Thoughts and Dreams – Living the Law of Perpetual Transmutation

By Denise Webster

In the book, “Hidden Treasures” by Leslie Householder, the Law of Perpetual Transmutation is described. She explains, “Circumstances and things are perpetually coming or going according to your thoughts.”

Householder gives a great example of how the Law of Perpetual Transmutation works. She says that our thoughts are constantly coming and going just like water. Water constantly exists-sometimes it is a vapor high in the atmosphere, at times it is as rain coming upon the earth, or it could exist as bodies of water; like oceans, lakes and streams of the earth creating beauty and value for us to enjoy.

Our thoughts are just like the water cycle-sometimes we have a passing thought and we choose whether to act upon it or not. If we act upon it, then it becomes like rain, moving into our life and beginning to take effect. Sometimes our thoughts create something that stays with us always as an ocean or a lake-always filling and giving to others.

Because our thoughts are constantly coming and going, it is important to remember two things:

1. Watch your thoughts because they will become your words and actions
2. Dare to dream.

Watching our thoughts is so important. Understanding the law of perpetual transmutation means that we need to constantly monitor our thoughts. The things we think about are like the cloud vapor beginning to form. The more we think about them, then the more our thoughts move into our heart and our body. We begin to saying the things we are thinking about, then doing the things we have talked about.

Our thoughts truly become our words and then our deeds. These could be thoughts of anger toward another person, negative thoughts about marriage or children, fear of something happening that you don’t want-whatever it is–you must watch your thoughts because you will bring them to pass. They will become manifest in your words and your actions.

What great joy it is to know that we can CHOOSE our thoughts. If something comes in that is negative or shouldn’t be there, we can quickly chase it out by thinking of something good-a song, a hymn, or a scripture work well. One of the best ways to change your thinking is to find something to be GRATEFUL for. Gratitude changes your heart and mind so quickly.

I once heard someone say that if you wanted to immediately put yourself near God’s side, just express gratitude and you would be there instantly. That really resonated with me, and it has helped me so much in my thinking– to always be positive and choose gratitude.

Dare to dream. Yes, I mean it. Dare to dream! Dreams are goals. I have a friend whose financial circumstances are not exactly what she would want them to be. They have provided well for their family, but there isn’t a lot of extra money for them to do all the things they wish to do. She told me one day that she doesn’t even dare dream about things-decorating her home, going on a trip, or wishing they had more in life because it just won’t happen based on their current circumstances. I told her that she needed to dream to get her out of the situation she was in. With no dream, you just stagnate and can’t learn and grow. Dreaming brings your thoughts from a vapor to something beginning to take form. Dreaming is a positive thought.

I experienced something similar with my mother. My father passed away three years ago. My mother was in a slump and getting depressed and discouraged. Though she has struggled with her self esteem, she is a beautiful woman who runs two successful businesses, is the hardest worker you have ever seen, and is always supporting her kids and grandkids in all their activities. She rarely misses a ball game or a performance. It would appear that all was well, but she was struggling.

I realized one day that she had no dream. She had nothing to look forward to. She was going through the motions, but seemed to be in a rut. She didn’t know if she wanted to work at these businesses her whole life, but what else was there? I told her that she needed to dream-anything. What was it she wanted to do in her life? (Think of “The Bucket List” movie.) Just start dreaming again-maybe you would do the things you were dreaming about, maybe you wouldn’t, but dare to dream. Dare to be excited about what life has to offer. Dare to dream about what more you can give and do in the world.

Dreaming begins the process of the Law of Perpetual Transmutation. Keep those positive thoughts and dreams moving and flowing. Don’t let doubt or fear stop you. Just have fun and dream–because those dreams will become your words, and then become your actions and perhaps your way of life. Keep your dreams constantly moving and flowing like water vapor taking form.


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Denise Webster

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