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“Why do I feel giddy when nothing is happening??”

Hi Reader,

In recent weeks, I noticed that one of my unfulfilled dreams had (surprisingly) stopped bothering me.

Where I had previously coped with the delay by looking for the good in it, trusting in the Law of Gestation, or finding gratitude without it, I suddenly felt something new. Instead of managing my anger, disappointment, confusion, or discouragement, I was now actually feeling giddy about nothing happening.

Why would I feel giddy about NOT realizing the dream?

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Mindset Mastery Spotlights:

I’m thrilled to be spotlighting two of our students in this issue of the Rare Faith Newsletter:

Allowing God to bless me

First of all, Liz Murphy is a new Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate! Her success did not happen as quickly as she hoped, but it still happened.

For one of her goals, she decided she wanted a $100 bill to go out to eat with her husband. But after doing everything she was taught in the program, it still hadn’t happened. In her words…

“This was truly an inconsequential goal so why didn’t God just give it to me? Why do I need to wait? Obviously I wasn’t very graceful in my thoughts during this time. It had been weeks and I thought I was doing my best! I wasn’t receiving spark ideas and felt ignored…”

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I wanted to prove my doubts wrong

Another Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate is Mary Haws.

Mary wrestled with some concerns and doubts during her course. But she was determined to complete it within 6 months. In her words:

“I wanted to prove my doubts wrong, and prove … that I use time wisely, intentionally, and effectively to go for and accomplish worthy and meaningful goals. …The doubts still threatened often, but I simply acknowledged them, then rejected them, and turned my mind back to my goal statement and visualizing and feeling the completion and gratitude that was my goal. And now here I am…”

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“I’m really glad I read a bunch of the blog posts from Leslie and former students prior to starting the Mindset Mastery course. It’s helped shape my expectations and not be such a perfectionist, while still expecting miracles.Those miracles really do come– several a day. I’m so glad to be able to see them and to be grateful for them. I love seeing evidence of God’s hand in my life.” Jenny Evans

“I appreciated the timely newsletter of ‘going debt free with a rare faith‘ … What a wonderful reminder that the Lord HAS counseled us to get out of financial bondage, and HE WILL provide the way for us to accomplish it! I’m not on my own with this at all!” – A.C.

“Just finished my [Mindset Mastery] course and it was everything I hoped it would be. It was the first time I was able to set a significant inconsequential goal and was able to receive it! Would definitely recommend.” Liz Murphy


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Podcast: Principles for Entrepreneurial Success (42:08)

Learn the difference between instinct, intuition, and inspiration, and the roles they play in entrepreneurial success.

Learn how to accomplish the essential with intuition and instinct, but take it up a notch and you’ll accomplish the impossible with inspiration. When the vision is clear and the passion is strong, you’ll participate in miracles.

Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

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