Thoughts on the Nature of God

By Robyn Young

I do not claim to be a great theologian. What I do claim is that I have experienced the love of God in my life, and that it is available to all people, regardless of race, religion, or creed. It is with that in mind that I offer some insights on the nature of God.

God is love.

His great and glorious works all stem from one thing-love. He loves because that is His nature; it is what He chooses. I labored for years under the impression that I must be WORTHY of God’s love. While I do believe that there are specific blessings for those who walk in His ways, His love is given to all, especially the unworthy. What He desires most for us is our everlasting happiness, for us to reach our full and ultimate potential. And because of God’s love, those things are possible.

God is good.

Look around you! Look at the majesty of His creations! And all of it is for the benefit of His children. His love is manifest in every tree, every flower, every bird, every smile, every kind deed. All these things are signs that He is and that He is aware of you.

God is the author of all truth.

There is so much bickering among God’s faithful children about this point or that point of doctrine that differs from one religion to the next. I have heard warnings about teachings of men mixed with scripture in an effort to lead God’s children astray. I know that happens. I also know that there is much that is good, much that is true being taught by faithful people in many religions. God has blessed His children with the ability and opportunity to discern truth from error, simply by asking Him. I found my own understanding of my own religion enhanced by things I was introduced to from OUTSIDE my religion. It didn’t drive me away from what I knew to be true; it didn’t diminish my faith. Because I was actively studying God’s word as I learned this new information, I was able to identify what was truth and what was error, and when I asked God (to be sure I understood things correctly; I am only human, after all!), He whispered to my spirit to let me know the truth He wanted me to understand.

God is no respecter of persons.

We are all His children, and He loves us all. Even the people we struggle to like, God LOVES with a love we cannot comprehend. And He will help us to feel that love and spread that love to all, if we will open our hearts to Him.

There is divinity within each of us.

Just as we carry with us a small part of each of our biological parents, God has planted within each of us a seed of divinity. We have greater potential than we can comprehend. And the experiences of this mortal life are ALL designed to help us recognize and nurture that seed. As we recognize this part of Him within us, we are better able to live true to ourselves-our TRUE selves, not the masks or facades we tend to put on for show. When we get in touch with that divine center, our lives become more meaningful, and we are able to serve and bless others in ways we could never have done before.

Our human nature separates us from God.

It is possible to have a personal relationship with Him, as real as any relationship with any tangible human being. In fact, a successful mortal journey DEPENDS on it! But our human nature gets in the way. That’s actually the point of being here on earth: to OVERCOME that separation and DEVELOP a real relationship with Him in a way that makes Him a vital part of our daily lives! The more regularly we seek Him through prayer, through gratitude, through study, the less we are concerned with the superfluous, distracting things of mortality, and the more power and guidance we experience every day.

God knows you by name.

He knows your strengths, your weaknesses, your struggles, your talents, and your unique purpose. In the midst of the ups and downs of life, it may be easy to feel like God has forgotten you. He has not! But He does wait on us. He waits on us to WANT a relationship with Him. He waits on us to make the effort to SEEK Him. He waits for us to be humble enough to follow Him. Once we are in that place, then we can become partners with Him on this mortal journey. And as it says in Luke 1:37,”… With God nothing shall be impossible.”

We are not here by chance. We are not simply a form of entertainment for Him who created us. We are His children. We have a divine destiny. And we have a very loving, very interested Heavenly Father who is eager for our success. As we come to better understand His nature, we will find greater joy, greater peace, greater love. And as we experience greater amounts of each of these, life becomes greater all around.


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