The Impossible Goal

At our Facilitator Conference 2022, we played BINGO throughout the week.

Each square on the BINGO card represented a task or activity that helped the participants achieve their personal goals as Rare Faith Program Facilitators.

(We love working with people who want to build a side income sharing the Rare Faith principles with others!)

For each BINGO row completed, the participants were invited to pick a prize from the basket. The contents of the basket were kept secret, and the only way to discover what was inside, was to get BINGO. The prizes ranged in value from a few dollars, up to a couple hundred dollars, with a few blackout prizes worth thousands.

One very unique prize was something special that had been given to me many years ago from a reader. I wrestled with whether or not I should include it in the basket of prizes, because it held special meaning and I wasn’t sure if anyone else would fully appreciate it. But I felt like I needed to be willing to let it go.

I just prayed that it would go to someone who would really love to have it.

I wondered if that was possible, though, because it was a real-life jackrabbit skin, preserved and mounted on soft felt for display. Not everyone is into that sort of thing, and I understand that some may even be repelled by it. At the very least, I expected to get some fun reactions from the participants who got BINGO when they discovered a rabbit skin inside the basket. 🙂

So, I started videoing their reactions…

Wasn’t that fun?

(You can now find this video and more on my NEW TikTok profile here:

Christy thought it would be impossible to feel rabbit fur that week, but set the goal anyway. She knows how to apply Rare Faith to seemingly impossible goals. How does she know how to do it?

Let me tell you a little more about Christy…

Christy Lee is a Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate, she completed Facilitator Training, and participated in my 12-month Achieving the Impossible program.

She is also one of our top strategists on our Rare Faith team, so you can even request a free strategy session, and ask her HOW she set the fur goal so it could happen the way it did! She’s fantastic at helping others get clarity and find confidence in taking their next right step so they can experience miracles in their own lives.

The more you learn, the more the impossible can become possible for you, too.

Congratulations on your fun win, Christy! 🙂

Leslie Householder

3 Responses

  1. Leslie,
    What an energising and hopeful story! And, what a delightful illustration of just how simple it is to dream and think with clarity, and then to write down intentionally what you’d love to be, to do or to have!
    I loved that video clip, especially the peeking into the box, and watched it a couple of times. Yes, I always find it amazing when what seems to me to be impossible becomes not only possibility, but reality-it’s high time I internalised fully that everything is possible.
    (I presume that this is the same Christy Lee who has corresponded with me?)
    Warm regards to you all.

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