MLM Multi-level Miracles

By Heidi Dahlke

From the time I married, I was exposed to numerous Multi-level Marketing programs, many of which I joined and took part in. Hoping that this next one would give me the information I needed to succeed. I loved the camaraderie and knowing I was with like-minded people chasing dreams. I thrived on seminars, books and recordings. It would go well for a while and then some old programs, trials or the terror barrier would rear their heads and I would step back into safety and comfort. Each time pulling my dream back with me. I remember listening to speakers at functions and seminars, knowing that someday I wanted to be up there on the stage uplifting and teaching.

After a while the MLMs fell by the wayside but my dream of teaching from stage was still there. I started to take classes with Kirk Duncan at 3 Key Elements. I loved the principles and I took a couple classes; The Art of Mentoring and Present Yourself. I remember specifically sitting in Present Yourself, listening to Kirk tell story after story of experiences in his life. As I sat listening, I told myself I could never do this because I don’t have any good stories to share.

After ten years of many ups and downs, having and raising 6 kids and all the things that pop up in life, I knew it was time to start working on my mindset. I needed to know that I was not alone and that I was worthy of the love I had felt deprived of. I started a prayer journal so I could be intentional about my time with my Heavenly Father. I had slacked on my relationship with him and I wanted to remedy that. I had been studying a lot about the Law of Attraction, but I felt that there were some things missing. I remembered reading some books by Leslie Householder years before, specifically Hidden Treasures. I reread the book and started to look for more information. I bought the combination book of Jackrabbit Factor and Portal to Genius and did a free course. About a month after I started my journal, I received a call from Christy Lee sharing the MQ test and on the follow up call I knew my next step was Guided Mindset Mastery. Since then I have continued growing with Rare Faith, at present with Live Life Lean and Facilitator Track. I can clearly see the evidence of my blessings in my life and how my Heavenly Father is leading my path.

A few months ago, when I was considering whether or not to sign up for Facilitator track, I was contemplating the things I’ve learned and been able to implement. I was able to look back on the past ten years with a different perspective. I struggled and fought, but I also persevered and triumphed. All those years ago when I had decided I couldn’t fulfill my dream because I didn’t have stories, I had buried my dream. Through that period I have experienced life and I have lived and developed my stories. I had been given the exact experiences and circumstances to grow through and change so that I could become someone relateable with stories. I am happy to report that I am actively pursuing my dream now. I have stories to share and life principles to teach just like I always wanted. I feel seen, loved and cherished by a Father who loves me and encourages me to be more. Each person has a story. We bless and enrich each other’s lives as we reach outside of ourselves and see people as the Lord sees them. Most importantly I’ve learned to see myself through his eyes as well.

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