Finding and Living the Dream

By Lena Mattice

That’s My Lineman
He holds back two guys so your son can get,
around to make the tackle
He stands his ground, pushes other guys around,
so your son can make the play.
He never folds under pressure,
so, your son can get the touchdown.
He works hard and does his job with no
notice from the announcement box for the job
he did.
He does not care because what he does, he
LOVES to do!!

A couple of years ago during his Junior year in High School, my youngest son came to me and said, “Mom I want to play college football.” I told him “alright I know you can do it, but you’re going to have to work hard.” He said, “I know mom.” So, for the next 7 months he started working really hard in the weight room and doing everything his coach would ask him. In the middle of the summer he came to me again and said, “I really want to play college ball.” He would be so excited and say, “I’m going to play college ball; I’m going to rock this senior year and I’m going to play for a D2 or D1 College.” He was so excited that it made me excited for him. In October was the homecoming game. The game got canceled because of sickness and injuries on the other team,but for some reason, I had no worries about that game. The coach started calling around to see if we could get a team to play us at any level.

We are a 3A school and were playing very well that year. The coach had a 5A school say they would love to play us, but we had to come to their school. Our coach told them no because it was our homecoming and we needed a home game. That 5A school decided they would come and play on our home field. My son had the best game he played all year. After the game a guy came up to him and asked him if he wanted to play college ball. He said “yes, yes I do.” The guy handed him a card and told him to contact this guy that could help him with that goal. In January just a few months later my son signed with a D2 school to play college ball. In July after he graduated, I moved my son to Kansas to start his college career playing football.

My son had an idea, he had a dream, he knew that he wanted to play college football. Leslie Householder in her book “Hidden Treasures” said, “Our idea takes many forms on its way from being non-existent to being part of our reality in our physical world” (p.35). His dream was taking form each step of the way. People were brought into his life to help make that dream happen.

That first year of college was very difficult for him. “The Law of Perpetual Transmutation states that everything, every object, every circumstance, etc., is constantly developing into form or dissipating out of form” (Hidden Treasures, p. 36). His doubts and fears started to creep in, and his dream started to die. He was practicing at the college he chose to go to, and people started getting into his head. The coach started getting into his head. He no longer was feeling like he was good enough to play football at the college level. He started getting scared and homesick and feeling not worthy to be there. That is what the adversary does to us. He tries to put things in our way to keep us from our dreams. Even if it is ideas in our own head.

My husband and I went to visit him in October and I could see the change in him. I told him you’ve lost your fire! He said, “what do you mean?” I said, “when you came to me and told me you wanted to play college football, you had this fire inside you that ignited every time you talked about it. I saw it every day of your senior year. I saw it every game you played. You’ve lost sight of your goal. You’ve let other people get in your head and put out your fire.” Brene Brown in “Atlas of The Heart” calls those people Wind blowers, and we don’t want those people in our lives. We want what she calls. “Fire Protectors”. We want people that protect our goal. Unfortunately for him, one of those “Wind blowers” was his coach. I would tell him you need to tell him what his comments do to you, you need to tell him that he is not helping you be a better player. Everyone would tell me he can’t do that; he can’t tell his coach he is wrong. I would just say, “Someone needs to, someone needs to help him see that he is not helping these boys be better. He is not helping these boys be the best player they can be.” To my surprise when my son checked out after football was over, his coach asked him what he could do better as a coach. That is when my son told him what we talked about. His words were not helping him be a better player. His negative words were not what he needed to hear to help him be better.

In the book “Mindset Mastery” written by Trevan and Leslie Householder it says, “Belief is an emotion which speeds the creative process, while doubt returns an idea to the formless state. So, if you desire a thing or a circumstance that is good, hold the idea of it in your mind, believing that it is being created and is on its way” (p.243). As I’ve tried to help my son change his thoughts and have God help him, he will become the football player he wants to be.

It really does start as a thought; our thoughts will govern our circumstances to bring us to our goal. The only thing that can stop us from getting our goal is the doubt we let slip in. When you think you are not worthy of that goal and you let that creep into your mind, your goal will start to disappear. In Doctrine and Covenants 6:36 says “Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.” We set our goal and we trust in God to lead us to that goal without doubt and fear, we only need to have trust and faith that our goal will be successful!


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