Thin threads

Years ago, I heard a leader use the words “THIN THREADS”.

It’s a term used to describe the way interesting coincidences come together perfectly for a certain outcome to be realized.

They are events that would have to be so remote and amazing, that one could only conclude that they were orchestrated by God.

I find Jaelyn’s story to be one of the most fascinating examples of THIN THREADS that I’ve ever seen…

Meet Jaelyn Hansen.

Before I share about Jaelyn’s experience in the Mindset Mastery program, let me first share the crazy chain of events that led up to it.

In 2020, I released the Mindset Mastery Special Edition Hardback. But before publishing it, I needed to make sure I had proper permission to include some quotes that were copyright protected by Intellectual Reserve, the official entity that controls and manages the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ intellectual property.

(I had included some quotes in my program from both latter-day scripture and leaders of the church, and I wanted to be sure that I had secured proper permission to do so.)

Once I made adjustments according to what I was allowed to use and what I was not allowed to use, I was asked to send a copy of the final work to the church for their archives. This is standard procedure; I had done the same with my book Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters some years earlier.


Fast forward a year, when I was preparing to teach my last Genius Bootcamp. I put out an invitation to see who would like to join me in the studio for my “farewell” GBC. Applicants were invited to explain why they wanted to attend, and why I should consider them for one of the twelve spots.

A Genius Bootcamp

Jaelyn’s application stunned me…

…and what her message revealed serves as a good reminder that God is mindful of us, and always orchestrating those thin-thread connections that help us have what we need when we need it.

Jaelyn wrote:

Let me go back several years when a family member suggested that my husband and I watch Bob Proctor’s message in the video, The Secret. After watching, we discussed the true source of all blessings and agreed to put it to the test. We had four children and very little money.

Asking for $10,000

Here was their first experiment:

My husband suggested that we ask for $10,000 because it was such a huge amount to us that we would know without any shadow of doubt that God truly was aware of us and would bless us with anything we asked.

We knelt down together and explained that we wanted to know for ourselves the truth of the concepts that were taught and asked that we be blessed with exactly $10,000, if these things were true. After turning it over to God, we never thought of it again.

Two years later, a neighbor stopped by and asked how we were doing. We responded in the positive and asked why. She said that she had been prompted two different times while passing our house to stop and give us money. We laughed and said it was kind of her, but we were fine.

She proceeded to ask if our car was having problems and we said no. She asked if both our missionaries had the money they needed for their missions. We explained that our son had saved enough to pay for his mission and that I got a part time job to fund our daughter’s. Our neighbor then said that she didn’t know why, but she needed to give us money and she wasn’t going to ignore the prompting a third time. She pulled out her checkbook and wrote us a check.

I was too shocked to say anything, but my husband accepted her check and said he wouldn’t stand in the way of God’s inspiration. We thanked her as she left.

Then and only then, we unfolded the check to see the amount of $10,000. I know it sounds ridiculous, and quite frankly embarrassing, but neither of us remembered our prayer from two years previous until a couple of days later when it clicked like a lightbulb in our minds.

Hesitant to use the superpower

With great power comes great responsibility, and it can be frightening to realize what’s truly possible when you’re unsure of what you’re supposed to do with it. She continued:

We were both so taken back by the revelation that we vowed never to ask for anything again unless we knew for certain that it was a righteous request.

It seems silly now, when I see it in writing, but we were given a super-power and then were too afraid to ever use it.

God was leading the way all along

Even though they dropped the issue like a hot potato, their experience was “not for nothing”. Years later it all started to make sense.

In her words:

Several years after that I felt a change coming to our lives. I didn’t know what, but it was an undeniable feeling. I started wondering what actions I needed to take.

I began taking online college classes. I started investigating different money-making ventures. I felt restless. Then one night I opened an email with a job-listing to work in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Church Office Building.

I read over the qualifications and was interested, but not fully qualified.

I jokingly asked my husband if he wanted to move to Salt Lake, after I read the job listing to him. He said he’d rather not, since his job takes him through Salt Lake on a regular basis and he doesn’t enjoy fighting the traffic.

A day or two later, the job listing came to the forefront of my thoughts again. I prayed about it and felt that I needed to apply even if only to show Heavenly Father that I would act upon spiritual promptings. I’ve told Him many times that I would do anything he asked, and I felt like he was asking.

Things progressed quickly and within a month’s time I was offered the job, my husband [also] felt the prompting, we moved out of our house of thirty years and I started working for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah.

© Can Stock Photo / eunika

Two months after starting my new job, we were all asked to work from home because of Covid-19. However, I still went into the office at least once a week to receive and scan mail to my fellow employees.

The crossing of two paths

Let me interrupt her story for a minute to point something out. Back while I was preparing to submit my publication to the church for their archives, Jaelyn was being led to apply for, obtain, and relocate to the ONE position at the church (out of thousands of positions) that would put the Mindset Mastery manual into her hands, at a time when most of the employees were working from home. She explained:

That’s how I got exposed to your book, Mindset Mastery Special Edition.

It came in the mail and as I delivered it to the Permissions Office, I flipped through and read some pages.

My soul recognized truth the moment I opened your book. I recognized the truth on those pages. I was eager to read the entire book and since the office continued to be empty, I read on my own time whenever I could.

I downloaded and read both the Jackrabbit Factor and Hidden Treasures, as you suggested, along the way and loved them both.

…[F]inding your book not being a coincidence … [and] that there may be a higher purpose … resonated in my soul. I knew it to be true because of everything that led up to it.

I believe we all have a mission on this earth to improve lives, as well as our own. I also know God is happy to guide us along that path as long as we allow Him, by asking.

I want to meet you in person and learn more. I would love to have a part in improving other people’s lives by sharing this hope filled message. Thank you. All the best, Jaelyn Hansen

She and I got on a zoom call and spent some time getting to know each other better.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out for her to join me at the studio, but she did jump in to a Guided Mindset Mastery class, and made a tremendous contribution in the group.

And now…

I’m thrilled to be introducing Jaelyn as a Mindset Mastery HONORS Graduate!

As always, I have a few questions of our graduation applicants. Here are some of Jaelyn’s responses:

Q. What was your Phase 1 experiment (the inconsequential goal)?

Jaelyn actually had a few:

I had so much fun with the insignificant goal assignment to think of something I desired. We were told to picture it, believe that it could happen, and then have excitement and gratitude for receiving it as if we already had. I chose a bird feather. Yes, a feather.

I wanted a feather to symbolize my new knowledge of how fly, how to soar with the ability to invite things into my life that I needed and wanted. I had high hopes, even though in the year and a half that I’ve lived in my new city, I’ve never spotted a bird feather on the ground as I walked the mile to work.

I pictured a feather in my mind, was excited about it and prayed for it to come into my life. I knew it would happen without any doubt. A few short days later, my husband and I decided to walk to our local market. We took the stairs from our ninth floor to the terrace on the fifth floor, and then took the elevator to the first floor from there. We don’t usually take that route to get out of our building, but that day we did.

I no sooner spoke the words, ‘Help me watch for my feather for class’‚ than it appeared at my feet on the top step of the stairwell.

I was so happy! I dusted it off and clung to it tightly all the way to the little market, while we shopped, and all the way home (never seeing another feather, going or returning).

I am a believer. Creating in your mind what you want, asking in faith, and believing that it will happen, is how the power of God works.

The next experiment was decided as a class. We chose a blue heart as our insignificant goal. Mine appeared in a bag of colorful buttons down the craft isle on the bottom shelf of a store as I was searching for wire to hang a mirror.

I looked down and saw a blue button in the shape of a heart in a bag of assorted buttons. I would never have noticed it if I hadn’t decided that a blue heart was my insignificant goal for the week. Thought proceeds the miracle.

Lastly, I couldn’t find the dongle to my home computer mouse. I looked and looked everywhere I could think of at least twice. I worked a whole day on my computer without it and it was very inconvenient.

The next morning, I read about Leslie Householder losing her thumb drive and then finding it because she took the time to stop, close her eyes, picture the flash drive in her hand and feel joy. I decided to do the same.

I closed my eyes, pictured my mouse dongle and smiled to myself that it was so easy, I just knew I’d find it at my office desk when I got there. But it wasn’t there.

The thought came to check my purse pockets again even though I had checked them previously. I reached in and pulled out all the things in my purse pocket and was not surprised to see my dongle amongst the other items. I gave my thanks for heavenly help and had a great rest of my day.

Q.  Did you face a Terror Barrier during the course?

I didn’t hit a terror barrier during this course because of what I’ve learned. Now it’s simply a dis-ease [not feeling at ease] instead of a terror-barrier. I feel like I can now see it for what it is and it doesn’t have as intense of an affect on me.

I smile, say “hello” to the terror, and repeat the things I’ve chosen to replace the terror barrier with (new Y thoughts).

Q. What was your goal or intention for the Phase 2 experiment?

Since grade school, I’ve felt that I wasn’t smart enough.

As an adult, I decided to prove to myself that these negative thoughts were no longer true. Learning Spanish was what I chose to do to prove my intelligence.

I’ve tried for over ten years to learn Spanish, but every time I would hit the terror barrier and quit trying. I feared the negative message failure would groove permanently into my brain. I couldn’t bear to fail and yet continued to do so over and over again.

Once I learned about the terror barrier in Lesson 16, a light bulb clicked on, and I realized what I had been doing to myself over the years. I continued to quit trying because I was afraid to fail, which caused me to experience the thing I feared the most.

It was a ridiculous cycle that I didn’t even recognize until now.

With my newly learned tools, I recognize the dis-ease and stress I felt as two contrary vibrations trying to fill the same space.

All I do now is hang on tightly to the new positive message (Y) of being smart enough to learn a second language, until the old negative thoughts (X) are finally pushed out because there is no longer room for them.

[As for my results]

…I found my own personal way of learning successfully through divine guidance. I know that I received heavenly help that guided me to achieve this righteous goal. Already this week I’ve learned over two dozen new verbs and their conjugations in Spanish.

Now I smile when I start to feel uneasy and ramp up my belief of being a successful learner and I study confidently knowing the reward awaits. My Patriarchal Blessing says I have “a good memory…and all the gifts, talents, and abilities I need to be successful…”

For the first time in my life, I truly believe this to be true. I’m filled with gratitude for all I’ve learned.

I love that Jaelyn has both documented and shared so much of her journey with us.

Every new story helps someone else gain a little more courage or confidence to make the attempt, test the principles for themselves, and discover the power of co-creating an amazing life in partnership with God.

There is a lot we can do on our own, but the possibilities really do become limitless when we strive to learn and live by the true and right principles governing God’s great Universe.

Congratulations, Jaelyn! Keep up the great work. And thank you for allowing me to share your story!!

PS. Jaelyn’s story is in no way meant to claim or imply that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints endorses my work. While we are an independent company not officially affiliated with the church, we do strive to always be aligned with its official counsel and policies.


Leslie Householder

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