Empowering Youth

Here’s a book that effectively teaches empowerment to youth. Youth today often struggle with low self-esteem, bullies, or just living up to their potential in schoolwork, athletics, or music. You know your child has unlimited potential. Too often they cannot see within themselves what you see. You can help that teenager you care about with the breakthrough book, Your Superpowers.

My friend Steve Gardner has worked with thousands of teenagers on three continents. He has taught honor students, students with special needs, and regular classrooms full of high schoolers. He has worked as a councilor for youth. He inspires greatness wherever he goes. He is a motivational speaker and his conferences help teens and pre-teens awaken to their true, divine potential.


This is really an incredible opportunity, this book can connect with youth in ways that parents and teachers often can’t.

Check out what others have said about the book:

“Your Superpowers is a great primer to teach your children how to use the natural powers they have to create the life that they want.” – Jack Canfield, featured in the movie “The Secret”

“Your Superpowers is truly transformational– alive with possibility, passion, and inspiration! There is something special in your child just waiting to come out! your Superpowers will help you ignite that magic!” – Brian Biro, America’s Breakthrough Coach and author of “Beyond Success”

For more on this topic, listen to my podcast, a keynote delivered to at-risk teenagers, but applicable to all of us: Your Greatest Show

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