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By Matthew Piling

I’ve spent years thinking about writing a book or two. I’ve been blessed with some unique ideas and insights that I believe would be helpful to others. I enjoy the process of sorting out thoughts through written word. And, I just think it would be fun. But, I’ve never written a book before. I don’t know how to manage that kind of project, and I don’t know that I have the time or energy to figure all of that out. In short, I’m not an author. 

But, I want to be an author. As I’ve talked with Leslie (a successful, published author of multiple best sellers) about the idea, she’s focused much less on the steps to take in the process and much more on what it will feel like to be a published author. Only problem—I’ve never been a published author and really don’t know what it will feel like. How can I intently feel now something so foreign to me? How can I get into that vibration? 

Because I haven’t had a great answer to that question, I’ve let myself spend a good deal of time believing that the idea of writing a book was a monumental task that just couldn’t fit into my current lifestyle. I’ve let myself believe that someday, when I’ve finally used the laws to achieve some level of success and freedom in my life, then I’d be able to sit down and write. And, even though that process would involve actions that I control, if I’m honest with myself, I had allowed the idea of writing a book to be based on external factors (things I can’t control) and haven’t written because I was a victim of circumstance. And, as we all know, victim vibration is not the frequency of growth and accomplishment. 

So, in the name of working towards my goal, I determined that I would proactively use the laws to create the needed abundance to then be able to work less and have more time for writing. But, every time I went about trying to apply the laws to do that, I would dead end. I’ve tried several different ventures and careers in the hope of “making it big” to then, someday, finally do what I have always felt called to do. 

Finally, in a prayer of desperation (and perhaps surrender), as I was asking God to just make it work, a thought came into my head—“Quit trying to create the time and space in your life to be able to finally write, and JUST START WRITING!” I felt very strongly that I was supposed to take the time and energy that I was pouring into trying to solve my perceived problem and pour that directly into writing. And, I knew that, by doing what I was called to do, rather than dilly-dallying on side roads, I would be blessed and things would flow.

But, I was back at square one—I wasn’t an author and I didn’t know how to feel like an author. Again, the thought came to just write—not an entire book, but something. Anything. So, I decided to write a piece just for myself as a way of sorting through some of my lingering thoughts about the 7 laws. I wasn’t sure where things would go or if there was even a destination to arrive at. I just started typing. And, as I typed, thoughts started connecting themselves. Words became sentences. Sentences became paragraphs. Paragraphs became cohesive thoughts, some of which I had never fully realized or expressed before. The process was cathartic and revealing.

After a while, I sat back and looked at what I had written. I was an author. This is what it felt like to write. The feelings were familiar. And I liked it. 

I planned on coming back in the near future and repeating the process, but for now it was time to put my computer away. As I started to do so, I felt prompted to share what I had written in the Mindset Mastery Facebook group. Somewhat reluctantly, I posted it there. The next day, I woke to several positive comments from people I have grown to honor and respect, including a request from Leslie to post what I had written in other locations. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I spent years coming up with reasons that I wasn’t and couldn’t be an author. Then, in less than 24 hours, I wrote a piece and received recognition from a best selling author?!? I spent soooooo long telling myself that I couldn’t possibly know what that would feel like. Then, almost instantly, I went from that to feeling the floodgates open in ways that I couldn’t possibly have imagined.

My book isn’t finished yet. I’ve still got a long way to go before I’ve accomplished some of my author goals. But, I am an author. I took a step towards my goal and it took a giant step towards me. And, the number of doors that have opened themselves because of that one step still astound me.

What you want wants you. If you don’t know what it feels like to have accomplished the thing that you are after, know that IT already knows what it feels like. Trust in that. Imagine what you hope it will feel like. Think of the conversation you’ll someday have with the person who has been blessed by the results you’ve created. Imagine the warm embrace as they say thank you for reaching them in a way that no one else could. And then step forward into your greatness. Even if you can’t imagine what it will feel like, take the first step and the feelings will come.


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