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Today’s question comes from L.S. She posted her question in our private Facebook group for program participants, and the interaction sheds some light that I believe can help others.

She wrote:

I need a GENIUS idea ~ I am getting a bit of a challenge as I am always on the phone with new team members or potential clients. I don’t want to let them or my team down, but I also want to honor my family.

I have to work all hours to build my business. My family is feeling a bit ignored as I finally have a LIFE… IDEAS on how to be a part of everything I want to be?? (BTW, my daughter & her little boy live with me & they are the ones complaining)

Here were some of the responses:

Schedule one on one time with them and block that out of your schedule to just focus on them. Just like you would on once of your clients.

There was a time management technique someone shared with me where you define your “jobs” and limit them to 4-5 for example mine might be Wife, Mother. Artist, Daughter of God, Business woman.

YOU decide the jobs and carefully decide the job description to include what is the most important “in come” (that can be good relationships, money fitness what ever is that job is for) when some thing doesn’t fit in the “job” description feel free to say “NO” because it doesn’t grow your “in-come” It’s kind of a very brief explanation of a great method that helps you focus on what is most important and putting your boundaries up while freeing you to pursue and schedule the most important things.

– A.H

Definitely schedule time for your business team. The more accessible you are, the more they depend on you and the less they do for themselves.

As for clients, if they are having an actual crisis, go ahead and do the impromptu session. Otherwise make them stick to the schedule too.

I wouldn’t worry about losing clients if they have to wait. It might make you more desirable. I remember after a few times of being able to get appointments instantly at my doctor, I wondered if they were really that good because they weren’t busy!

– K.J

Yes block out a certain time or times that is always family time (as well as some personal time too) that way you and your family know it is only for them. And by letting your clients know you will be unavailable at those times, you have set healthy boundaries. It could be daily for 15 -30 minutes, or weekly for an hour or more, just make it consistent and be committed.

I know sometimes life doesn’t alway let us have a perfect schedule, but setting it up consistently helps it happen. I hope this is helpful 🙂 Balance is always an interesting thing to achieve.

– A.H

I agree. Time blocking works! I create a time blocking calendar by using colors for each type of time block. Personal in pink, business blue, etc. Then I set times for those activities. What happens during those time blocks varies, the time block stay basically the same with room for real emergencies, or must do changes.

– D.A

I had this EXACT thing come up after Genius Bootcamp in Arizona about my Family, and Leslie had a brilliant IDEA of sharing the COOL things I’m doing with my Family (stories) and they LOVE hearing them and feel included. I do actually schedule time on my calendar with my family. It has done wonders~

– S.M

Everyone has pretty much said it — scheduling is the most important thing. I have calling hours for clients and leave the rest for family or whatever.

– N.G

Love the comments. I so need balance and order in my life right now. Love the color block system. … I don’t want to lose sight that my most important job is wife and mother, while allowing life to take me to some AMAZING places.

– L.G

L.S. wrapped up with:

WOW! You’re all GENIUSES! I love the great ideas! I’ve got some GREAT ones from all of you! THANK-YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE.

And I have to agree. I also encourage you to see what I learned from Sharon Lechter about the “balance myth”. More about that here.

Until next time!

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