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There is rhythm to all life. Nature’s movements are cyclical. There is repetition in everything. Our world, experiences and even our thoughts are made up of repeating patterns. Every day of my life is rhythm. As I sit and type I can feel the rhythm of my heart beat and I tap my foot to energizing music. I alternate between excitement and frustration as I consider what I am trying to convey. I realize that the back and forth, up and down, soft and loud of the music is doing more than just registering in my ears. It influences my mood and thoughts. It is uplifting to my spirit. I consider how different I would feel and what my thoughts might be if I were merely listening to a single tone. On and on with no change, no ups no downs, no loud no soft, no melody no harmony. At one point in my life I was severely depressed and my doctor put me on an antidepressant. I didn’t feel depressed anymore but the medication took away all my feelings. I felt flat. No anger, no sadness, no despair, no worry, no cares. Unfortunately I also had no joy, no excitement, no wonder, no peace. The drug did not discriminate, it took everything. I longed to feel angry, sad and worried again; the very things I was trying to eliminate. I realized that the rhythm of up and down, back and forth was an important part of my life. The bitterness of the lows make the highs all the sweeter. The trick is to remember these things in the midst of our crises. As we concentrate on the better times to come we draw them nearer and lessen the pain of our current circumstance.

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