Discouraged. Disappointed. Despaired.

By Helen Huntsman

Ok, apparently “despaired” isn’t a word, but we’re going to pretend.

A month and a half ago, I found myself writing these words in my journal. I was feeling like I was in a real deep funk. I literally wrote, “I have been discouraged, disappointed, and despaired. I recognize that these emotions have been going on for several weeks…. Dear god, today is a bad day. I’m going for a walk.”

And then I went on a walk.

Let’s Talk about The Law of Vibration

This article is not just about being discouraged, disappointed and despaired (our new favorite word). In this article, I hope to provide additional ideas and frames of reference for the Law of Vibration.

In her book, “Hidden Treasures,” Leslie Householder talks about the Law of Vibration in terms of our “9th grade chemistry class.” Molecules vibrate to go between a liquid and a gas, like water evaporating and then becoming rain.

To utilize the Law of Vibration, we have to know where we are. I have to know where I am! When trying to use the Law of Vibration for myself, I have to ask myself, “Where are my feet?”

I have to know where I am before I can go somewhere else.

I have to get present. I’ll feel my feet. I’ll tap my toe. I’ll “feel my feet” to be present.

I’ve learned I have to say where I am right now so I can move forward with where I want to go. Specifically, I have to feel it.

Because if I don’t, I’ll find myself starting a fight, going to shop my feelings away, or overeat. It can be hard to face my feelings.

Discouraged. Disappointed. Despaired.

So, going back to our 3 starter words, I knew that I needed to “feel my feet” and feel the feelings, so I could figure out where I wanted to go. I sat down and wrote out how I was feeling, and then I looked up the definitions – so I could define where I wanted to go.

So I could raise my vibration.

I focused on despaired, because I felt a real “loss of hope.”

I looked up the synonyms of “Despair” which are sorrow, despondency, and mournful.

I was not a fan of any of these words. EW!

I then looked up the antonyms of those words and got: optimism, hope, encourage, and cheer up.

Do you see what I did on this bad day? I took the time to figure out where I was, so I could then get to where I want to be.

I had a visual of a rain cloud following me around, like Charlie Brown, and I knew to get to somewhere else (anywhere else) I had to first be where I was and feel my feet.

Key Takeaways to Consider

I’m still learning the vocabulary of emotions to better utilize this law. First, I learned I needed to just throw up on paper. Then, I went through this process:

Recognize my emotions
2. Write out my emotions
3. Sketch how i’m feeling – I drew a raincloud in my journal
4. Write a letter to God
5. Act on inspiration: I received the inspiration to go for a walk, so I went on a walk!
6. Act on inspiration AGAIN: On that walk, I had 3 friends come to mind, and I called them.

I hope my experience helps you along your way!
All my best,
Helen Huntsman
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