Seriously, a Pandemic!

Tamara Shimmin

We were living the dream, only the dream wasn’t what we had imagined. My husband and I had purchased an RV with the hopes of traveling the country, visiting all the state and national parks, and meeting fun people living the RV lifestyle. Reality wasn’t in alignment with the dream.

I had been sort of living The Law of Vibration throughout my life without knowing anything about The Universal Laws. I would just decide what I wanted, then figure out how to make it happen. My husband always wanted to figure out the details before deciding if it could happen or not. Since the details almost never matched up with the desired outcome, I preferred my way. Then I read Leslie Householder’s book, The Jack Rabbit Factor. Her explanation gave me an understanding of why things had worked in my life the way they did.
Living full-time in an RV and travelling the country had been glamorized in some of the social media groups I was following, and I had caught the dream. My husband had just taken early retirement, so we decided to uproot our lives, give everything away and run away in an RV. As Leslie teaches, we made a list of all the things we wanted:

  • Class A Motorhome
  • Full bathroom
  • Full-sized shower
  • Hard surface floors
  • Ice maker
  • Queen-sized bed
  • Space for my crafting
  • Hitch for towing
  • Recliners
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • AC
  • Large living space

My sister learned that her friend was selling her RV. Amazingly, it had everything we asked for except the hard surface floors, and I knew that carpet was just cosmetic. We purchased the RV just from photos and drove 12 hours to pick it up. We were so excited to start our new adventure.

There is an important piece to the Law of Vibration that I had forgotten: get clear on what you want. Fast forward and we were stuck in Galveston, TX paying about $1000 a month to fix things breaking in the RV. And we hadn’t moved for nine months! We had forgotten to ask for the RV to be in good repair!

Having long been bitten by the travel bug, I was getting antsy. After all, we were supposed to be traveling, not stationary. We decided that we should move to Arizona when unexpectedly, COVID-19 hit. Seriously, a Pandemic?

Our daughter called us from Idaho to let us know all her university classes would now be online and all her roommates had gone home. She was all alone. We quickly made the decision to move us all to Utah where we had some family, including our son.

It was January, so we didn’t want to live in the RV in the cold. We had no furniture, didn’t want to pay rent, and needed extra income to get us out of our newly created RV debt.

Gratefully, the Law of Vibration helped us again when I was hired as the manager for a storage facility that came with a brand new, two-bedroom, fully furnished apartment. As a bonus, it had an incredible view of the mountains!

As I have learned about the Universal Laws from Leslie, and tried to live them on purpose, I recognize how they have been working throughout my life. I am now purposeful about getting clear on what I want and have the faith that God will provide what is best for me. I am looking forward to trying the RV lifestyle again in the future; this time in an RV that is paid for and functions well!

So, if you have a dream, get clear on what you want. Think about every detail. Write it down and have faith that God will provide.


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