When you feel numb or emotionally depleted

This was an important question about how to live the principles of Rare Faith when you’re absolutely depleted, emotionally or physically. This came in from one of our Mindset Mastery program participants, and I want to share my answer with you.

JB writes:

I got half way through the program then my daughter had a breakdown. She is physically and mentally ill and had to go into a treatment center for 9 months last July. Life kind of stopped. I cried for an entire year. She is home now and doing better mentally but physically she is not doing well. I am her full-time caregiver and I’m just tired.

I got a free coaching session with a well known network marketing training company and during the consultation the coach asked how I was “feeling physically” and I was literally numb physically. After some talking we discovered that I am totally numb emotionally due to years of living in a traumatic situation several years ago. The situation with my daughter also causes me to be emotionally numb because I have to get through the day. I cried most of the time for a year but I was still numb. I was in a fog, just going through the motions.

He explained that if my emotional vibrations are numb and I’m not feeling then I’m not attracting anything good. Something like that. So how do I fix that? He’s right. I’m emotionally locked up tight like a vault.

I did [some] emotional healing … and it helped a little. I’m starting over on week 1 but I think if I don’t get this emotional blockage fixed it’s not going to do me any good since I have been studying the principles for quite some time?

I apparently also have an expectation of failure and fear of success. Any suggestions? Thanks 🙂 – JB, MM participant

This was my response:

JB, There were a lot of years when I was trying to apply the principles, while also recovering from some trauma that I have not written about. I know what it’s like to be in survival mode – what it’s like to live numb, because the pain is too great to let yourself feel it. Or sometimes you’re just numb because you’ve already felt it all too intensely, and the numbness is all that’s left from burning your emotional senses clean out. Hard to find the right words to describe it.

But here’s one thing I learned… there is MERCY.

What your other coach said is only true if you believe it is true. Sometimes, all you can give is a feeble attempt at seeing it done, and a conscious choice (even if it’s without emotion) to believe it is all going to work out, and if that’s truly all you can give it, it IS ENOUGH.

Sometimes it’s not feeling it, but speaking it: “I choose to believe!”

It’s not about how intense your “vibrations” are on the objective, it’s only a matter of how careful you are in giving no place for the doubt. To me, this is the difference between “The Law of Attraction” and what I now call “Rare Faith”.

God knows what you’re capable of. And when your capacity is low for all the good feelings the “law” requires, you can still experience success with just a little bit of faith (like a mustard seed), as long as you make a choice to kick doubt to the curb whenever it tries to creep in.

With God ALL things are possible. He understands your pain. He asks so little. Bring whatever hope you can muster to Him, and ask for his help, believing he is merciful. Lean in to his strength. Whatever you lack, He fills in. You don’t have to be superhuman.

Here’s a podcast where I kind of talk about this principle: https://rarefaith.org/16-how-to-surrender/

Leslie Householder

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  1. Didn’t realize I was in this spot again until I read this and started crying. Thank you for your response to this. It was absolutely perfect for me today. I’ve taken a picture of the last couple of paragraphs to keep on my phone and review often.

    Thank you Leslie, and thank you JB for being vulnerable enough to share.

  2. I read this and completely understand. We lost 2 children within 5 months of each other~our first, our 23 yr old mentally ill son to suicide after 4 years of his battle, the second, our 9 year old daughter when she aspirated during an asthma attack. I started my own business during our battle with our son’s mental illness 5 years ago with him in mind. Worked super hard to get it to a certain level and then we faced these losses. During the last 2 1/2 years I’ve felt numb, sad, empty, happy, supported, hopeless, loved, angry, tired-wiped out, adventurous, purposeful, divided, and more. But with all of that, I was able to somehow maintain, with the faith of unseen support, the place where I had gotten myself to. I kept pushing to do more but really had more to process. So it wasn’t time. And I didn’t believe there was more good I could do. I’m training myself now for the next level and I feel grateful to be moving on this journey. I am proof that through the toughest you can at least maintain the goodness in your life you have created as you process events. God Bless anyone who is struggling. And thank you so much Leslie, You are a part of what has sustained me.

  3. Beautiful answer, and true! Hold on, even if it’s by your fingertips. Things will get better. Even in numbness, you are learning lessons that will serve you well in time.

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