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Hi Reader,

The call to entrepreneurship is a call to contribution.

There’s that voice inside that whispers, “You were meant for more.” It keeps you moving and striving, but are you making the biggest contribution you can make?

  • Do you feel there’s room for improvement?
  • Is fear holding you back?

There’s a difference between wanting to help and actually being able to.

Too often we think it’s outside forces that are keeping us from getting our thoughts, ideas, and breakthrough products and services out to those who need them most.

(It’s actually not the outside forces.)

Or we recognize it’s all the fear inside. The fear of judgment. The fear of poverty. The fear of death and discomfort.

Yes, even fear of success.

FEBRUARY 21-26th, I am part of a movement for movement makers—The Faith Over Fear 5-day online challenge.

I’d love to see you there. Come…

  • Hear from faith-based entrepreneurs who have committed their lives to doing and promoting good
  • Be encouraged by stories of struggles, trials, and enduring faith
  • Find community with others who are accepting the call to serve
  • Take on daily challenges that will push you out of your comfort zone and into action
  • See how you can create a thriving business by publishing consistently even when you have little time

God has called you for a reason. Come learn how to level up as a servant-leader.

Hosted by Scott Wilhite with me (Leslie Householder), Livia Pewtress, Ashley June, Kelly Baader, and the legendary Michael McLean!


Watch FREE! February 21-26

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Publishing isn’t just about writing books. It’s about creating powerful content that moves and inspires. Learn more to grow more.

See you there!

❤️ Leslie

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