Missing Finger Phenomenon

One of my readers sent me an email that I thought was fascinating.  She wrote:

In 2004 I lost half of my left pointer and all of my middle finger due to an accident with a table saw. A week later when I picked up a mug with my injured hand for the first time after the accident, I had a profound experience.

What happened shocked me and I will never forget it.

As I held the mug, I perceived 3 fingers holding the mug and two – the missing ones- inside the mug. The perception was completely real. In fact what came to mind was “this is how it must feel walking through a wall”.

For about a week following this experience every time I repeated that action the experience faded and pretty soon there was no difference anymore between my left hand holding a mug and my right hand holding the same mug. How is that? Well, I figured out that my own computer (using your lingo here) adjusted its software to correct the situation with my left hand.

There are a couple of points I want to bring out with this.  First, you do have a spirit, and your mind is constantly working with your body and your spirit to do what “needs” to be done.

Secondly, your mind does things for you even when you aren’t consciously directing it.

Do you see how amazing your mind is?  The more you understand how your mind works, the more you can put its incredible power to use.  But to do this effectively, you have to understand what your mind IS.

Think of it this way: It’s really a combination of your body, your spirit, and your fundamental consciousness.  And when things don’t appear quite the same as what your subconscious mind expects, it compensates.  You begin to see and/or sense things differently.

For example, if your subconscious mind expects to see abundance in your life, but your 5 senses are not picking up on any tangible evidence of it, your mind will help you notice (and feel compelled toward) the right avenues that will lead you to the success it expects.

If you expect to struggle financially, your mind will help you notice and feel compelled toward the avenues that will lead you to hardship.

You don’t get what you want out of life; you ultimately get what you expect.

Let me show you step-by-step how to change your subconscious programs.  How? Simple. Just watch THIS VIDEO.

Leslie Householder

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