Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

By James Chase

In high school I disliked science. I asked myself, “What am I going to use this for?” and little did I know that 40 years later I’d be talking about it in relation to the Laws of the Universe. The definition of the Law of Vibration is that “everything vibrates, nothing rests.” So, what?

Everything in the universe, from an object to a thought, is in a constant state of vibration. What this mean is that if we broke everything in the universe down to the molecular level, the atoms would look like they were vibrating. Those things that appear to be solid are vibrating at a slower rate where a gas is vibrating at a higher rate. This rate of vibration determines the difference between the physical and nonphysical.

Let’s take a common fear that approximately 75% of the population has – the fear of public speaking.

The Law of Vibration says that the more we focus on a thought the faster the rate of vibration, and the faster it reproduces itself in the physical world. If the focus is on overcoming your fear of public speaking – the faster fear will be reproduced. If the focus is on creating a successful speech – the faster this will be produced. The most common treatment for this fear is cognitive-behavioral therapy – replacing the message of fear with more positive self-talk.

As I determined that I would get over this fear I found that I had to “changed my vibration” in regards to public speaking. Finding that I was focusing on the negative thoughts I knew I had to create new positive thoughts. I had to create new experiences and release my grip on the old debilitating ones.


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