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Each year, my friends Carolyn Hansen and Joe Rubino gather HUNDREDS of gifts from leaders in the personal development industry, and just GIVE THEM AWAY. Thousands of dollars worth.

This event lasts for just a couple weeks, so download any of the gifts you want while you can. And check back often, because new gifts are being added all the time.

You’ll find thousands of dollars of FREE products and services to help you improve your physical, mental, financial, or spiritual health.

These are contributions from personal development experts and empowering business coaches who are ready to help you break through barriers that have held you back, paralyzed you, or clouded your vision…

For example, here are a few of the free gifts you’ll find inside:

  • Make Wealth Happen Audio – Bonnie Gortler
  • Stress Relief Audio for Busy Overwhelmed Women! – Jackie Foskett
  • Motivation Mindfield – Lauren Raye
  • Peaceful Sleep! Hypnosis MP3 – Alan B Densky

And more..

Browse the full list of gifts here:

And while the gifts are 100% FREE – You will see an OPTIONAL offer that you may want to consider. But remember – it is totally optional and doesn’t affect your access to the free gifts.

To your success!

Leslie Householder

(I’ve contributed a few things there myself – that’s how I know about this giveaway event. I am also an affiliate.)

P.S. Download the gifts you want now, but also check back often because more gifts are being added all the time:

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