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Meet Amayea Maat.

We learned more about Amayea from her website, which says she “is a masterful and dynamic executive with a passion for bringing humanity along with the power of leadership to the world of business.”

It goes on to explain:

“With a career spent in creating and leading organizations within fortune 100 / 500 companies like Xerox, Intuit, and Cigna Amayea fell in love with the power and results of Organization Effectiveness not only on the bottom line but in the lives of the people that she worked with.

“Utilizing her training/education and absolute passion in that area she consistently delivered above and beyond expectations for the organizations in which she worked. This included shareholders as well as employees and customers. Her methods, approach and leadership style gained her unprecedented results in employee engagement and customer satisfaction while delivering for the business.

Clearly, she is focused on delivering value to everyone she serves.

“Along with her primary roles in organizations, she consistently mentored new leaders and created leadership development programs and opportunities. ‘I was taught a long time ago that the true measure of any leader is the number of leaders created around her/him,’ says Amayea.”

And now, we’re thrilled to be introducing Amayea as one of our newest Mindset Mastery Graduates!

As always, we have a few questions of our graduation applicants. Here are Amayea’s responses:

Q. What was your Phase 1 experiment (the inconsequential goal)?

My experience was one of delight. It was first difficult to find a goal that was “inconsequential”. I had to work through it a few times. My inconsequential goal ended up being that I wanted to receive in the mail my favorite grocery coupons. I received $40 check for Fry’s grocery store (my usual store) and coupons for them in the mail.

Q.  Did you face a Terror Barrier during the course?

The terror barrier of creating something of my own and delivering it in a workshop format to a group of people who I do not know.

Q. What was your goal or intention for the Phase 2 experiment?

To deliver workshops (that I created) to a community of people who were used to very powerful session delivery … and to deliver them in such a way they were a reflection of me and what I had to offer AND valuable to the community of people such that they took on what the workshop taught and found direct value in their lives These workshops are delivered every Monday night and they are ongoing. I have created and delivered two of them so far and am working on the third.

Congratulations, Amayea! Keep up the great work!!

You can learn more about Amayea and what she is up to at her website:


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