#2: How to RECEIVE

A few years ago I had a troubling experience with one of my readers. Through this experience, I learned a powerful lesson about “how to receive”.

Let’s talk about a piece that sometimes gets overlooked: our ability to receive what we’re asking for.

It takes a certain amount of faith to ‘receive’, and I’ll show you why. And, as a thanks for all of the tremendous love and support I’ve felt from my readers since 2002, I have an additional GIFT below, a downloadable guide on this topic – but if you want to “receive” this gift, there is an “obstacle” that must first be “overcome”.

You will be taken to a Shopping Cart page where the file will be listed as FREE. No need for credit card info, just tell me who you are and you’ll be sent the download. There is a reason I am delivering it this way…  see how you do!

Listen to the podcast, and then click here to request your FREE GIFT