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Hi friends, in this video I tell you how cheating on a test altered the course of my life forever.  It’s helped me understand why learning to use the law of attraction was so hard for me, and why it’s so hard for so many other people, too.

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  1. Katie

    First of all, I didn’t realize you were a math person! I’m an engineer — I love math 🙂

    Second, the whole video was great, but one part hit me hard. There are several things I’ve wanted to do or teach, and frankly, I’m very bad at those principles right now. You said “how much more valuable is it to have a teacher who can teach these principles from a place of having struggled with them. . . and conquered. I would much rather learn from somebody who has struggled. . .”

    Wow. My struggles may lead me to be one of the best teachers ever! I did my first Calyco healing session last week, and the practitioner said she had to clear more on me than on anyone else she’d ever done (but she’s relatively new). That made me feel kind of bad, but hey, think of how awesome I could become if I’m struggling that much now!

  2. George H.

    Good day Leslie, I must let you know that your words and insight have inspired not only myself but also my family and friends, because of them, we are living a more meaningful, productive and rewarding life. We are grateful for all your love and dedication in your labor, your teachings are a running brook of fresh water for the thirsty.

  3. H. Brinkerhoff

    This was a well written, well said, well done message.

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