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A Realist’s Story

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The first time our company met Brytt was at a Genius Bootcamp (a 3-day workshop for solving problems the Rare Faith way). His questions revealed an analytical mind, and his scrutiny of the experience revealed some uncertainty about whether or not learning more would be a worthy investment of his time.

I wouldn’t say he was exactly wary of our assurances and promises, but he did not appear to be 100% on board, either.

When I spoke with him, he was still trying to figure out which career shift he wanted to pursue. He knew things needed to change, but had a hard time deciding the details of his “rabbit“.

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Mindset Quotient Insights

Did you know?

Of all the people who have taken the MQ Test:

  • 15.6% are mainly focused on trying to be happy, and
  • 28.6% are mainly focused on following inspiration

Have you ever thought about your focus, and what’s most important to you?

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“Thanks so much for your words, and for expanding and sharing your talents. When I feel overwhelmed and wonder why I need to be doing things like writing books when I could be just sitting back and serving my family, I remember the years you have served and the difference you have made [with your books]. I know that I can make a difference, too. Love, Adrian”

“I went into this course unsure what to expect, but knowing I needed to learn ‘how’ to think. I already recognized that I held a strong knowledge of the laws of thought, but it was also obvious to me that I didn’t necessarily know how to use this knowledge on purpose. I enjoyed reading the course material and often noticed my thoughts recognizing the same patterns in my own life. This recognition helped me to start becoming consciously aware of the power I have in my life and circumstances and the damaging power negativity can have when I allow myself to entertain it. I instead have learned to look for the good in all circumstances and to become more careful in my speech. My confidence grows as I use proper application of thought and practice what I have learned …

“My favorite part of the guided version of the course (besides the material itself) was the weekly class that kept me on track to complete the coursework. It provided the opportunity for class members to ask questions or share experiences as many ‘a-ha’ moments (small and large) were had by all. It was amazing to be with a group of people united for one common goal: to learn how to think.” Sarah Young, Guided Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate (now in training to become a Rare Faith Program Facilitator


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