Opportunity to Prosper: Rejoice in 2007!

Let me tell you about someone dear to me. About 5 years ago, I struggled with a dilemma unrelated to money. In search of peace, after exhausting all other resources, and as a last resort, I actually turned to the internet, which for me at the time was nothing more than the great and scary unknown. Before long, I came upon a website called SheLovesGod.com and, impressed with what I found, became a subscriber.

Eventually, the creator of the site wrote an article on the very thing I was struggling with at the time: forgiving. I responded to it with some questions of my own, and was surprised but grateful when she replied back. Through email we became good friends, and discovered that we had a lot in common, including having attended the same University, among other things. She supported me as I searched for answers, and in turn I shared with her what I had recently discovered about the principles of prosperity.

She writes, “After only 2 weeks of using the principles [of prosperity]… I was able to double my sales from my web sites.” She was so excited about what she had learned that she asked me to write a series of articles for her subscribers. Eventually those articles were expounded upon and compiled into the book that is now called “Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters” which is now available in 3 different formats at the bookstore.

About 6 months later, she hosted a virtual women’s conference and asked me to be a guest instructor to teach “Leaning on the Lord in a Financial Crisis”. However, something dawned on her, and she said, “After the participants learn from you, they’re going to want to go to a website… you need a website!” Thus, ThoughtsAlive.com was born, thanks to Marnie. She threw one together for me and taught me how to code, and after learning the ropes, it simply evolved (and continues to evolve) from there.

As the author of “10 Steps to Fulfilling Your Divine Destiny: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Learning & Living God’s Plan for Her,” Marnie also gave me the encouragement I needed to believe I could write a book, which eventually led to the creation of “The Jackrabbit Factor.” I knew that not everyone would immediately pick up a “how to” book like Hidden Treasures, but everyone could enjoy a story to introduce them to the principles of prosperity that Marnie had embraced so well.

In her own words she says, “As a direct result of learning these laws, I’ve tripled my internet income, and my husband has retired from his day job to start his own personal chef business (which he’s been dreaming about for years)! To say the information is life changing would be an understatement.” I’ll also add that she recently became a best-selling author with her latest novel, “Angel and the Enemy”.

So why do I tell you all of this? Because she is starting a new project, out of gratitude to God for all she has been blessed with, and invited my subscibers to participate at no charge in a conference called “Rejoice in 2007”.

I endorse(d) this project because I know what she stands for and that it will be in complete harmony with all the principles of prosperity that I hold dear.

She says,

“Look back on 2007 as the year everything fell into place. There’s no charge to participate. This is my gift to 2,007 individuals. I only ask that you commit to the process. Do the weekly exercises I’ll send you and keep me posted on how you’re doing. You’ll also be invited to attend various teleclasses, and I’d love for you to participate in the ones that meet your schedule. I’ll be teaching many of them myself, but I’ll also be inviting guest experts to talk on everything from finances, to business, to health and relationships.”

In hindsight, I’m grateful for the struggle that caused me to find her.

“Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”

— Napoleon Hill.

Let each of your adversities be the start of something great. Marnie can show you how!

Happy New Year!


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  1. My sister just gave me your book and it is in complete harmony with what I have been studying. Thank you for being an example of what I to can become. I have 5 children and have just began writing my first book. I have always known their was a book in me but believed my children had to be grown before I could begin. Thank you for teaching me otherwise!

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