For a few good laughs

We released The Jackrabbit Factor ebook (El Factor Liebre – Spanish version) for FREE today!

Even though the story was translated professionally, I couldn’t help myself from trying to create a webpage to deliver it.

The problem is, I don’t really know Spanish.

So I found a free online translation tool and did the best I could. Our professional translator had a good laugh and is now working on fixing the mess I made. It will be fixed very soon.

So just for a few good laughs, I thought I’d share some of the quirky translation errors. It’s fun translating the so-called Spanish version back into English to see what happened to the original text. Here’s one example:

“Brought to you by”

Translated to: “Traído a usted cerca”

Which translates back to: “Brought you it surrounds”

Here’s another example:

“Don’t worry, the book was translated professionally. We’re sorry for the translation errors on this webpage!”

Translated to: “No se preocupe, este libro fue traducido al español profesionalmente. ¡Estamos apesadumbrados para los errores de la traducción en este Web page!”

Which translates back to: “One does not worry, this book was translated the Spanish professionally. We are grieved for the errors of the translation in this Web page!”

Even better, here are a few of my translated glowing testimonials.

“Within a pair of weeks I received the promotion to the director and an important increase of the pay… To Harper”

“I tripled to my retired rent and my husband of its work of the day… To say the information is to change of the life would be an underestimation! Thanks! – Marnie”

“… we will double really to our rent the east next year. Thanks, Leslie, to share these principles… CREALMENTE WORK! What excites more to me, is than there is no limit to which we can reach in the future! Thanks again! It smooths H”

Alas, we are grieved for the “errors of the translation.” We believe they will be corrected within a day or two. Until then, feliz lectura!

Please invite your Spanish-speaking friends to get a FREE copy Jackrabbit Factor (in Spanish) professionally translated.

(English speakers can still get it for free at

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Leslie Householder

2 Responses

  1. You were brave to attempt the Spanish translation, Leslie! I speak Spanish on a very basic level, and I don’t think I would have been brave enough to attempt it!

    It is true that to learn a foreign language, you have to think differently – you can’t just translate directly from English. And then there’s the whole accent part of it, too…

    I’m fully confident that The Jackrabbit Factor will translate into many other languages, too! Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing you attempt Chinese!

    Thanks for all your great programs!

  2. Haha! I loved the translations! What a hoot!

    I love your book, blog, website, ALL of it. You’re awesome Leslie! You’ve taught me and my family more than I ever thought we could learn. Thank you.

    ~Allison (in Texas, originally from the wonderful AZ)

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