Life is Like the Internet

By Shanna Hoppie

Do you feel like getting what you want in life is hard or out of your control? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easier way or a system that can be followed that works every time? There is an easier way and it’s as easy as using the internet. Your life is like the internet. It contains all the information, pictures, etc. that you could ever want. You just need to learn how use the tools available to you in the right way.

Take a look at your screen right now. What you are looking at is called a browser. It’s where you see the information from websites you choose to go to. This can be likened to your life or what you experience–this is your reality.

You most likely have an address bar where you type in the address of the websites that you want to go to. It is exact and defined. You only go to the address that you type in. That address bar is like our belief system. We get our belief systems from other people, from books, TV, etc. Basically, we get it through previous experience, both our own and from others. We are capable of changing the addresses that we put into the address bar, but we don’t like doing that. We’re afraid of going to a website that we don’t want to go to (ie. get the kind of life we don’t want). So we continue to go to the same old websites and continue to get the same information on the screen (same old reality).

So, how do you change the information that you see on your “screen”? How can you know that the website address you enter into the address bar is going to give you the results you want? The life you want?

Someone had created a wonderful internet tool that millions of people use today. It’s called a search engine. You type in a keyword for the information you are interested in finding and this tool searches the entire internet, bringing back to you a list of options that seem most relevant to the keyword(s) you entered. Now you can just look at those few websites, most likely finding the perfect information within the top three listed.

Our mind is like a search engine. Once we learn how to use it, we can enter in anything we are interested in knowing more about and hit “search”. The mind (search engine) brings back to our awareness many websites (options, ideas, thoughts) that contain the information we’re interested in. From there, we can choose what websites we visit (what life we want to experience).

The mind operates it search through questions. Your mind doesn’t like unanswered questions. When you ask a question, it goes into search mode to find the answer. What questions are you asking? For example, you don’t like your current job. Are you asking yourself, “Why can’t I find a better job? Why won’t someone give me a better job? Why do I always get these dead end jobs?”

(By the way, asking why is the worst question you can ask. It’s puts you on the defensive and the only answers you get back is more fuel for the fire. Start asking how, where and what questions. They provide much better feedback.)

Now, if you want a different job, start your mind on a search for that job. What would a better job look like? How can I find this better job? Where can I find this better job? Who could I talk to about a better job? I think you see where this is going.

The more you practice asking the right questions, the more you will see your reality move toward the kind of life you really want. And don’t forget to “click” on the websites (act on the thoughts or ideas) that seem to be relevant to the reality you are looking for. Good luck and happy surfing!


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