you for any payment nor payment info. Simply fill in the form and the download link will show up on the next page. Because it is an excerpt from the FTMF program, the file is delivered through our secure delivery system which is triggered only when someone “checks out”. Oh, and the link will also come to you in an email in case that final page doesn’t show up. I hope this helps! Leslie

  169. George

    please send details

    1. Leslie

      Hi George, what “details” are you waiting for? Leslie

  170. Lee

    Clicking the download link will take you to: Secure Cart.aspx, no downloads available from there 🙂 Best regards and wishes for a Merry Christmas

    1. Leslie

      Hi Lee, it’s delivered through a shopping cart checkout system, but the price is FREE, so it won’t even ask you for credit card information. I suggest you try it again in a different browser. (If you’re using Internet Explorer, try Firefox, or vise-versa). We’ve had a flood of people successfully access it, so I know the system is working. Hopefully this adjustment will help. Warm regards, Leslie

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