A look inside the Rare Faith Facilitator program

Join us in Oct?

Facilitator Conference – is it for you?

Hi Reader,

Would you like to get an up-close, personal look at what it’s like to be part of the Rare Faith Facilitator program? Well, here’s your chance.

Come be one of us for 3 days!!

Facilitator Conference Oct 2021 – now OPEN TO ANYONE!

This invitation is being extended to less than 5% of my community.

YOU were chosen to receive an invitation because you’ve taken at least one of the important steps for Facilitator Program qualification, by attending Genius Bootcamp, or participating in Mindset Mastery, or both.

Maybe you’ve even thought about becoming a Rare Faith program facilitator, but you’re not sure if it’s the right next step for you.

Do you want to engage in the Rare Faith principles more deeply, and explore the opportunities and rewards available for engaging at a leadership level?

Facilitator Conference – normally closed to the public – is going to be open THIS October to a limited number of prospective facilitators, and you’re invited.

  • Have the Rare Faith principles made a difference in your life?
  • Do you feel a pull to be a part of this work?
  • Do you want to understand the opportunity better and find out what’s here for you?

Spend 3 intimate days with me and my team, immersed together in a cause that changes lives, and watch it change yours. No need to wait for an application to be approved, no need to complete a ton of pre-requisites… you’re already qualified for this invitation.

So just come as you are, be one of us for three days, and leave refreshed, empowered, excited about new possibilities, and with more clarity about your own next right step.

Enjoy fascinating, belief-stretching conversations, top-notch training, and the association of me, my team, and those who I count as some of the best people on the planet for three days and two nights in beautiful Chandler, AZ at the perfect time of year.

Hotel and meals included!

It’s only August and we’re ALREADY as full as we were last year. We may never open this up to non-facilitators again, so reserve your spot while you can!

Click here to learn more about Facilitator Conference

Save on the leadership bundle by also joining us for Rare Faith Business Training during the same week, same location! Learn more

All the best!

❤ Leslie

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