“I am your tenth participant”

Meet Kristi Steidly – again ūüėČ

Kristi is a rock star with the Rare Faith principles. She was announced earlier as a Mindset Mastery honors graduate, and went on to become a Rare Faith Program Facilitator. As she assisted with one of the Mindset Mastery Guided classes, she decided to do the work again as a participant herself to achieve some next-level goals.

Here is her report of “take 2”:

As always, whenever someone applies for graduation from the course, I have some questions:

Q. Let’s begin with phase 1. What was your¬†Inconsequential Goal experience?

I wanted to receive a pleasant surprise phone call. I imagined a big smile on my face while holding the phone to my ear. Not less than 2 hours later my phone rang, but I had already forgotten about my goal by then. I was focused on other work and didn’t recognize the phone number, so I did not answer.

Fortunately, they left a message for me. It was good news. That’s when I remembered my inconsequential goal. I asked for a pleasant phone call, but when it came I rejected it. I learned a great lesson from this. How many times do I ask for things only to reject them when they come to me? I need to be a better receiver!

Q. What was your bite-sized phase 2 ‚Äúdifficult, meaningful, or important‚ÄĚ goal?

My bite-size goal was to have ten participants in my first Guided Mindset Mastery class I would be facilitating.

I wrote that I am happy and grateful to have ten participants in attendance for my first Guided Mindset Mastery class. I imagined how enjoyable it would be to share this incredible information with them. I imagined the ahas and insights being shared on the weekly Zoom calls. I focused on the gratitude we would all feel for this opportunity to learn and grow together. I felt so connected to the participants before I even know who they would be.

After my first class, I was reflecting back on my goal. I had seven people sign up. I pondered how I was close to my goal, but didn’t quite reach it. I read the words I wrote down for my goal. I said I wanted “ten participants”. Well, I have a fantastic assistant who participates in our class. I also participate. Therefore, I actually have nine participants. That’s exciting! I was really close to reaching my goal.

Next, I very clearly heard God say in my mind, “I am your tenth participant.”

Tears flowed down my cheeks as I felt the truthfulness of those words. I knew He was guiding me to those participants who signed up, and to my assistant. I feel Him with us each week in our discussions. I reached my goal in an unexpected, yet very meaningful way. I am so grateful.

Q. Evaluate and describe the outcome of your experience of facing a fear from assignment/lesson 18. How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances?

I fear becoming too attached to helping people that I forget to take care of myself. I fear being overcome with sadness knowing how much pain others experience. I can feel it so deeply sometimes. I fear I will take it on for myself and be buried with hurt and pain that is in the world.

I know I will want to take it away from others¬† and that can cause myself to be unhealthy. I don’t want to become weakened by all the heavy hurt in the world.

But I know with God I have strength to overcome sadness and pain. I know He will protect and strengthen me so I can help His children in the way He needs me to.

Q. Did you face a Terror Barrier?

Yes. I personally reached out to people I felt would benefit from taking Guided Mindset Mastery. It was out of my comfort zone to personally invite people to sign up for this class I am facilitating.

On the last day to register, I called one of the participants and boldly said I really think she should sign up. I had to push through my fears of coming across as “sales pitchy” or worrying about her thinking I just want her money. I know I have old money mindsets that do not serve me. I know each one of the participants in my class is grateful for what they are learning. I am grateful I broke through the terror barrier, and now I get to experience Guided Mindset Mastery with all of them.

It’s incredible!

Q. What would you tell someone who is facing their fear right now?

I would say keep going. Look at the fear for what it is, but it’s also very important to look past the fear. We have to envision what is on the other side. In my experience, it usually ends up even better than I expect.

Kristi is now one of our powerful program facilitators. Here’s what people are saying about her classes:

“AMAZING!!! … I loved the class the instructors and the people in my class!! It was a Very Wonderful, Positive, Spiritual Experience. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank You.” – Melissa O.

“It was so wonderful! … Fantastic!” – Allison M.

“It was great! I’m glad for my experience!” – Emily F.

And here are Kristi’s final words about teaching what she’s learned:

Thanks again for providing me with the opportunity to share this incredible message and have yet another rewarding experience connecting with others.

Well done, Kristi, and congratulations! Thank you for demonstrating how you can use the course to achieve every next-level goal throughout your life.

Kristi is now a Rare Faith Program Facilitator. To learn more about Kristi and what she’s up to now, visit www.rarefaith.org/kristi-steidley.


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