About Getting Harpooned…

A few years back a friend of mine contacted me because she and I hadn’t seen each other in over a decade, and in her words, she said, “I found you on a site that listed you among people who have gone to the devil (along with a bunch of other people I really respect), and I just had to see what you were up to!”

Well, I’ve always wondered what site had me as having ‘gone to the devil’ but didn’t want to get mired down so I didn’t really look for it.  In response (in case anyone cared to know what my response would be), I created a post called Trick or Treat.

But today, I think I may have found it (accidentally)!!  I was searching for something else, and stumbled onto an article that debunked some things that were found on my site.

So, in case you didn’t know, I am LDS (a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as a Mormon, which many people do not consider Christian, but that’s a topic for another day.  One reader asked me about it, and you can read her question and my response here.)

Ironically, for those of you reading this who are not of my faith, it was a member of my own church who judged me to be deceived. I like to think that all Mormons and other Christians try to be Christ-like, which means not judging another, which means being patient, forgiving of all people no matter how sinful we think they are…

But we’re all on this journey together, just doing our best to become better every day. I’ve judged people too.  Still, I’m trying to remember that I would probably do and say the same things as another person if I had the same upbringing, understanding, and experiences as him or her.

So I think this is a valuable discussion. Let’s begin…

I’ll quote from her site:

“Leslie Householder teaches the law of attraction. She is an LDS author…

“Where are we taught this in the scriptures? Where does the Lord promise blessings in this life? He promises eternal ones, treasures in heaven not treasures on earth. The Occult teaches men to will material success into their lives. Ironically they teach this at first, then they teach you not to want material things but to want to attract world peace instead. These principles are to catch people by their selfish desires for wealth and abundance. Then once they have caught them, they teach them the higher laws and to use the Law of Attraction for the good of all, not just themselves. So it is a great way to entice people by their temporal desires to turn into helpers of Lucifer by showing them it is best for them too. They then teach that if you live the higher laws of using the power of attraction, sending goodwill out into the world, you are invoking Lucifer to come forth with his Plan.

“I checked to see if Leslie Householder’s books were sold at Deseret Books they were not.”

Here is my reply (her site says she isn’t keeping up on her blog right now, so I sent my reply to her on Facebook instead.)

Hi Rosabella,

I was searching the internet and came upon your blog post at http://www.fatherthywillbedone.com/loa-changing-lds-and-christian-beliefs/ To my surprise, you were talking about me!

UPDATE: Her site appears to have been shut down due to—”financial difficulties’ (her words)—but here is the archive of her post that blasted me.

I completely respect your opinion, but felt like I needed to say something about your ~judgment~…  You quoted a few paragraphs from my site and wondered, where was my focus on God? I realize you probably didn’t read any of my books (Jackrabbit Factor, Hidden Treasures, and Portal to Genius) because my words on the website may have appeared similar to occultist ideas… but the much needed focus on God is the main reason I wrote my books in the first place.

(You wouldn’t quote three solitary paragraphs of President Hinckley’s biography and say, “Where is the focus on his baptism?” It’s probably there, but not necessarily in those three paragraphs. I assure you, the importance of God’s role in our success is paramount in my work.)

I imagine you must be aware of the fact that Satan always has a slightly “off” counterfeit to the Lord’s true doctrine.  Too often, we dodge the doctrine itself because it seems too similar to the counterfeits we are trying so hard to avoid.

In the last days, we were told that men would call good evil, and evil good.  It happens all the time, and I see it happening here.

FYI, the source for my work was never The Secret (I wrote mine first), it was never Neale Donald Walsh (I had never heard of him), or Louise Hay (or her)… I’ve had to be discerning about my sources, too (because I care about that more than you seem to think I do).

Some of the primary sources I’ve drawn from for all three of my books are As a Man Thinketh by James Allen (whose book has been quoted many times by the church’s General Authorities including President Kimball in Miracle of Forgiveness), Sterling Sill’s book Laws of Success (he was a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy and Assistant to the 12 Apostles), and Bob Proctor (author of You Were Born Rich, and who, although he was not a member of the church, was brought in by the Toronto Mission President Carl W. Bacon in the 1980s to teach the missionaries how increase their success using these principles).

I also refer to a book called The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, which in my opinion was named entirely incorrectly, because there is more reverence and reference to working with God and his universal laws to achieve your goals than there is about ‘doing it yourself’.

As I was learning these things, I wondered if it was SAFE to read from other sources besides the scriptures. It was while prayerfully seeking an answer to this question that I found my answer at the Los Angeles temple where there is a plaque on the wall – a quote from Brigham Young who said, “Mormonism’ embraces all truth that is revealed and that is unrevealed, whether religious, political, scientific, or philosophical.”

I’d like to also mention the last article of faith by which we members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints try to live:

We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul—We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.

And then there’s our very own Doctrine and Covenants which says in 88:118:

And as all have not faith, seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; yea, seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith.

You might find it interesting to know that I first heard of Bob Proctor at a seminar with thousands of attendees in 2000, when, although he is not Mormon, quoted this verse from the Doctrine and Covenants that he probably found in Sterling Sill’s book:

There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated– And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated. [D&C 130:30–21]

Here is a man who recognized a true principle, and did not judge it to be evil, even though the source may have been contrary to his personal belief system. I think we can learn from his example.

Brigham Young also said, “‘Mormonism’ embraces all the truth that there is in heaven and on the earth; and if there is any in hell it belongs to us.”

So, if Mormonism claims to have the fullness of all truth (or at least claims to be gathering it as fast as the Lord reveals it), then we – especially as individuals – should never prematurely claim to have already received it all.

I think we shouldn’t be so afraid to learn from others, to take it all in and weigh it against the truth we have.  If it’s true, it will fit. If it isn’t true, it won’t fit.  I challenge you to read As a Man Thinketh or any of the other sources I listed and tell me what of them does not fit.

By the way, I do find it interesting that you judge a book to contain true doctrine or not based on whether or not Deseret Book carries it.

To make my point: I just now did a random search on their website, and found a book called The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel – whose description of Book 2: The Magician was this: “It’s time for Sophie to learn the second elemental magic: Fire Magic. And there’s only one man who can teach it to her: Flamel’s old student, the Comte de Saint-Germain — alchemist, magician, and rock star.”

Alchemist, magician, rock star…  Entertainment? Absolutely. Gospel doctrine? You tell me.

Besides that point, I will tell you why I am not at Deseret Book… (although my book IS at many of the other LDS bookstores) – because it wasn’t a popular topic in 2004 when I sent it to them for consideration, (The Secret hadn’t been released yet). And I’m not really bothered if a person has to get get my book from a different book seller.

Additionally, when I sent them the manuscript in 2004 or so (to see if they wanted to publish it), as well as to several other LDS publishers, I had already been making it available as an ebook for two years prior, and people wanted the paperback asap. Deseret Book required that I give them an exclusive look for at least 3 months (which means all the other publishers had to wait in line) and even if they decided they wanted to publish it, it would have taken up to a year or more to make it available. By deciding to self publish it, I had it available to my readership within a few weeks.  (Also, the book is for a wider audience than just the LDS people, so it was never my point to make sure they carried it.)

Deseret Book is a business. They are not the sole and exclusive library of Mormon Doctrine, otherwise you wouldn’t see Harry Potter, nor any other work of fiction there.

Not sure if you were aware, but yes, they did even carry The Secret when it came out because there was a demand for it.  They also carried Twilight (vampire romance novel), but later pulled if from their shelves.

Each of these controversial books are currently “not available” (Update 5/17/2020 – I just noticed the links have broken, so apparently the books have been removed), but they were at one time sold through their store previously through the links above. Does that mean they were once doctrinal, but are no longer?

As Deseret News reported, Deseret Book spokeswoman Leigh Dethman issued a statement from the company explaining such decisions:

“Our top priority is to meet the needs of our customers, who increasingly represent a variety of viewpoints,” the statement said. “Like any retailer, our purpose is to offer products that are embraced and expected by our customers. When we find products that are met with mixed review, we typically move them to special order status.”

So, I’d think twice before you use Deseret Book as your measuring stick for what’s doctrine. They’re selling what people will buy. But don’t worry, people who understand this and how their business works will read your site commentary and understand that you’re probably just uninformed.

Because of sites like yours, there have been some people who won’t even dare look at the principles of right thinking. I know you mean well, but you might want to make sure you don’t steer someone from the answer that the Lord might be trying to send them.

This month’s issue of the Ensign is all about this topic. President Monson’s article is all about positive thinking… you should read that one. It’s called “Living the Abundant Life“.  Elder Cristofferson’s talk about “Recognizing God’s Hand in Our Daily Blessings” is also spot on and in complete harmony with my books (especially Portal to Genius), and even very similar to my own family’s story.

To save you some time (so you don’t have to actually read my book to get the whole truth), here is MY official stance on the controversy:

Human Empowerment in Perspective

I thank you for your blog even though it wasn’t very flattering… because it spawned an important discussion.

About Getting Harpooned

By the way, one of my dear friends is a public figure in Utah who keeps a close friendship with the President of the Church (current and previous).  One day in the 1980s my friend was criticized in the newspaper for something controversial.

When he was lynched in the paper, President Benson called him and said, “So! I hear you got harpooned today!”

My friend replied, “Yes, sir, I did.”

President Benson said, “Good for you, good for you.  Go out and do some more good, so you can get harpooned some more.”

President Benson taught my friend, “It is the badge we wear when we are anxiously engaged in a good cause: that we will be known for good and evil.”

Those words bring me comfort when I read a blog like yours.  I know that God is my judge, and I’m at peace with my work, just as I’m sure you are at peace with yours. Thank heavens we won’t be judged by each other, but by the Perfect Judge who will size us up by the thoughts and intents of our heart.

I learn a little more each day and make the adjustments needed when I find out I am wrong. Through it all, I’ve learned to accept the opinions of the critical few because I know they are only passing judgment based on where they are and their present understanding of things.  I don’t think they will be condemned for that, and I certainly hope and pray they won’t be. Their intent is to protect and warn their fellow man from deviant paths. That’s definitely honorable and praiseworthy.

So these are my words of caution: In every case where I have passed judgment on another person, the Lord has an uncanny way of rearranging my life until I can see the world from that person’s point of view and it softens my heart to them.  I’m sure by the time my life is complete, I will have no room to judge another in the slightest.  Please do judge carefully.

I wish you well, and thank you again for giving me something to write about.

Warm regards,

Leslie Householder

(I invited her to respond. I said: “PS. You’ll find my post about this at [what is now] https://rarefaith.org/harpooned/. If you would like to respond to it, I would be happy to post your reply as well.”  I hope she does.)

A new afterthought… I wonder if she was especially bothered because I used the word “self-help” on my webpage. If so, then the story behind that may be of interest, too:

I hired a marketing coach in 2006 to help me learn how to bring traffic to my websites. We determined that the word “self-help” was one of the keywords that my audience would probably be using to seek the kind of information I had to offer. Although my materials are about how to partner with God to achieve your highest potential, my target audience wasn’t necessarily going to be using the more specific words that my site naturally provided. So, as ‘naturally’ as I knew how, I intentionally worked that term into my webpages. I figured, people will go searching for how to help themselves, and if they end up on my site, and begin to read my books, they eventually realize my position, that they need to partner with their Creator to be wise about the goals they choose, and to enlist His help in accomplishing them.

New: One of my readers sent me this excerpt, which I think is a great addition to this discussion, CLICK HERE to read a powerful quote on this topic by President Boyd K. Packer.


For more on this topic, read click here to read Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help With Your Money Matters FREE.

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  1. Thank you!! This is AWESOME!! Ive been searching for more LDS people who are trying to better themselves and utilize their full potential that God gave us through this amazing law! Glad to see more are out there. Lately in my life it seemed like truly open people who test things out to find truth are hard to come by! My favorite Law of Attraction material by far is “Your Wish is Your Command” these concepts filled in the gaps that I had with other books: Think and Grow Rich, The Secret, etc, and I’m starting to truly see things manifest like never before! It’s made me really grateful to learn more about who I really am an what I’m really capable of as a son of God; how he set up this universe with laws and how he made us to be creators in this life ourselves is too amazing… Haha I still trip out to this day just thinking about it!

    Not sure what else is on your site but I’m going to get as many golden nuggets as I can, I hope you still are putting out good stuff 🙂 by the way does anyone know of any talks by an apostle (Neil A Maxwell possibly) about how we’re also creators?

  2. Leslie,
    I think this post is genius. Thank you. I do have to admit that I have had to seek anwers for myself to how the success principles and laws of thought worked because I didn’t want to be “deceived” and go in the wrong direction. I simple took James 1:5-6 literally and asked if the practice of visualizing was a righteous practice and if it would draw me closer to God and the Spirit. The next day my answer came in a prompting to read Ether 12 (which I had read the night before without an awareness) and my answer came as clear to me in Ether 12:19 which the Spirit confirmed to me. I knew the book of Ether well, but had never seen the verse in the light of the visualizing, which I was specifically asking about, “…TRULY SAW WITH THEIR EYES the things which they HAD beheld with an eye of faith, and they were glad.” (emphasis added) I love the gratitude part at the end. I think so often we forget that God will answer our prayers when we lack wisdom and he will give us what we are ready for and prepare us to receive more as we continue to ask, seek and knock. Thank you again for your post. It was just what I needed this morning.

  3. Awesome answer Leslie! You covered it all very well. Yes, obviously she does not know your work or understand who you are, which comes through so clearly in your writings. There will always be people who think they must “warn” others of people like you who “have gone to the devil” -oh sorry, but that makes me giggle a little bit.
    I’m sure I’ve been harpooned a few times myself because of some people’s lack of understanding about the energy work I do. It doesn’t bother me too much because, like you, I know I am on the path that God has led me to and that connection is the most important thing. Keep up the good work sista! (oh, and I’m glad you like that little book I gave you, lol~ Light in the Wilderness, I know, it’s SO good!)

  4. I am so grateful that you wrote such an awesome response! You posting this was the motivating point to finally write something I have felt so strongly about for so long. So thank you for posting. I think the following will explain how I feel in regards to this woman’s website. Here is a copy of it:
    “Lately I am coming across articles, FB post, and witnessing in person where people are continually attacking another’s beliefs and perceptions of God, the universe, how life works for them and how they have everything so very wrong. Now a majority of these people are Christians, or so they claim to be. They want to point out all the flaws of how this person or people can’t possibly believe in God and Christ because they are blasphemous and their belief isn’t perfectly in line with their’s and that because this person’s interpretation of scripture, doctrine, etc. doesn’t match their’s, well then they have it all wrong.
    Well I have to just ask, what makes you so sure that YOUR interpretation and understanding of God, and Christ and scripture and doctrine is so right? How do you have ANY right in the world to tell another blessed child of God that they must not have a relationship or understanding with God and instead must be being deceived by Satan and led away from God because they are choosing to believe and worship in a certain way?
    I do not claim to have everything perfectly figured out, or know precisely how God works or thinks. However, I have come to the following understanding. Evil can NOT bring about Love, Peace, or Good things, period. Just as Good can NOT bring about Hate, Chaos or Evil things. If a person has found peace and love and good in their life how can you dare say that they do not know God. Better yet how on earth is it your place to judge another and try to dictate or determine their relationship with God? I may not agree with another’s perspective on life, however, I will never belittle them or cry blasphemy, because who am I to say that they are wrong or who am I to even begin to judge? We each are coming from different places in life, with different generational and life experiences that shape and mold how we each see the world.

    I do not wish to go through life handing out stars or dots to those around me (I am referencing Max Lucado’s book “You Are Special” http://www.amazon.com/You-Are-Special-Lucados-Wemmicks/dp/0891079319 ). Instead I wish to go through life teaching others that the stars or dots do not matter! What matters is that our maker LOVEs us ALL so very much and he wishes for us to share that same love with those around us. Sharing this love with others is a true measure of one’s truth and character, because when we can get to a place where we are no longer placing stickers on others (or judging others) then we will be to a place where we do not allow other’s judgement of ourself and character to determine our value, but instead know our value being a child of God.
    Each of us is on a journey. In recognizing such I try and be another good motorist on the road. The kind who will stop to help someone broken down regardless of how good looking or worn down their car may look, the kind who will stop to give a few dollars to the one standing on the corner who has lost their car, because at the end of the day our mission is all the same, to return back to God. And why wouldn’t I want to help another blessed Child of God reach that same destination? Why would I want to be the responsible for causing someone to lose sight of their worth and value? Most of all why would I ever want to be the one who has to take ownership for having not loved all my brother’s and sister’s with the same kind of love my Savior has for me?”

  5. What a blessing it is that we have the opportunity to ask God whether or not the things we learn are true, and that He will answer! Thank you, Leslie, for your work and your example (I’m very impressed about how you kept your cool!).

  6. Wow, Leslie. That one must have struck a nerve! Just remember, like you said, God is the only judge that counts. And he knows the intent of our hearts/souls in every word or thought we subscribe to. And yes, I am LDS too. God bless you, wear your badge with courage!

  7. Oh, where to start! I came across this blog a while back and wrote a very articulate (and doctrinal) response to something she had blatantly represented about the universal laws — I checked back for a month and she had never published my response! She will only publish the responses that are as ignorant as she is – which gives the illusion that everyone reading her blog totally agrees with her! (and keeps her ignorant since she is never willing to listen to or consider the other side)

    …Like you …(and Brigham Young) I believe that truth can be found in more than one source. Have I found some untruths among some of these sources? Absolutely! I always measure anything new I learn against the truth of the scriptures. I have been enlightened by many scriptural passages because of things I have learned in non-scriptural places. (I do think God expects us to do a little of the seeking and legwork ourselves!)

    You reminded me of a great quote by Neal A. Maxwell several years ago: “Sometimes reaching out is like trying to pat a porcupine. Even so, the accumulated quill marks are evidence that our hands of fellowship have been stretched out, too!” I think of that analogy when I feel like I’ve been pricked by someone – sometimes you have to pat the porcupine even though you know it’s going to hurt!

    Thanks for doing all you do to get this message out there – you’ve helped so many people!

  8. Leslie,
    That was a beautiful response to such a hurtful personal attack on your character, and on your literary work. Your work clearly displays Christian values and dependence on God for achieving one’s success. I am also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I have not once in any of your works ever read anything that contradicted the doctrine of the LDS church of any other Christian faith. Quite the opposite, you present very clearly the dependence of our God and creator is absolute to achieve our success.

    Many of those trying to bring light to the world will have to face the sharp, cold, thoughtless wind that only care to blow out the candle and keep the light from itself and others trying to seek out truth. You have and are doing a beautiful job protecting that light so that others can find their way and experience the abundance our God would have us enjoy. Only the adversary would keep us from becoming all we can be, and keep us from enjoying the abundance the Lord would have us freely enjoy.

    Thank you so much Leslie for posting this. May those who have wronged your name and amazing work be brought to light and enjoy the abundance that is available too them.

    Camilla Kuerth

  9. GREAT response Leslie. I feel the same, when people question my testimony pertaining to what I do (Herbalist/energy work). … I feel your response was fair and educational, and spot on. Your books have been answers to pleading prayer in my life, and I recommend them to all my clients. Thank you for sharing your response. It was good for me to reflect on those judgments (expressed and silent) that come when you are doing work in this element. 🙂 Keep honoring the light that is in you, it allows others to honor theirs. 🙂 Thank you!

  10. Leslie, this is a wonderful response to a very hurtful attack. Your book was an answer to prayer for me as well as other things you have taught. It is sad that people judge so harshly and so wrongly. Hang in there! There will always be haters who display their hateful behavior in the name of Christianity. Keep doing the good you are doing!!!

  11. I’ve come across her writings a while back when learning about the Law of Attraction and the LDS gospel. The things she wrote did confuse me. I am so glad you’ve written out a formal response!

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